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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The dangers of imposing ones will on others.

Now Planned Parenthood bullies Catholic food bank for saying no to them

The point is about the freedom to chose your own beliefs, we should not be force to accept gay teachings to our kids in school, or planned parenthood's ideology. We do not discriminate against these beliefs, but we do not want to be discriminate against either. Our belief are different from each other, when we accept our difference we accept that people do not think alike, and this gives us the power to understand each other better.
What planned parenthood or the gay lobby does is "impose" their views on the population and if there is something we have learned in history, is any kind of imposition of ones ideal on another, never works and usually has a backlash.
All these lobby groups, whether feminism's all men are bad, p.p., gays, all have one thing in common, they give the perception that they are continuously angry and we all oppose them violently. They do not realize, this is not true.
There will always be a minority that will oppose their ideals harshly, but if they would realize and accept that the majority of people are good people, then their lives would be better.
Here is a policy for them, "we do not have to agree, but let's all listen to each others opinions". (But that will be the day)
We want teenage girl to be given the choice and all information on the dangers of an abortion, we want gay kids before been bullied to be explained what will happen if they brag about it, that there is a good chance they will be picked on, so they can have the right information before they make the decision to tell. We want feminists to stop calling our sons, born abusers.
One of the reason we have so many suicides in teens lately is because they are told all is fine and when they go out into the world with this belief, without been ready for it, find out that the world is a cruel place.
And when some teens who commit suicide because of the emotional problems that comes with an abortion or go ahead and be gay, the world is a rosy place, these organisation blame everyone else but themselves.
When you impose your will on others, it makes one immune to the idea that others do not share your opinions and that opens up a situation one is not ready for or able to cope.


Anonymous said...

What a great view on realities. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

good one.