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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Geldof on Fathers

He says " the feminist made the personal, political" when it comes to children and their fathers and I could not agree more. The disease which is feminism has made our world an unbearable place for children and their parents.
Look at the eyes of the minister for children, you can tell her feminist attitude toward Geldof's questions, "we do what we want with children, fathers be damned", she also says, basically, give the rights of parenthood to fathers and it will bog down the courts, she is more interested in quick solutions and political control, than to make kids happy...
That is what I mean when I say feminism is a disease...
Equal rights must be for women, men, and especially the child, without this we will continue on having pain and tears.
This goes on throughout the western world, that is why our society is falling.
And as Geldof says, this will correct itself in our lifetime, but the cost will be those kids who have come before...

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Anonymous said...

Feminist's care about 1 thing and 1 thing only.


Screw the children or anyone else who should get in their way of complete domination.