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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why kids hate the world around them.

We have seen a pandemic of teen suicide lately, sad passing of young lives who had so much to offer. Many families ask why, with what seem to be a happy child one day, gone the next. There are many reasons for this, one is the lack of understanding parents have with the mixed messages kids get between family values and the outside world.
One, very few cops will laugh and talk to teens, usually its all about intimidation. Hence promoting a dislike for society since they are the vanguard, and once these kids grow and have family of their own they pass this dislike for society to their kids. It all began in the 60's. Before this, cops would try to talk first, if they cause any mischief, then it was "come with me and we will have a talk with your parents", now it's, your under arrest and if the teen makes one wrong move, they are assaulted. (go to youtube if you don't believe).
Next, its schools, in the old days, the morals of the family was taken into consideration, for the education of kids. Parents were consulted and teachers were seen second to parents. Not anymore, now if you as a mom or dad happen to not agree with the school and its left wing controls, they can call the cops on you and cause you many problems, which most now do. Again the child sees this and the parents authority is diminished, inviting rebellion.
Third is the social programs, these rogue organisations are so out of control, that they offer welfare to 16 years old, promoting drug abuse and teen pregnancies, by-passing parental house rules and making themselves higher than the family. As a parent we have to be careful in what rules we try to enforce because in the back of our minds, the schools told them, if your parent discipline you, they are abusing you, welfare tells them, if you do not like house rules, come to us. We parents now compete with schools and social programs for the future of our kids, and that in itself is confusion for the teen, they need one voice, not a multitude of different direction. Since when is a 16 year old ready for the world???
This is a few examples of why our kids are so messed up. They thrive discipline, even if they yell, you control my life, they want parents to show love, with a hug and a "I love you" but also with "you have to listen to me". They do look at it as love, and will say, "my parents don't understand me", but there is always a "I love then none the same" in there.
Women's shelters, welfare, housing, teen help lines, schools, no longer help, they see people and especially kids, as a source of power and funding. Kids help line, teen help, or open doors here in smiths falls, see the parent as the problem, the first thing they will ask you to do is "give them room to grow", or "they are little adults". We always gave our kids room to grow, that is what parents always do, but give them to much and we all know were this will end eventually, "if you would of loved me you would not of let me go that far" back in our face, and as for them been little adults, tell a teen he is an adult and they will do what adults do, just a little to early.
Here is the problem with these teen help lines, what does someone who has never stepped a foot in your house know what is going on, when did you ever seen their "love is stronger" commercial say, "talk to your parents" or go to a teen help site and see if they try to promote the parents? Depend on us is their message, that is luring kids for funding. Once they tell your teen, your parents are wrong, they are telling them what they want to hear. How does this help? Actually it enforces the teen to be more confused. We are the light, follow us, we know best, your parents are always wrong.
Remind me of this video?
Finally the gay and teen issue. What is the message lately? Go, tell everybody your gay, be happy, nothing will happen. Once the teen does this he or she finds out it is not as they were told. The school yard, the world, is not exactly a friendly place, they get teased, picked on and shunned. Simply because those who want to change the world are using kids to do it and kids who are not ready for this type of confrontation go into a deep depression. The exact way to handle it is, do not lie to them, its a cruel world out there, be honest "I love you but know this, if you tell, you will be teased, picked on, and shunned by some, and it will be ugly at times." This way they are ready for whatever comes their way and are better prepared for it. You are the one better placed to explain this to your child, not some organisation who sees your kids as a money bag. Know nothings who usually have no kids of their own, or if they do, would never treat their own kids this way.

I am talking from personal experience, I went to a teen help, called open doors in smith falls Ontario, a horrible place, with inexperienced, arrogant so called counselors. By blaming the parent after asking for help, blaming everything on the parent, in front of the teen, when we got out of there she smiled and said, "see even they say your wrong", this enforced my daughter rebellious nature, and they got more money for it in the next year.

My opinion, when it come to your teen, look at why they are rebelling, see who is luring them away from your families values, and you will find that the problem they are going through is not of your doing, but of the different messages they get outside the home.

Teen girls can now go to the local shelter, and say or be coached into saying the parents are abusing her. They have the power to put them on emergency welfare and housing...This will end their education, and make them dependent.

Welfare is accessible to teens over 16 years old, even at 15 in some cases, the only thing they have to say is abuse. Dependant for life.

Teen help organisations will lure your teens away from you by trying to convince you in front of them, that you are at fault, and when this happens, you have lost your dreams of seeing your child achieve something other than another dependent on the states social programs.

Do not trust any of these organisations, if you have not fallen into their cross hairs, you are lucky, beware of schools message, very anti parent and family values.

A teen is not ready for the world, we all know this, anyone who promotes this message, does it for funding purposes, I don't care how many universities they have gone to, the individual family home is a good place for kids to be, and all have a unique way of doing it, so how the hell would these people now how to handle them as individuals. The worse mistake is they do it as a universal policy, treat one just like the other, and that is just plain stupid and destructive. Finally, if you do "depend" on these organisations, and it goes wrong, then look at yourself, because you did not have the faith in your gifts as a parent to be able to sit down and talk, listen and find a solution.

This is why we have an epidemic of suicides in teens, the social programs are responsible, and if we do not take back what is ours, the right to raise our kids in one direction, not in 10 different ones, then we will continue on shedding tears.

This post is a personal opinion, not according to research or inexperience studies,

just simple personal experiences. And this is why I believe kids are committing suicide, lack of direction, or should I say, to many directions.

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