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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Left wing radical feminists inside the alberta pc party does not learn from history

Remember the 93 election and someone in the federal PC party saying they were ashamed of Chretien looks? Well it happened again, this time it is the Alberta PC who just shot themselves in the foot, helped by the left wing radical feminist they let in. Coming from Alberta, I have no problem with the PC been centrist, but in their nomination meeting as of late, they invited everyone and the radicals found a way in.

Now we have feminists attacking women, namely the leader of the wild rose party.
Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith has admitted she's infertile after a harsh personal tweet sent out by PC staffer Amanda Wilkie Friday questioned her family values.

Not surprised since they did the same thing to my underage daughter, destroyed her future, just to had her to their statistics and increase their funding. This is what they do, they are vicious, venomous and extremely destructive towards other women, go figure.
Now basically, thanks to the radical feminists the Alberta PC party let in, they have just handed Alberta to the wild rose party.
I hope politicians learn from this, feminists attack everyone, even other women, for personal power and money, and they do not care who they hurt or destroy in the process.


Anonymous said...

Women that start turning on women will be the downfall of the feminist regime and their mythology.


The Native Canadian said...

I agree, and if we tell the truth about what they represent, their downfall will come quicker. It is no longeer about womens rights, for the feminists its about power and they will use other women to achieve it.