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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Women's shelters and social program industry exposed- A national problem.

The problems I have experienced with the interval house woman's shelter in Carleton place Ontario is not a local issue. I have put up other stories, previously, of people (fathers been the primary target) been falsely accused for financial benefits, custody purposes, women and children who go through a nightmarish experience at the hands of these radical left wing feminists(aka feminazis) at "women's" shelters. Coaching children to say lies against fathers in order to get more money in next year budget, treating mothers in a despicable way, inventing false statistics in local newspapers (aka the EMC smiths falls and recorder), and "demonizing" anyone, (me included) if we dare to ask for accountability of their actions.
I realized that this issue was not a local one but country wide, Ontario been the worse. They represent a very small minority yet a very vocal one, together with their uninformed supporters and those who do not see if what they say is true. They continuously attack, demonize, harass, anyone they choose and virtually destroy families, corrupt children against parents and are the cause of the degradation of a whole generation.
With the advent of the web, these people can no longer sit pretty in their posh offices, travelling on taxpayers money, destroy families at will without been held responsible for their action. Neither can their feminist "supporters" and "protectors" at the local protection services. (aka local police-with all due respect, not all are the same)
Personally, I do not do threats and react badly to them, just like any other parents. (more info soon to come, including audios exposing corruption).

Anyway, as I keep on researching this issue of corruption at the expense of our children, I find stories after stories of social program abuse. Welfare, cas, shelter, housing, schools, lawyers, are a co-operating entity inside the government, take one on, and you will get nowhere, since they all lobby together, they look after each other if you will. Not only that but unions also are in the fray. Put together it makes for one powerful lobby. So one has to take them all on, and a parent who is protecting his child is more powerful than all of them put together.
Politicians better do their homework and do a little research, the web is full of sites exposing abusive attitudes towards families for financial gains, the vote count is now in our favor.

Here is another post on the issue of shelters and social programs. This one been in Quebec. So as I said this is not a local one, it is national, and those responsible to fix this is the Federal Government.
It is translated from french as you see in the photo below from a facebook page. (I just don't want them to say I INVENTED the whole thing, proof is important when dealing with these.....Feminazis)

1. A shelter for women victims of domestic violence make believe to the general public that there are many victims to host when in reality there are few. Following this lie, the house gets large government subsidies for its operation.
2. An organization uses false statistics to make the public believe that there is a serious social problem. It gets attention of local authorities who then help financially and morally to locate in the region.
3. A lawyer in family law negotiates a possible voluntary agreement between the parents for the children's care, allowing the procedures to last and promote financial enrichment.
4. An officer, and an employee of the agency gives false evidence in court to get a better service contract. This definition of CESS is intended to alert the Justice, government, media and the general public that such crimes seriously affect the inalienable right of children to have access to proper and healthy access to both parents after divorce / separation.
POST-BREAK'S primary responsibility is to make every effort to encourage father-child relationship provides the population a center for victims of CESS and attempt to coordinate the different actions to stop these crimes against children, families and taxpayers.

If Quebec is now realizing the futile quest to believe anything feminist and turning against them, then their time is on path to oblivion, thing is, how much damages will they cause before they go and will it be reparable.
Can you believe 3000.000 women beaten in Quebec, is a book recently launched there with well respected authors including Barbara Kay.

The Quebec government has spread false statistics, releasing huge amounts of money to help non-existent battered women in Quebec and demonizing the Quebec man.
It is also a liberating book for women who love men and still have a say against an ideology which claims the right to speak on behalf of "all women" with aggressive victimhood speeches.

Like I said, if left wing Quebec authors are starting to realize the feminists have gone to far......


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