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Monday, February 6, 2012

The feminist controlled social programs and their politics of self-destruction.

We have seen the description of the traditional family, as been outdated, especially by the left wing radical feminists and their diminishing uninformed supporters. In return, because of their hatred of anything DADDY, we have teen pregnancy, teen drug and alcohol abuse, teen crime, home invasions, so on...Programs meant to help those in need are now run by predatory individuals, women's shelters are used for the wrong reasons and if you look closely you will noticed they are now concentrating on the youth, specifically young teenage girls. Schools impose their will on the parents and their ideal on our kids, welfare is now on demand which causes teen pregnancy, housing is given to teenagers who do not like house rules, specifically young girls, children’s aid takes children, targeting single parents. In the meantime, those who make the mistake of going to these rogue organisations for help, if they do not conform to their twisted ideals, are made to suffer.

Funding these organisations by how many people cross their path the previous year only invites corruption. (Example; the Carleton place Ontario, interval house gets 1.4 million a year from what I was told, yet it is not enough, talking from personal experience, they have targeted teen girls as a source of more funding by "coaching" them to use the word "abuse" if the parent will not sign for them, if they are underage, to be on welfare.) By giving carte blanche to these organisations, without them been answerable to anyone, we are destroying the very reason for their existence, to help those in need. Look closely and you will find that left wing radical feminism now controls all programs I mentioned above, therefore responsible for the problems ailing our society. They use these programs, for personal and political ideals, and that ideal is to destroy the patriarchal family, in other words, take Dad out of the family unit. This is the stupidity of their position, where there is a patriarch, there is a matriarch. When we got together as a family in the old days, we had the patriarch of the family, my Grandfather, but sitting beside him, we also had the Matriarch of our family, my Grandmother, they sat together and we respected them both. Both had an equal position but had different wisdom, it is called family, and "neither" was lower than the other.
We all support social programs, but only in the form the original mandate was meant to serve, not as a political or personal tool. Parents are seen as a roadblock to these organisations, if they “wish it”, they do what they want with our children.
Pushing the family to extinction will never happen, pushing us to far will have repercussions in the end, but there is a concerted effort by some to make this come about.
If you have not fallen into the cross hairs of these rogue organisations, count yourself lucky, or should I say your kids should count themselves lucky, for they are the target.
Even if it does not happen to you, look around and you will find someone you know that it did happen to.
The long-term goal is to make our kids dependent, and when this happens, the country suffers. Dependent people do not have the same will or hunger to create, to help others, to work hard, and when this comes about, you have to increase the tax burden on those who do work hard, in order to continue the very social programs that are responsible for the problems in the first place.
Voting should never be about a brand, when you do this you empower them to do what they want, they know their base will never vote for the other person, the only thing they have to do is convince a few others with promises they can never put into practice. There is no reason to be uninformed anymore, with the advent of the Internet, we can research and have a society based on mutual respect and especially the understanding that without strong family value, these social programs cannot continue under the mandate they are now under.

The co-operation of these twisted ideals by the local media, specifically the EMC Smiths falls and recorder of lanark county is in their own pages, nowhere did I ever saw a rebuttal to the local radical feminist, no pro-family posts, no pro MOM and DAD is a good thing for children comments, only, men are bad, dad is bad, we know so....So they must support ideals such as this site, who says "Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment and In Ontario today most violent men continue to abuse, sexually assault, stalk and terrorize women with relative impunity". EXCUSE ME????? MOST MEN??? They insinuating a majority of men do this in Ontario Canada??????
Keep on reading this page and see the lies promoted, compare it to the previous post, and see for yourself. The way they talk on this page, men are all bad, male police are all bad, all men are rapists, and protected. I don't know were they have been for the past 20 years but I think some of them went to the joseph goebells school of propaganda, were the motto is "tell a lie often enough and people will believe it".
All of the media are responsible for the pains families now endure, not only the local ones. And because of this attitude, the ones that suffer are children.

If we were to take away the corruption I have exposed, we would actually have the needed funds for those who do need a helping hand and decrease the tax burden on families, we could have better programs for schools, the elderly, the disabled, it is not hard to do, stop supporting without informing yourself.
The power to help and to live well does not depend on those you give your vote to, or those who have been given a higher place in our society than they deserve, when we look up to someone simply because of a title, we give up our responsibility to do for ourselves, the family’s welfare and value depends on MOM and DAD. The family is the power of a nation, its strength and its future. And the family includes Dad.
Fix this and we fix a nation. Look the other way and a mother or father will be in tears because it does not concern us. This is our country; we build it, not the elite.
Support and cry out "my family includes my DAD". Doesn't DAD deserve it?

We, parents, that is MOM and DAD have a message to those who want to destroy the traditional family and the local wanna be feminists man and father haters, YOU CAN'T WIN, the males you have demonized, all have....mothers. You have alienated not only the majority of men, but their wives, sisters, mothers. Wives have loving husbands, sister have caring brothers, and mother adore their sons and do not raise them to be rapists and abusers.....That is why you and your media backers are loosing support.

A growing chorus of critics say the highly politicized character of many facilities means that the clients' needs take second place to the agenda of the people in charge. In some cases, the critics say, these services are being run by zealots concerned with dogma who are overtly hostile to men, male children.
In the words of a former shelter worker:"I can't say what it's like now; I've kept my distance," says Madelyn Iler, a former shelter worker in Kingston, Ontario. "But in my experience, there was a very militant political agenda that came first. The interests of the client were way down there."


Anonymous said...

Another great post, love your site, so informative.

Anonymous said...

the more they get stupid the more people will turn on them.

Anonymous said...

the more they keep it up, the more it goes on the internet, more sites open up every day.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading what you wrote, to tell you the truth, its fucking scary. I dont know what I would do if they would go after my kids the way they did to you. We depend on people in high office to do the right thing when a wrong is done and when they dont do anything about it, where do we turn? If they can figure out why there is so many riots these days then they are as stupid as a leming jumping over a cliff. Riots hapen when the people have no other avenue. and if that doesnt work, revolution is born.

Anonymous said...

Crazy feminists, what they really are is jealous they cant find a good man, who would want them anyway.