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Friday, March 9, 2012

False accusation epidemic- the feminist legacy.

This video explains well what is going on in the western world right now. The woman’s movement might still be alive somewhere, but in general is has been taken over by feminazis. Lowbrow, sub intellectuals, low self-confidence, with an inferior complex, and let’s not forget most of them are manless or with a mangina who found his feminine side. Personally, I never thought that way, never even paid attention to them, just like a lot of men out there, we knew they existed, that their behaviour was more of a spinster of the old days, but that is the mistake we made, not fighting back against the ridicule, and the venom they put out there. The permanent victim syndrome they adopted served them well, they found that not many dared to dispute their accusation and went with it full steam. Those who did suffer because of their actions, were not only men, but women and children, separation of families, alienation of kids and their fathers, but also the taxpayer who financed this ideal of what amounts to self promotion and extreme corruption.
Now however, their little hatred of men has become an issue and they are losing support left and right. When you have people like Bob Geldof and Erin Pizzey against the demonization of women’s sons, husbands and fathers, we know their time is on a countdown.  Listen carefully what Erin Pizzey says about the “silver bullet” in Canada.
As I have said it before, this is not a left or right wing issue anymore but a family and national one, the more they go after families to increase their funding, the more our society is slowly been eroded. Such a society cannot survive without strong family values, and families do better, when mom and dad is around. ( not that there is anything wrong with single parents, because I was one). There would be less divorces and family division is we did not have some corrupt social program worker out of college without kids, or some old spinster who never knew the real love of a man, insisting that every family that has a man is it, is at risk.
Feminism is to families what the Ebola virus, bird and swine flu, black plague is to civilisation, a disease that must be eradicated for the good of humanity. I have experienced their venomous attacks myself simply because I told them they were making a mistake, that my daughter was abused by a woman, her mother, that’s why I had custody, that she also had emotional problems. Even been polite and diplomatic did not work, researched information from reputable organisations such as Toronto’s children hospital did nothing other than continuing on trying to demonize me at every turn. That is when I realized, after so many (even politicians) kept on telling me, “they do not care, they did this because you’re a man”. What they failed to realize, I also never considered myself a victim of any type of corruption, especially when it comes to “a man” defending his family.
These people that did this, did not only do it to me, but they “abused” my daughter because they knew there was a problem with her, but the funding and hatred was more important, and that is destructive corruption.
The Carleton place Ontario women’s shelter is behind all this, one of the most corrupt shelters anywhere for using underage girls against their families for funding purposes. I do not know if they are all like this but from what I have researched, I would not bet against it. I “begged” to no avail for it’s director to help, (erin lee todd), she sent her girlfriend, some cop (a.atchinson) to try to scare me….My daughter admitted she was coached to say she was locked in the basement in order to put her on welfare and the most disgusting thing she admitted is when some worker (ella) told her, there was something wrong with a father loving his daughter, this is some sick shit... (Pardon my French). This is not only a personal attack, this is criminal behaviour under the charter and laws of this country, you can’t go around making false accusations without the accused having the right to defend themselves in a court of law.
So in my opinion, the interval house of Carleton place Ontario under erin lee todd and her workers like ella and others is a criminal organisation for enticing young girls and women to make false accusation…
The trouble these people caused me is just incredible, and it continues to this day, but like I said, I am nobody’s victim…
When you fight for your family, protect the traditional values you pass down to your kids, you ensure a prosperous, productive and safe nation for your children and your grandchildren….If you look the other way, this can only get worse…So speak up, before they come for you.
And to you mothers, look at your sons, is this what you want them to go through or accused of ????


Mike said...

they do it for money, that is what is sick about it.

Anonymous said...

False allegation's seem to be only a problem in the feminist mind,when men do it.

please watch this video from about 9 minutes in;



The Native Canadian said...

Thanks for the link...