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Monday, March 19, 2012

My site was hacked..I wonder who would do such a mean thing..lol.

My apologies to the people whom this has caused a problem, I thought I would put the comments from my last post to show how far they will go to suppress free speech. I had to delete quite a few posts to find the problem...

Anonymous said...
I just got hit with a major virus from the first vid or possibly this site?

I also cannot access another ontario mensrights-help site with-out my comp shutting down completely after being here.

Not the first time the gov has put in viruses to shut ppl like us down.

March 17, 2012 10:32 AM

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me, they are attacking your site.

March 18 , 2012 2:22 PM

Mike said...

There is definitely an attack, probably a hack job on your blog,
It happened to me once, go through all your posts, delete them one by one, and you might be lucky enough to find the one they hacked,
if they hacked the whole site, that is another issue.
Always be on guard, they obviously have noticed your site, That is feminism for ya...

March 18 , 2012 5:36 PM

My apologies to the readers of this blog, seems my site was hacked by our friendly neighbourhood feminists and their minions. Every time someone came on, it screwed up the browsers.
I had to delete quite a few posts to find which one was causing the problem, my right pane kept on going all over the page, so on…
I have fixed to problem thanks to a comment, explaining how to do it.
As for the crazies out there who want to close my site, nice try, if I can’t fix it, then I will only open another one, I have every post and it would be no inconvenience. I thank you for doing it, means I am getting to you and nothing makes me happier.
I was threatened by them; they tried to put me in jail for a non-existence warrant, which was confirmed to me last week, by the federal courts in Quebec, and by the rcmp themselves.
They told me, “we warned you”, “we have ways of getting even”, They tried to “lure me” in a situation which could have been very dangerous, my garbage’s have disappeared during the night off the curb, lol…( I guess someone was hoping to find something)..
And all this because I asked them not to put their noses in my families affair, Because I was a father raising a girl on my own, because I am a man???
They coached my underage daughter to say I locked her in the basement, and tried to scare her by saying there was something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much, so they could put her on welfare against my wishes and add her to their statistics for next year funding.
But their biggest error was them thinking I was one of their victim like so many others they have destroyed, Big mistake.
Anyway, thank you for your patience, and again my apologies…


Mike said...

Looks like it worked, congrats and welcome back

Anonymous said...

they will try anything. they know they re loosing.

Anonymous said...

The movement has just begun.

People like these are worried.

They may actually start being held accountable for their crimes against father's and children.


The Native Canadians said...

just a matter of time...