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Friday, March 23, 2012

Planned Parenthood Wants MANDATORY teaching of 'Pleasures of Sex' to 10YR OLD, but first, destroy the traditional family.

What does these two videos have to do with each other you may ask?
Let me explain what it means to me.
There is a concerted effort to destroy the family, what karl marx said " in order to have the perfect socialist state, we must first destroy religion, then the family", is coming to fruition.
If you want to destroy the traditional family, first you must demonise men, fathers, husbands, boys in school, falsely accuse them, make them hide in fear and get them out of the way. Once you have done this, you can make women, mothers, wives, daughter, feel as if they were victimized all their lives. Once this is achieved, you go after the kids, in schools, kindergarten, teaching everything contrary to what parents teach about personal values and responsibility, like sex, gay lifestyle, how to pleasure ones self at a young age, open sex, and eventually the need for abortions, teen help lines, and the continuing belief that planned parenthood and its supporters, instead of talking to mom and dad, are needed in society. That way, you have the future generation believing that all the things in the past, roasting marshmallow around the family campfire, family Xmas, parental responsibility towards moral value, a mom and dad hug, was all wrong and the way to do it is to listen to the state and its organisations, making a willing population to behave like lemmings who jump over the cliff on demand.

The reason why the American revolution happened, was not, as the history books tell us, that georges the third was a tyrant, actually he was a nut job, but georgie was only one person, incapable of oppressing the people without the English parliament, the bureaucrats, the tax collectors and the enforcers of the time, police, para-military so on...
It took, as we see today, a multitude of co-operating and willing people to impose the tyrants will, many government funded organisations, sub-intellectuals willing to use any force necessary to promote their self worth.
Sound familiar?
Now, was the revolution started because the tea was taxed to much, of course not, it was because parents, wanted a better future for their kids, simple as that, they knew then, that if things continued the way they were, their children would have to suffer the same faith, they knew that using kids to advance state interest was wrong. Once pushed to far, they were willing to put their lives on the line to give their children what they believed was right, not the state.

Today we see the same pattern, as we try to expose on this blog, there is an effort by many organisations such as radical feminism to by-pass parents, moms and dads, teach their twisted ideals in schools, make kids feel victimized by making them believe they are always bullied by their peers, instead of simply explaining that life is not a bed of roses and never will be.
There is no such thing as the perfect society, people will always have different views, free will is not just a word, it is what makes us different, it is what makes a scientist or a biologist, or a teacher, a stay at home mom, or a simple person who enjoys his or her job digging ditches.
Their way cannot come to pass, it will never happen because of free will, it teaches us right from wrong, makes us love each other or dislike one another, it makes us agree or disagree, but mostly, free will gives us the capability to say enough is enough.
As in 1776, the traditional family has been pushed aside to a point of anger, and rage for some, our kids are not a tool, mothers are not victims and fathers are not born violent and abusive.
All social programs have now been taken over by the same people who caused the American revolution, the French revolution, the Cromwell years, the Russian revolution, they are using our own kids against us and they do not care, they actually believe they are untouchable, just like the tyrant of the past....
And you know what.....the tyrant is back.....

Remember why America was formed, not to be a slave to the system, but to be free, seems some have forgotten this.

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