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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Saturday rant...No one is immune to social programs corruption, not even politicians.

Why I started this blog was to expose the corruption inside social programs and their supporters locally, specifically the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario, Open doors in Smiths falls Ontario, c.a.s., welfare, housing, schools, even "some" cops. What I found was the whole western civilisation is at risk because of the "do what we want" attitude of these so called social programs. This is not only a Canadian, or American issue, it's venomous claws expand across the pond all the way to Europe.
Strangely enough, I found, through investigation, Iran, Russia, China, and other non western countries, promoting the value of family life for the future of a nation. (that was a weird moment for me)
But what I found in the western one, is decadence, corruption, self promotion, self worth, theft of children for funding purposes, oh I could go on and on.
What surprised me is politicians; some knew, but some did not. I also found, though I and so many others, whether right or left wing political persuasion, support helping those who need the help, is these programs are used by those who run them as their own little nest of power, try to rattle them out of it and your in for one hell of a fight. (you can read what they did to me).
None is immune to their attacks, they think of themselves so powerful they are now going after the politicians themselves.
So, if we continue to give them, open support, without looking at what they are doing, handing them money, at taxpayers expense, slowly, we are defeating the value of these programs, "to help", and our nation itself, promoting their idea of why these programs exist, to use them for their own personal advancements, or political ideal, eventually, support will die down for them, and everything we tried to do, to promote a "just society" will be for nothing.
I keep on asking myself, is this real feminism, women's rights, children's rights, to destroy families? I know one thing, every social program in existence is run by those of the radical feminist persuasion, people who believe in equal rights, individual freedom, family rights, are pushed out as fast as they enter this little circle of feminist dominance, and if they dare to expose the financial corruption, they are personally attacked and even have to fear for their families.
Now let's say for the sake of argument, someone consider themselves center left politically, you support social programs, now you know why your loosing support, the more you let them do what they want, the more people are affected. Not speaking up, reduces your support, and there is value in helping, but not in admitting there is a problem, and not speaking up is self defeating, is it not?

My Saturday rant, No one is immune to social programs corruption, not even politicians.

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