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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Left wing radical feminists inside the alberta pc party does not learn from history

Remember the 93 election and someone in the federal PC party saying they were ashamed of Chretien looks? Well it happened again, this time it is the Alberta PC who just shot themselves in the foot, helped by the left wing radical feminist they let in. Coming from Alberta, I have no problem with the PC been centrist, but in their nomination meeting as of late, they invited everyone and the radicals found a way in.

Now we have feminists attacking women, namely the leader of the wild rose party.
Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith has admitted she's infertile after a harsh personal tweet sent out by PC staffer Amanda Wilkie Friday questioned her family values.

Not surprised since they did the same thing to my underage daughter, destroyed her future, just to had her to their statistics and increase their funding. This is what they do, they are vicious, venomous and extremely destructive towards other women, go figure.
Now basically, thanks to the radical feminists the Alberta PC party let in, they have just handed Alberta to the wild rose party.
I hope politicians learn from this, feminists attack everyone, even other women, for personal power and money, and they do not care who they hurt or destroy in the process.

My Saturday rant...No one is immune to social programs corruption, not even politicians.

Why I started this blog was to expose the corruption inside social programs and their supporters locally, specifically the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario, Open doors in Smiths falls Ontario, c.a.s., welfare, housing, schools, even "some" cops. What I found was the whole western civilisation is at risk because of the "do what we want" attitude of these so called social programs. This is not only a Canadian, or American issue, it's venomous claws expand across the pond all the way to Europe.
Strangely enough, I found, through investigation, Iran, Russia, China, and other non western countries, promoting the value of family life for the future of a nation. (that was a weird moment for me)
But what I found in the western one, is decadence, corruption, self promotion, self worth, theft of children for funding purposes, oh I could go on and on.
What surprised me is politicians; some knew, but some did not. I also found, though I and so many others, whether right or left wing political persuasion, support helping those who need the help, is these programs are used by those who run them as their own little nest of power, try to rattle them out of it and your in for one hell of a fight. (you can read what they did to me).
None is immune to their attacks, they think of themselves so powerful they are now going after the politicians themselves.
So, if we continue to give them, open support, without looking at what they are doing, handing them money, at taxpayers expense, slowly, we are defeating the value of these programs, "to help", and our nation itself, promoting their idea of why these programs exist, to use them for their own personal advancements, or political ideal, eventually, support will die down for them, and everything we tried to do, to promote a "just society" will be for nothing.
I keep on asking myself, is this real feminism, women's rights, children's rights, to destroy families? I know one thing, every social program in existence is run by those of the radical feminist persuasion, people who believe in equal rights, individual freedom, family rights, are pushed out as fast as they enter this little circle of feminist dominance, and if they dare to expose the financial corruption, they are personally attacked and even have to fear for their families.
Now let's say for the sake of argument, someone consider themselves center left politically, you support social programs, now you know why your loosing support, the more you let them do what they want, the more people are affected. Not speaking up, reduces your support, and there is value in helping, but not in admitting there is a problem, and not speaking up is self defeating, is it not?

My Saturday rant, No one is immune to social programs corruption, not even politicians.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This is scary, add for social workers, surround themselves with our kids, by-passing parents.

What do you see on this web sites picture? Not helping families, not promoting families, not following their mandate to keep families together, but surrounded by kids, using as many kids as possible to promote and increase their workforce.
Where in this picture do you see mom and dad?????
This is what this site exposes, all social programs, women's shelters, welfare, c.a.s., children services, schools,and all the rest, all use kids for their own benefit, this is a perfect example of what we have been saying, they are after our kids.....Intellectually inferior workers provides inferior services, since we gave them carte blanche this is what happened...
This is not about left or right wing politics, it is about the virtual attempt at the destruction of families for personal advancement, anyone supporting social programs should be appalled.
What is scary about this is, they openly do it, without fear of parents, families, or repercussions.
As fathers, husbands, sons, I do believe it is time to put a stop to this, I have daughters, I do not want them to be in the kitchen, barefoot, pregnant, washing dishes, no father wants this,(just in case some feminazi wants to say I want the good old days back), but we do not want our children to be used in this fashion, one way or another, this has gone to far.
Mothers and fathers, these are our families, SPEAK UP together, and change the path of a nation. If this continues, more of our children will be dependent, we did not raise them this way.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Talking from personal experience, taking on the c.a.s., is not enough, when they are under attack, women's shelters, welfare, housing, schools and even some feminist cops will come to their aid. This is a formidable lobbying group. If you decide to take one one, take them all on, because they all want your kids to increase their funding and work force, and they do protect each other.
Does not involve you? GOOD FOR YOU! But when they do come for you, or someone you know, who is going to help you???? Who will be left? Because when we needed your help, you looked the other way.
Support the traditional family, the safety of yours depends on it.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lanark County Interval House presents...Part with Your Art Swap & Sale..Do not waste your art...Do not support, here is why !

The local women's shelter in carleton place ontario is at it again, trying to increase their funding by making you believe they need the money. At 1.4 million a year, they have more than enough to provide the needed help for "existing" local women's issue. With that kind of financing, what do they do with the money? Let me explain the details...
The problem I have with them is, this specific shelter is badly managed and any woman who has a vendetta or is revenged minded, or a simple argument, only has to go to this shelter and it's staff is more than willing to help, no questions asked and without asking if it is true or not. Many families have been destroyed by this type of policy.
Fathers, once the wife or girlfriend is at this shelter can no longer see his kids, is treated like a criminal and demonized, and in the majority of these cases, the wife or girlfriend goes back home to the husband and the accusations made have a tendency to stay, eventually causing lingering problems in the family. If only the staff would be experienced instead of been man-haters, the right help could be offered, the results would be totally different and families could get the help needed instead of separations.
The other group this shelter goes after is teen girls, if the daughter is raised by the father, (namely me) even if the reason is only teen rebellion, it does not matter, they will go as far as to destroy this child's future and demonize the parent, to them they are a statistic for next years funding, consequences be damned.
And if the father dares to dispute this policy, then he can expect a coming nightmare from them, especially for it's director, erin lee todd. Consider this, this person is also the Co-Chair of Social Justice and Action/Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression.
This to me is the irony of all this, she is native, her staff, which 2 more are native, puts a native teen girl on welfare, destroying her future (anti-racism???), refuses to undue this injustice, and when the father tries to explain the situation and ask for her help, she "oppresses" him by sending her girlfriends from the local opp, to threatened him with a non-existent warrant in order to make him disappear, basically telling him, his daughter belongs to them, to do what they wish.
As for the social justice and action part, this teen girl, admitted the staff told her to say she was locked in the basement in order to by-pass the parents wishes (namely me) she not be put on welfare at this young age, and tried to brain wash her by saying to her "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much??". Sick and disgusting accusation is it not?
This is their funding practices, it wastes needed money from those who do need the help, wastes needed resources, and when they are finished with the subject, throws them out into the world, even underage girls, and asks the government and you to provide them with more money to do it again next year.
I never said the shelter system should not exist, but it has to be reorganized to provide the real help society needs, get rid of the political and self importance, inexperience, of the people who run it, stop the corruption, enforce existing laws preventing false accusations, and 1.4million a year they get would be more than enough.
Those who deserve the help would get the right one, not be used for personal purposes, just the way Erin Pizzey meant it to be.
Imagine for one minute, your art donations to this shelter going to destroy families and teen girls future for a political ideal, self promotion, self importance and corrupt policies, who does this help. I will tell you who they do hurt...children.
This is a personal issue for me, and I have no intention of letting go until it's director resigns, to be the Co-Chair of Social Justice and Action/Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression, is nothing but a joke, she had such a good run at demonizing fathers that she believed she could do it without repercussions. Well I am no ones victim, my daughter is not a statistic and they better understand, families are "not" their playground.
To the ladies who read this blog:
Do not let them do this to your fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, tell them what you think and if businesses support these policies, boycott...
Parents have the ultimate responsibility for their children, offer support to husbands and wives instead of inciting division and the family will do better on their own. Outside interference is never the way, go to family members first, only when it is absolutely necessary should anyone go to a woman's shelter.

Schools to ban making best friends

Sex ed to kindergarden, teaching pleasure of sex to 10 y olds, soccer ball bans on school yards, now this...
What system promotes what is best for the whole against individual thinking?
If we do not stop them, eventually, we will be overwelmed.
To change society, you have to get rid of one segment, in this case the father figure, replace it with the state, and then you can manipulate the way children think through schools.
Does not involve you? GOOD FOR YOU! But who is going to be left, when they come for your kids?

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Future of Your Freedom- interesting point of view.

Everything I have been saying about the welfare state, the dependency of the poor on the monthly check, what will happen if it stops, the Ron Paul candidacy, the entrenched corruption, is all there.
We are not a few with this opinion, with the logic this cannot continue, that we support social programs, we love to help each other, but the way it is set up, it is doomed to fail, and the repercussions will be terrible, it is inevitable.

Planned Parenthood Wants MANDATORY teaching of 'Pleasures of Sex' to 10YR OLD, but first, destroy the traditional family.

What does these two videos have to do with each other you may ask?
Let me explain what it means to me.
There is a concerted effort to destroy the family, what karl marx said " in order to have the perfect socialist state, we must first destroy religion, then the family", is coming to fruition.
If you want to destroy the traditional family, first you must demonise men, fathers, husbands, boys in school, falsely accuse them, make them hide in fear and get them out of the way. Once you have done this, you can make women, mothers, wives, daughter, feel as if they were victimized all their lives. Once this is achieved, you go after the kids, in schools, kindergarten, teaching everything contrary to what parents teach about personal values and responsibility, like sex, gay lifestyle, how to pleasure ones self at a young age, open sex, and eventually the need for abortions, teen help lines, and the continuing belief that planned parenthood and its supporters, instead of talking to mom and dad, are needed in society. That way, you have the future generation believing that all the things in the past, roasting marshmallow around the family campfire, family Xmas, parental responsibility towards moral value, a mom and dad hug, was all wrong and the way to do it is to listen to the state and its organisations, making a willing population to behave like lemmings who jump over the cliff on demand.

The reason why the American revolution happened, was not, as the history books tell us, that georges the third was a tyrant, actually he was a nut job, but georgie was only one person, incapable of oppressing the people without the English parliament, the bureaucrats, the tax collectors and the enforcers of the time, police, para-military so on...
It took, as we see today, a multitude of co-operating and willing people to impose the tyrants will, many government funded organisations, sub-intellectuals willing to use any force necessary to promote their self worth.
Sound familiar?
Now, was the revolution started because the tea was taxed to much, of course not, it was because parents, wanted a better future for their kids, simple as that, they knew then, that if things continued the way they were, their children would have to suffer the same faith, they knew that using kids to advance state interest was wrong. Once pushed to far, they were willing to put their lives on the line to give their children what they believed was right, not the state.

Today we see the same pattern, as we try to expose on this blog, there is an effort by many organisations such as radical feminism to by-pass parents, moms and dads, teach their twisted ideals in schools, make kids feel victimized by making them believe they are always bullied by their peers, instead of simply explaining that life is not a bed of roses and never will be.
There is no such thing as the perfect society, people will always have different views, free will is not just a word, it is what makes us different, it is what makes a scientist or a biologist, or a teacher, a stay at home mom, or a simple person who enjoys his or her job digging ditches.
Their way cannot come to pass, it will never happen because of free will, it teaches us right from wrong, makes us love each other or dislike one another, it makes us agree or disagree, but mostly, free will gives us the capability to say enough is enough.
As in 1776, the traditional family has been pushed aside to a point of anger, and rage for some, our kids are not a tool, mothers are not victims and fathers are not born violent and abusive.
All social programs have now been taken over by the same people who caused the American revolution, the French revolution, the Cromwell years, the Russian revolution, they are using our own kids against us and they do not care, they actually believe they are untouchable, just like the tyrant of the past....
And you know what.....the tyrant is back.....

Remember why America was formed, not to be a slave to the system, but to be free, seems some have forgotten this.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The nanny state gone wrong...A must see.

I can relate to this story, the disgusting attitude and arrogance of the social programs, taken over by radical feminists who believe they can do anything with our children.
My "underage " daughter was lured to the local shelter in Carleton place, coached to say she was abused after I refused to sign for her to be on welfare, she was also told by these low lives that there was something wrong with a father loving his child that much, and when I politely asked the director of this shelter erin lee todd, for help and not to put her on welfare it would destroy her future, which she even had a scholarship, she arrogantly sent her girlfriend from the local opp at my door. This one came up with a warrant against me, which I finally have the proof it never existed, according to the federal court house in hull...and 2 rcmp detachment.
The whole thing ended up a nightmare, the threat, the pain, the heartbreak for a parent was more than I could bare, I raised her on my own, but all of them, the director of the local welfare, nancy green, erin lee todd, josephine fuller county director for social programs, even a. atchinson from the opp in carleton place, just to name a few, there are more, even those whom I knew, from family services, connections (a single parent support program) all of which I considered friends, and told me I was a good parent, when I asked for help, they were nowhere to be found, they did not care if they destroyed my child, the statistic for next years funding was more important, self promotion, personal power is what they were protecting, at the cost of the future even the safety of my child.
My daughter had the potential to be a great artist, with offers from modeling photographer and art college, but what I do not understand is if they are promoting the betterment of women, then why did these feminists, destroy a girl with a promising career, you would figure they would help instead of creating another welfare recipient.
So you see, it is not about equal rights for women, they do not care about raising the potential of women, or girls, they only care about their position.
It is not left or right wing politics, it is simply corruption at taxpayers expense, and they will even use teenage girls to get more funding, here is a welfare check at 16 years old, and your on your own, what child at 16 is ready for the world? On welfare????
People tell me, they did it because I am a man, a little girl raised by her dad, and they could not accept it, they had to destroy a good parent and child relationship, well I will never accept this either, it was not about me been a man, a father, it was about parental rights not to be demonized for statistics and next years funding.

Watch, and then share, just to remind people who we really are.

If only we would be left alone, without divisions for political ideals,
If only we would realize the potential of the human heart,
what a world it would be...
I believe this is who we really are, we just have to look inside of us, look at the person next to us and treat them the way we want to be treated.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feminist legacy

Nuff said????

We do not condone violence but argue that history shows it is more commonly and broadly propagated by denying civil liberties than controlled.

Arrests without a warrant, forcing citizens from their homes and children with nothing more than the clothes on their back, searches without a warrant, seizures of their property without redress, mandatory arrests often on nothing more than hearsay, assuming the accused is guilty until proven innocent, denial of the right to confront the accuser and obtain witnesses in one's defence, punishment and imprisonment that occurs before a trial or without one, public censure for crimes men have not committed, indentured servitude and often outright slavery, and more, are acts of a police state and the policies of tyrants.
There is no greater shock than to find that even with both law and facts in your favour, your rights are worthless because you can't get the courts or government to enforce them. Throughout history such actions by a State have been the cause of violence, not the cure.
Women’s shelters, massively funded, brand all men as "batterers" and all women as "victims." Any thinking individual knows instinctively that violence in the family is a human problem, not a gender issue. And in most cases it takes two to tangle. Further, you will find that current laws act to deter citizens from seeking the help they need.
When false allegations are made against you, you feel as though the world has turned against you. There is also a feeling of aloneness and that you are the only one this has ever happened to because you have always believed in a system of justice and the rule of law. You will find instead that there are millions of men and women with the same problems.
Restore due process.
Reverse the loss of our civil liberties.
Ensure equality for all citizens before the bar.
Establish judicial accountability.
Re-establish the rule of law.
Define marriage as a contract between men and women to provide for the upbringing and education of their children without collectivist interference.

We parents and families demand that:
Citizens shall not be torn from their homes and children in the middle of the night based on nothing more than hearsay.
Men and women shall not be presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence.
A secret tribunal shall not have the power to force a man from his home without notice or hearing.
Police shall not have the right to enter and search a citizen's home without a warrant.
Citizens shall not be imprisoned based only on hearsay.
Citizens be not more afraid of the police than they are of criminals.
A legal system exists that does not tolerate perjury or the subornation of perjury.
Citizens shall not be censured by public officials for crimes they have not committed.
Men and women are not made to work as indentured servants or held in thrall to others for acts they have not committed.
A marriage license does not make men and women servants of the State or give courts possession of their children.

Remember who depends on you, who is watching you, if you give in, if they see you give in, they will too, and no parent wants this.

Geldof on Fathers

He says " the feminist made the personal, political" when it comes to children and their fathers and I could not agree more. The disease which is feminism has made our world an unbearable place for children and their parents.
Look at the eyes of the minister for children, you can tell her feminist attitude toward Geldof's questions, "we do what we want with children, fathers be damned", she also says, basically, give the rights of parenthood to fathers and it will bog down the courts, she is more interested in quick solutions and political control, than to make kids happy...
That is what I mean when I say feminism is a disease...
Equal rights must be for women, men, and especially the child, without this we will continue on having pain and tears.
This goes on throughout the western world, that is why our society is falling.
And as Geldof says, this will correct itself in our lifetime, but the cost will be those kids who have come before...

Can your electronics be used to watch you??????

I do not know what to say about this, watch and make up your own mind. But I do know this, I would not put it pass them, personally, with what I went through in the past 2 years, for fighting against the social programs, false nonexistent warrant to try to put me away, threats, pompous and arrogant attitudes towards anyone who tries to correct a wrong, I know this, I would not put it pass them.
There are 2 type of people with power, the ruling elite and the few who serve the people, in my experiences, those who serve us are far and few between, those I call the ruling elite will do everything possible to control us, and I have no doubt if they can, they will use electronics.
And if General Patreus says its possible then who am I to dispute him, after all he is the director of the ...CIA.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who watches our every move

Honor the Sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with ...Whom we share the Earth.
Walk with Strength.
Walk with Wisdom.
Walk with Honor.
Walk in balance and beauty.
And life will Walk with you...

Monday, March 19, 2012

My site was hacked..I wonder who would do such a mean thing..lol.

My apologies to the people whom this has caused a problem, I thought I would put the comments from my last post to show how far they will go to suppress free speech. I had to delete quite a few posts to find the problem...

Anonymous said...
I just got hit with a major virus from the first vid or possibly this site?

I also cannot access another ontario mensrights-help site with-out my comp shutting down completely after being here.

Not the first time the gov has put in viruses to shut ppl like us down.

March 17, 2012 10:32 AM

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me, they are attacking your site.

March 18 , 2012 2:22 PM

Mike said...

There is definitely an attack, probably a hack job on your blog,
It happened to me once, go through all your posts, delete them one by one, and you might be lucky enough to find the one they hacked,
if they hacked the whole site, that is another issue.
Always be on guard, they obviously have noticed your site, That is feminism for ya...

March 18 , 2012 5:36 PM

My apologies to the readers of this blog, seems my site was hacked by our friendly neighbourhood feminists and their minions. Every time someone came on, it screwed up the browsers.
I had to delete quite a few posts to find which one was causing the problem, my right pane kept on going all over the page, so on…
I have fixed to problem thanks to a comment, explaining how to do it.
As for the crazies out there who want to close my site, nice try, if I can’t fix it, then I will only open another one, I have every post and it would be no inconvenience. I thank you for doing it, means I am getting to you and nothing makes me happier.
I was threatened by them; they tried to put me in jail for a non-existence warrant, which was confirmed to me last week, by the federal courts in Quebec, and by the rcmp themselves.
They told me, “we warned you”, “we have ways of getting even”, They tried to “lure me” in a situation which could have been very dangerous, my garbage’s have disappeared during the night off the curb, lol…( I guess someone was hoping to find something)..
And all this because I asked them not to put their noses in my families affair, Because I was a father raising a girl on my own, because I am a man???
They coached my underage daughter to say I locked her in the basement, and tried to scare her by saying there was something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much, so they could put her on welfare against my wishes and add her to their statistics for next year funding.
But their biggest error was them thinking I was one of their victim like so many others they have destroyed, Big mistake.
Anyway, thank you for your patience, and again my apologies…

Friday, March 9, 2012

False accusation epidemic- the feminist legacy.

This video explains well what is going on in the western world right now. The woman’s movement might still be alive somewhere, but in general is has been taken over by feminazis. Lowbrow, sub intellectuals, low self-confidence, with an inferior complex, and let’s not forget most of them are manless or with a mangina who found his feminine side. Personally, I never thought that way, never even paid attention to them, just like a lot of men out there, we knew they existed, that their behaviour was more of a spinster of the old days, but that is the mistake we made, not fighting back against the ridicule, and the venom they put out there. The permanent victim syndrome they adopted served them well, they found that not many dared to dispute their accusation and went with it full steam. Those who did suffer because of their actions, were not only men, but women and children, separation of families, alienation of kids and their fathers, but also the taxpayer who financed this ideal of what amounts to self promotion and extreme corruption.
Now however, their little hatred of men has become an issue and they are losing support left and right. When you have people like Bob Geldof and Erin Pizzey against the demonization of women’s sons, husbands and fathers, we know their time is on a countdown.  Listen carefully what Erin Pizzey says about the “silver bullet” in Canada.
As I have said it before, this is not a left or right wing issue anymore but a family and national one, the more they go after families to increase their funding, the more our society is slowly been eroded. Such a society cannot survive without strong family values, and families do better, when mom and dad is around. ( not that there is anything wrong with single parents, because I was one). There would be less divorces and family division is we did not have some corrupt social program worker out of college without kids, or some old spinster who never knew the real love of a man, insisting that every family that has a man is it, is at risk.
Feminism is to families what the Ebola virus, bird and swine flu, black plague is to civilisation, a disease that must be eradicated for the good of humanity. I have experienced their venomous attacks myself simply because I told them they were making a mistake, that my daughter was abused by a woman, her mother, that’s why I had custody, that she also had emotional problems. Even been polite and diplomatic did not work, researched information from reputable organisations such as Toronto’s children hospital did nothing other than continuing on trying to demonize me at every turn. That is when I realized, after so many (even politicians) kept on telling me, “they do not care, they did this because you’re a man”. What they failed to realize, I also never considered myself a victim of any type of corruption, especially when it comes to “a man” defending his family.
These people that did this, did not only do it to me, but they “abused” my daughter because they knew there was a problem with her, but the funding and hatred was more important, and that is destructive corruption.
The Carleton place Ontario women’s shelter is behind all this, one of the most corrupt shelters anywhere for using underage girls against their families for funding purposes. I do not know if they are all like this but from what I have researched, I would not bet against it. I “begged” to no avail for it’s director to help, (erin lee todd), she sent her girlfriend, some cop (a.atchinson) to try to scare me….My daughter admitted she was coached to say she was locked in the basement in order to put her on welfare and the most disgusting thing she admitted is when some worker (ella) told her, there was something wrong with a father loving his daughter, this is some sick shit... (Pardon my French). This is not only a personal attack, this is criminal behaviour under the charter and laws of this country, you can’t go around making false accusations without the accused having the right to defend themselves in a court of law.
So in my opinion, the interval house of Carleton place Ontario under erin lee todd and her workers like ella and others is a criminal organisation for enticing young girls and women to make false accusation…
The trouble these people caused me is just incredible, and it continues to this day, but like I said, I am nobody’s victim…
When you fight for your family, protect the traditional values you pass down to your kids, you ensure a prosperous, productive and safe nation for your children and your grandchildren….If you look the other way, this can only get worse…So speak up, before they come for you.
And to you mothers, look at your sons, is this what you want them to go through or accused of ????

Thursday, March 8, 2012

International woman's day, What it means to me...

What does international woman's day mean to me, well that is a good one. We know that this was created for good purposes at one time, but now it is used to promote a different kind of movement, the annihilation of the traditional family. It is been used by a group known as feminazis and their supporters. Now the definition of the feminazi is not a group working for women's right, for our daughters or granddaughter, it is a group who want to promote themselves at the expense of women and even at the expense of families.
These people are hand in hand with organisations such as the UNCRC, the united nations convention on the rights of the child. Like anyone else, we all support the "original" reason for their raison d'etre, to prevent child labor, child soldiers, sexual exploitation, so on...But some of the provisions inside this treaty is what is scary, the anti parental provisions that seem to undermine the rights of parents, therefore watering down the family and actually putting our kids safety and future at stake.

This organisations international laws are sometimes imposed over national ones in family courts in the westen world.

Countries on the committee of the UNCRC such as Uganda can't even decide if honor killings should be against the law, such as when a girls gets raped, whether she should be killed or not in order to save the honor of the family. And they are dictating to us???

The other reason I will never support anything that has to do with the feminazi movement is, they are too radically left wing, communism, socialism, either way, karl marx said it himself, "in order to have the perfect socialist society, the family must be destroyed".

The UNCRC dictates that the right of the child comes first, parents must oblige themselves to follow what the child wants, or demands. That in itself is in direct contradiction to "guiding" a child in the right direction, to a healthy future. We, as parents all want to spoil and pamper our kids, but do it to much without discipline and we all know where that will go...

Now a days, if a teen does not like house rules he or she can go to a court, shelter, welfare, helped by your local schools & some in the police and cause you what amounts to a heart breaking situation...(been there done that, after my daughter was "brainwashed" by the local feminazis at the shelter in Carleton place ontario, she came at me with "I want to be emancipated from you," my first thought was "were the hell did she get this, who told her this and she did not come up with this on her own")

The other reason in my opinion, the feminazi controlled international women's day is out of touch with reality and is only there to promote their ideal, is the lack of understanding that you cannot "impose" your way of life on other societies. Not everyone on this planet lives according to the western worlds ideals or the feminazi's views that all men are bad, born bad and we enslave our wives and daughters. (which is nothing other than BS)
If a woman wears a veil for instance, the feminazi will automatically point, that it is the man who is forcing her to do it, they will not take the time to ask first if she does it because she believes in her religion, or simply feels comfortable been the way she wishes to be.
Afghanistan for example, we have been over there, trying to "dictate" to them how democracy works according to our views, women have the same rights as men, children have the right to be who they wish to be outside parental guidance, school for girls, make-up, short skirts, which is fine in our society, but by imposing these opinions on the women and girls over there, they have caused the death of "thousands" by going too fast.
By not taking in the facts that this is a different society, cloaked in religious fervor for so long, outside our views, they do not bother to take into consideration that their way of doing things with a flash, is doing more damages.
Why do they not got slower, explaining that the veil is fine, but the burka is confining, that schools is good for advancing their way of life but take into account that the men, fathers, must also be involved in said school and show how their daughters are smiling and happy, tell wives to walk beside their men, not try to walk in front. By not involving the men over there, they have done exactly what they do here, alienate a portion of their society, and cause division instead of co-operation.

That said, in my world, everyday is woman's day, we, men, are thought from the beginning, that we come from women, the clan mothers are the protectors of family values, men are the defenders of that right, elders are the wisdom. Tell our women they are abused by men, and they will laugh in you face. Tell them they are better, and you will have an argument.
Everyday is women's day, we have mother's day. we have that day we give flowers just because we admire their strength, we have the love and respect for them every time we look their way.
International women's day exists with the rule that men, husbands, sons, brothers, have abused their women since the beginning of time, that is why it exists, and with that premise, their main goal is to use this for the destruction of what they consider a patriarchy, and in their twisted little hate filled minds, they forgot the word, matriarchy. Both words mean...mom and dad in a traditional family.

In my personal experiences for the past two years, the feminazi movement is destructive and venomous, I can count "over" 20 women inside the social programs, schools, welfare, housing, family services, c.a.s., police, and many others, some of which were corrupt, aggressive, pompous, self absorbed, and man haters, who went out of their way to destroy, not me, but my daughters future, simply because she was raised by her father.
And since they bring this philosophy to other countries like Afghanistan, then they are causing pain and tears by their actions, and you know what....they do not care, their way or no way, even at the expense of life itself.
And that is my opinion of international women's day....It has been twisted along with other organisations by self serving individuals to pass on their views of what society should be.

Ill say it again, I think feminism has become a disease and it is hurting women. I and other "people" worked with unions in the 80"s to promote equal pay for equal work for women, we did not do it to promote one over the other bur for equality. I teach schools on native studies, I have essays on my classes from children and references from teachers....I suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen trying to help a woman to stop doing drugs while pregnant, a relationship from my past is demonizing me helped by the local shelter.
 I have lost one of my daughters because of them, I have been threatened simply because I wanted what was good for my own child, and you know what.....
I AM STILL STANDING, because I am a man, a warrior, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son, a role model....and I love the women in my life, I want my daughters, my son and grandchildren to understand that together we can achieve anything we want, if we stand together as a family...
Just like we all do.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recording the Police Is Necessary

It is unfortunate it has come to this, unless these people answer to the people for their actions, instead of internally, this can only get worse. I am amazed they have not realized yet, with the Internet, the more videos such as these are exposed the more support they loose, until it comes to a point they are all seen as the enemy of the people. Sadly, good or bad will be seen the same...


What the hell happened to you guys, you use to be the pride of our nations, America and Canada....I want to believe some of you are as disgusted with this as we are, question is? Why are you not saying something.
Isn't it better to have the population as a whole with you, instead of us seeing you as the enemy?
There is after all, more of us, history shows, if you push to hard, the people will eventually push back...We are not going to allow you to abuse our sons and daughters....

Wake up before it's too late, you are not invincible...

Two post- violence againt women and we are too stupid to know the meaning of democracy.

Were the hell have these people been for the past 10,000 years, we don’t need them to tell us we should defend women, though there might be some wusses out there (aka. feminized men), most men, if they see a woman been abused, assaulted, or mistreated will step in...It is in our nature and cannot be changed...Of course if we happen to look at a woman’s butt, that is considered assault to some out there, exaggerating the problem and making it sound like it’s an epidemic, but that's another story.
Also, if I beat the shit out of a guy who is assaulting a woman, I get charged with assault, so they can’t have it both ways, they either want us as men, in that case let us behave as men, or they want men who "found" their feminine side, make up your mind for God's sakes. (Pardon my French)
According to them I should call 911, by the time the police gets there it's to late. That is called a feminized man.
I am glad to see some are starting to be realistic and not follow the feminist view that all men are bad, "The initiative, called the Engaging Men Grant Program, underscores the fact that most men are not violent or abusive towards the women". This to me, sounds like they have realized they "need" real men and the idea to make man "docile" simply has not worked.
Now to make this simple, "if I beat the shit out of a guy who is attempting to rape a woman, will I be charged with assaulting this person???" or should I call 911 and watch until the cops get there?????
The need for men to be men is greater now than it as ever been, assaults on our women, the elder afraid of home invasions, child abuse, drugs, homelessness, is all related to the past 40 years and the feminists ideal that society no longer needs that bean eating, beer drinking, cussing, hard labour male who might look ruff, but makes the wold a better place with his values and strength.
Man has been genetically engineered by 6,000 years of civilisation, to be a soldier, warrior, hard worker,  husband, father, son, freedom fighter, and we have been cut with swords, shot, blown up defending this freedom, the only thing we ask in return is to respect what you have created. If you pacify man, who will be there to defend your rights to demonize us, when a foreign power who does not follow your ways come calling...
The choice is simple, walk with us, or walk alone, we are not going to change, the world needs us...
I am man and that is my way of looking at things...
Now the other post,
I will let you read and make up your own mind about us been called dumb shits who know nothing about elected officials and who to choose, but remember this, who funds scientists to make these studies????
Governments !!!

"very smart ideas are going to be hard for people to adopt, because most people don’t have the sophistication to recognize how good an idea is,"
So let me get this right, some in governments we elect, finances a study that comes up with the conclusion, we are stupid???? Is that what they think of us????? Now you know why they treat us like cattle...
Shit... (again pardon my french) lol.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The nanny state out of control- the aim? your children.

This is what I have been exposing for a while, the idea that schools, social programs, shelters, c.a.s., open doors here is Smiths falls, and even cops, believe they have the right to "co-parent" our children. Considering they have a very different agenda on society than we do, this is extremely dangerous to our families.

You will not see this on cbc or ctv, it took Ezra Levant and sun news to realize something is wrong out there.

This parallels the issues I have been talking about on this blog, what they did to me and my family, and are still doing for daring to fight back.

Unfortunately, this is rampant and these "things" seem to think they can by-pass parental rights, to improve their power over our children, and make no mistake, they do this for one reason only, to change society, to demean parents, to "destroy" families and especially to increase their funding.

I am glad to see this issue has been thrown into the open, on the video you can clearly see the arrogance of the c.a.s. worker, the school official (Mr. we co-parent) and the lack of co-operation police give to parents. Did you “ever” agree to co-parent” with schools???

What I wonder is, were is the left in all this, why don't they fight back, aren't these animals making the left look bad, I mean, families are the ones who put people in power, and if our kids are been used for a political ideal, this will blow up in their faces...
Unless of course they agree with this, then they had better look for another job, because they are no good at the one they are doing. I always tried not to take sides in all this but if the left refuses to do something since these animals do it in their name, then been an independent voter might no longer be a good idea.

On a personal note, as I was watching the video, this is exactly the response I got, "WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT WITH YOUR CHILD", and that is what pissed me off, no way will I ever stop, until the family unit, mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, brother and sister, husband and wife, sons and daughters are recognize as the some providers for children in our society.

I even have cops who protect the local corrupt social programs, especially the director of the Carleton place shelter (erin lee todd) printing anything I say on this blog, they showed it to me, (A. Atkinson or the perth police). They are "hoping" I threaten someone so they can put me away....Never going to happen because I am not that type of person, but nonetheless, its creepy...lol. This is how far they are willing to go, to shut me up. I even asked them once, charge me if i am doing something wrong, trying to protect my child, instead they dug up an old fine, and tried it that way.

Plus when it come top techs stuff, I back up all my emails, the threats I received, phone calls, videos, audios....

Imagine for one minute, been told "you better co-operate with us, we have ways of getting even, what comes around goes around", or "we warned you" or "shelter is not responsible if your underage daughter drinks alcohol" by cops you look too, to protect your family rights. AND WHAT THE HELL WAS MY UNDERAGE DAUGHTER DOING AT A SHELTER IN THE FIRST PLACE, other than been used for further funding for next year.

These people will come with a smile, or in my case a frown, lol, do not trust them when it come to your children, do not let them in, video tape everything because they will deny it.

I suggest you take these videos and pass them to everyone you can find, these are our kids, not radicals who want them for their twisted ideals and to increase their fundings.

I want to thank Outdoors for guiding me to this video link.

Here is more on this "co-parenting officials" issue.
Father arrested over daughter's gun drawing won't get apology, agency says

Kitchener officials sticking to their guns

Arrested dad wants answers after daughter draws gun pic

Does not involve you??? Good for you....But when they do come for your kids, who is going to be left to help you out????
These are our kids, not theirs to be used for money...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Proof schools and social programs believe they are the co-parents of our children

I always said social programs, schools, all see our kids as a source for funding, and see themselves as co-parenting with Canadian moms and dads. For the past year I have been writing about it, and then here come school officials admitting this is exactly what they are doing. Gregg Bereznick, the superintendent of Waterloo Region District School Board. “We do work hand in hand with the families because we co-parent,” Bereznick told QMI Agency reporter Kris Sims.
Did any of you recall signing any documents giving any teacher or school official permission to be the co-parent of any of your children?

My argument is based on my experiences, investigations and interviews of other parents in the area, I always found these corrupt officials careful in not admitting it, but finally I have the proof.
This is the reason why we are having so many problems with our teens, we guide them one way to look at their future and these low lives think they can teach them another way. It is exactly what happened to me with my daughters school, st john catholic school in perth, with the anti-parent vice principal deanne strong and its non caring principal, ken crosby.
I never blamed my child because teen rebellion was a passage of life, what caught me off guard was the attitude of these two's behaviour in front of my daughter, which re-enforced her rebellion.
The vice principal of this out of control school called the cops on me,(j. copp),this perth ontario cop telling me she could do whatever she wanted made matters worse. I never threatened anyone, raised my voice, so why would they do this unless they believed they were in a position to do anything they wanted with our children and we are in their way?

The other point is the social programs, namely women's shelters, welfare, and c.a.s.. Here c.a.s. wants longer access to your kids to make sure they are totally brainwashed into the radical left wing, make them totally dependent on them and their friends, therefore giving these people more power through funding and increase in their workforce.
Stealing kids from good parents, nightmarish foster homes, death while kids are in their custody. It is not enough they are destroying families with their policies, now they want them until they are 25 frigging years old so they can increase their funding and power over us.

But wait a minute, with the help of the local shelter in Carleton place Ontario, protected by left wing radicals at the local opp, namely a.atkinson, this shelter's workers (ella been one of them)
supported by this director told my "16 year old" daughter, to say she was locked in the basement and that her parent was abusing her by forcing her to go to college? in order to put her on welfare against my wishes, and tried to scare her by saying "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much", (disgusting fu@#$ing animals), which my daughter finally admitted to me this Xmas. Her future, our relationship, all suffered for one reason only, "co-parenting", that is what they believe, this is the policy they follow, to by-pass parental responsibility and take it over to pack their pockets and self worth.

Here is a disturbing example, I sent an email dated june 2010 to erin lee todd, director of the local shelter in carleton place complaining that because she did not work with the parent, namely me, my daughter, an honor student was kicked out of school, I also asked why she was there in the first place, she sent her girlfriend from the carleton place ontario opp at my door....I was pissed but this cop did not go all out to try to put me away because I was disputing the shelters policy. She asked me to promise I would not send anymore emails, but I never did, to me they were and are responsible for the nightmare I went through and I am certainly not one of their victims who will lay down and whimper.

So a full year went by, when I found out, because of this shelter, my daughter had taken a wrong turn on the road of life, I sent another email to this shelter director giving all the pertaining information on the way my daughter was born, the pain, the violent mood swings and the medical problems she had, as in heart problems. Now remember, this is a full year, between the 2 emails, not exactly harassing anyone am I? And I was polite and diplomatic since I was dealing with man-haters who would use any excuse to cry out, "VIOLENT MAN THREATENING ME".

Well she sent her other girlfriend a. atkinson, from the same opp station, this one dug up an old fine, tried very hard to make me disappear in jail, did not work. She told me to my face, "we warned you"... yyyaaaa! Not a good idea on her part, I do not do threats...

The point is this...one email in one year, and her attitude was, "your not allowed to criticize me (erin lee todd) otherwise I can cause you major problem", and the only thing I was doing is trying to save my own child.

Now, the arrogance, the corruption, the self worth of people such as this, is what is dangerous to our kids, they are seen as money bags... The only thing she had to do, since I always used the same email is this... doesn't take a brain surgeon...Block the email???????
I never asked for a response, I just sent information.
So, erin lee todd, if you could not figure out how to block the email of a parent asking for your help, let a MAN explain to you how to do it, since your a helpless woman who considers all men to be dangerous.
But all this aside, I believe or hope, there are some in shelters, welfare, cas, cops, schools, that are disgusted with this, and I have talked to some, but if they do not speak out and if we as parents do not speak out against these type of corrupt policies who do not exist in any law books, we will all loose generations to come, more dept, more deficits, more expenses, and higher taxes to pay for twisted venomous anti parental policies.... This is not center left or right politics, and if you are center left on the political scale, then they are destroying what you have worked for, by corrupting these policies for personal gains, if people such as this erin lee todd and her workers, destroys underage girls future and threatens parents when they ask for her help and co-operation, think of what they plan to do to yours if your kids fall into they sights.... This is parental right, raising our kids without the fear of these organisation intruding on our desires to see our kids achieve the best they can be, we can no longer do this if we let them get away with it.
We on this blog demand the resignation of erin lee todd, the workers who have adopted these policies and those who abuse the system to protect them.

Radicalism, self opinionated teachers who impose their will on our children

Schoolgirl, 12, banned from playing basketball after speaking in her Native American language
Miranda Washinawatok, 12, was benched after saying 'I love you' in her family's native tongue.

Its does not matter what color your kids are, this imposition of personal ideals is hurting our kids. The stupidity of it all, these teachers, and their views are nothing but a push to try to change society according to the way they see things, the cost is pain and suffering. Never, should children be used to impose ones will on another. We have plenty of examples in history that shows us this type of behaviour is borderline evil, Nazis did it, Communists did it, it will be a cold day in hell if we let them to it to ours.
Parents are, and always will be the first and last word. They will push until we put a stop to it. And we will...

Friday, March 2, 2012

If Mom and Dad ruled the world.

This is why, this blog does not take sides, they had the chance to make a difference, they chose not to...
We are "at war" with the few, the corrupt, the greedy, they have destroyed the political system for their own benefit, they take the word freedom and twist it to promote themselves, they took what we fought so hard for, to share with those who had less and turned it into their own little tool for personal use, they take what is not theirs and share it amongst themselves, they demonize spirituality, because it stands in their way.
They say children are not alive, to promote an evil ideal, they say they do not need fathers, yet children are happier with both parents, they divide husband and wives so to increase their self worth...
They attack the family, because the family is what is good "for" the world. Every mother feels for the mother who cannot feed her children in a far away land, every father feels for the father who wants to provide a good life for his family in a far away land, every child want to play with any child in far away lands.
If the Mom and Dad ruled the world...