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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The stupidity of the feminist (feminazi) existence.

You know what is ironic and funny, if it was not for men protecting the right for feminists to exist, there would be no feminism and feminazis...if an aggressive nation crosses our borders, who protects the freedom of feminists to hate men?
That is the stupidity of their argument, that they protect women's rights, without men???
Fortunately, majority of women are now returning to the reality that men and women are an integral part of each other, especially the young generation. They have realized that feminism has ruined a generation of boys and girls, lack of education, lack of respect for oneself, drug abuse, teen pregnancies, crime. Mom and dad in the home is the path for a child to have a good, happy and safe future.

Actually a feminist is someone who hates themselves but that's a different subject.

Now...a touch of reality if I may...
If it wasn't for grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sons, feminists would;

Be eaten by wild animals.

Raped killed or made slaves by barbaric tribes

Making a salute and yelling "Zieg Heil".

Look like this.......,,,,.................................If it wasn't for "him".

So remember the next time someone degrades your dad, brother or son, feminism or feminazis exist only because "men" defend their right to exist.


Alison said...

lol, thats a good one, so true.

Anonymous said...

You need to know that it is men who coined the word Feminist and it wasn't a compliment either. Women who in the past including suffage ets, who existed in the early nineteen hundreds in Britain have put up with all sorts of names because men couldn't deal with the fact women were fighting and continue to fight for equal rights as men. Women have fought from the right to vote to the right of controlling their own bodies especially when men liked to take the pay cheque and spend it on alcohol while starving their kids. Women are still fighting against sexist comments and equal pay for equal work. Men are not the little Gods you like to make them out to be.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that THREE of the FOUR threats you listed come from men themselves, right?

Without men, there would be no "barbaric tribes" to rape or make women slaves. Even if those tribes existed--in a world sans men, those tribes would consist solely of females and therefore would be evenly matched with the women they were trying to conquer. When was the last time you heard of a woman raping another woman? Even most violence against men is committed by other men.

Hitler, Stalin, the majority of the Nazi regime = MEN.

Why the hell would a woman wear a burka if not for the threat of violence FROM MEN?

"...If an aggressive nation crosses our borders, who protects the freedom of feminists to hate men?" Same argument.

As for being eaten by wild animals? There are plenty of female gun aficionados who can handle a weapon. They may not be in the majority, but they EXIST, which proves hunting is a skill women are CAPABLE of learning. Even without guns I am sure women would be able to band together to protect themselves and their children from attacks. It might take a few more women than men to take down a bear, but I believe it is possible. As for all the other skills and services men provide-- just because men DOMINATE a field doesn't mean women are INCAPABLE of performing those same tasks or developing the technology to do so. There are female plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc., and if one woman can learn the trade, it means other women CAN too, whether they choose to enter that field or not.

The same goes for men. I think men are capable of being nurses and preschool teachers, they just (typically) don't want to. Again, just because a particular industry is dominated by one gender doesn't mean the other gender is INCAPABLE of filling that role.

In all reality, I think both males and females are highly adaptive creatures. I doubt either gender really NEEDS the other beyond procreation. In a few years, we might not even need each other for that. Scientists are closer to creating sperm from female embryos (thus eliminating the need for males entirely) than they are to developing an alternative to the uterus (thus making females redundant).

So women, quit bitching and nagging.

Men, stop disrespecting and abusing women.

Both genders: We should be working TOGETHER to as PARTNERS, not OPPONENTS. Diversity strengthens our species. Embrace it. We are more alike than most care to admit. Screw feminism, screw masculism, go EQUALISM. <3

The Native Canadian said...

to the first ano, I do not live in the past, who coined the word feminist has no bearing on todays world. I do know the word is used to demonize a segment of the population, and the same word uses kids to promote their ideals. Example; the director of the local shelter goes to schools and its always "men are bad, dad is bad, and boyfriends are bad...." so please. Why do you think im here, because the local feminists told my daughter, "dad is bad here is a welfare check", now my daughter instead of been a productive member of society providing for herself, is a welfare recipient dependent on handouts. Teens go through a rebelious stage, i hapen to be one of the lucky ones who went through it in droves, instead of co-operating with the parent they "used her" to increase next years funding. That is feminism for ya, use teen girls to promote their .....well im not sure what they promote but its not the advancement of women thats for sure. I have daughters, I and others like me, fought for equal pay for equal work, not for one group to demonize me simply because i am a father...they dont even promote the advancement of their own...so dont go there...

Anonymous said...

Yes...while the men sneaked around having sex, getting the women pregnant and then they are kicked out by the lady of the house...give you head a shake.

Anonymous said...

Your argument is so much blah.

The Native Canadian said...

"men sneaked around having sex, getting the women pregnant and then they are kicked out by the lady of the house"
Yes yes only men sneak....u give ur head a shake.

"Your argument is so much blah"...maybe, but u read it....

love comments like this, means im getting to them...lol.

Ur times up, live with it...
Men might of prevented you to vote, but they also gave it to you...
women do not consider their sons abusers and men think ur a joke...