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Thursday, March 8, 2012

International woman's day, What it means to me...

What does international woman's day mean to me, well that is a good one. We know that this was created for good purposes at one time, but now it is used to promote a different kind of movement, the annihilation of the traditional family. It is been used by a group known as feminazis and their supporters. Now the definition of the feminazi is not a group working for women's right, for our daughters or granddaughter, it is a group who want to promote themselves at the expense of women and even at the expense of families.
These people are hand in hand with organisations such as the UNCRC, the united nations convention on the rights of the child. Like anyone else, we all support the "original" reason for their raison d'etre, to prevent child labor, child soldiers, sexual exploitation, so on...But some of the provisions inside this treaty is what is scary, the anti parental provisions that seem to undermine the rights of parents, therefore watering down the family and actually putting our kids safety and future at stake.

This organisations international laws are sometimes imposed over national ones in family courts in the westen world.

Countries on the committee of the UNCRC such as Uganda can't even decide if honor killings should be against the law, such as when a girls gets raped, whether she should be killed or not in order to save the honor of the family. And they are dictating to us???

The other reason I will never support anything that has to do with the feminazi movement is, they are too radically left wing, communism, socialism, either way, karl marx said it himself, "in order to have the perfect socialist society, the family must be destroyed".

The UNCRC dictates that the right of the child comes first, parents must oblige themselves to follow what the child wants, or demands. That in itself is in direct contradiction to "guiding" a child in the right direction, to a healthy future. We, as parents all want to spoil and pamper our kids, but do it to much without discipline and we all know where that will go...

Now a days, if a teen does not like house rules he or she can go to a court, shelter, welfare, helped by your local schools & some in the police and cause you what amounts to a heart breaking situation...(been there done that, after my daughter was "brainwashed" by the local feminazis at the shelter in Carleton place ontario, she came at me with "I want to be emancipated from you," my first thought was "were the hell did she get this, who told her this and she did not come up with this on her own")

The other reason in my opinion, the feminazi controlled international women's day is out of touch with reality and is only there to promote their ideal, is the lack of understanding that you cannot "impose" your way of life on other societies. Not everyone on this planet lives according to the western worlds ideals or the feminazi's views that all men are bad, born bad and we enslave our wives and daughters. (which is nothing other than BS)
If a woman wears a veil for instance, the feminazi will automatically point, that it is the man who is forcing her to do it, they will not take the time to ask first if she does it because she believes in her religion, or simply feels comfortable been the way she wishes to be.
Afghanistan for example, we have been over there, trying to "dictate" to them how democracy works according to our views, women have the same rights as men, children have the right to be who they wish to be outside parental guidance, school for girls, make-up, short skirts, which is fine in our society, but by imposing these opinions on the women and girls over there, they have caused the death of "thousands" by going too fast.
By not taking in the facts that this is a different society, cloaked in religious fervor for so long, outside our views, they do not bother to take into consideration that their way of doing things with a flash, is doing more damages.
Why do they not got slower, explaining that the veil is fine, but the burka is confining, that schools is good for advancing their way of life but take into account that the men, fathers, must also be involved in said school and show how their daughters are smiling and happy, tell wives to walk beside their men, not try to walk in front. By not involving the men over there, they have done exactly what they do here, alienate a portion of their society, and cause division instead of co-operation.

That said, in my world, everyday is woman's day, we, men, are thought from the beginning, that we come from women, the clan mothers are the protectors of family values, men are the defenders of that right, elders are the wisdom. Tell our women they are abused by men, and they will laugh in you face. Tell them they are better, and you will have an argument.
Everyday is women's day, we have mother's day. we have that day we give flowers just because we admire their strength, we have the love and respect for them every time we look their way.
International women's day exists with the rule that men, husbands, sons, brothers, have abused their women since the beginning of time, that is why it exists, and with that premise, their main goal is to use this for the destruction of what they consider a patriarchy, and in their twisted little hate filled minds, they forgot the word, matriarchy. Both words mean...mom and dad in a traditional family.

In my personal experiences for the past two years, the feminazi movement is destructive and venomous, I can count "over" 20 women inside the social programs, schools, welfare, housing, family services, c.a.s., police, and many others, some of which were corrupt, aggressive, pompous, self absorbed, and man haters, who went out of their way to destroy, not me, but my daughters future, simply because she was raised by her father.
And since they bring this philosophy to other countries like Afghanistan, then they are causing pain and tears by their actions, and you know what....they do not care, their way or no way, even at the expense of life itself.
And that is my opinion of international women's day....It has been twisted along with other organisations by self serving individuals to pass on their views of what society should be.

Ill say it again, I think feminism has become a disease and it is hurting women. I and other "people" worked with unions in the 80"s to promote equal pay for equal work for women, we did not do it to promote one over the other bur for equality. I teach schools on native studies, I have essays on my classes from children and references from teachers....I suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen trying to help a woman to stop doing drugs while pregnant, a relationship from my past is demonizing me helped by the local shelter.
 I have lost one of my daughters because of them, I have been threatened simply because I wanted what was good for my own child, and you know what.....
I AM STILL STANDING, because I am a man, a warrior, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son, a role model....and I love the women in my life, I want my daughters, my son and grandchildren to understand that together we can achieve anything we want, if we stand together as a family...
Just like we all do.


Mike said...

right on the button. keep it up.couldnt of said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

A good day for men to go on a manstrike and just lay on the couch and watch tv.