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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Radicalism, self opinionated teachers who impose their will on our children

Schoolgirl, 12, banned from playing basketball after speaking in her Native American language
Miranda Washinawatok, 12, was benched after saying 'I love you' in her family's native tongue.

Its does not matter what color your kids are, this imposition of personal ideals is hurting our kids. The stupidity of it all, these teachers, and their views are nothing but a push to try to change society according to the way they see things, the cost is pain and suffering. Never, should children be used to impose ones will on another. We have plenty of examples in history that shows us this type of behaviour is borderline evil, Nazis did it, Communists did it, it will be a cold day in hell if we let them to it to ours.
Parents are, and always will be the first and last word. They will push until we put a stop to it. And we will...

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