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Friday, February 17, 2012

Schools reorganizing society through our children.

I do not necessarily agree with everything on this video, but we get a general idea, how children are been manipulated to serve, instead of learning. And how parents are pushed aside as a obstruction to their ultimate goals...TO REPLACE THE PARENTS.

Here is an example...
I went to St John catholic high school in Perth Ontario, to talk to the teachers about my daughters behaviour, I ran into it's vice principal, one Deanne Strong. I asked her why was my daughter the only one allowed to come to school without her uniform. I told this vice principal, "I am having major problem at home, and if you pander to her rebellious nature, this will only make things worse." There were other problems I "tried" to discuss with her to no avail.
Well, when my daughter was brought in, she started to yell, which to me was just rebellious behaviour. Instead of working with me, this vice principal decided to call the cops. In front of my daughter, they threatened me, told me she could do whatever she wanted, and that I should leave. Keep in mind, since I was in a school, I did not raise my voice, explained in a soft voice I needed their co-operation and just wanted to know why they were allowing her to have special privileges.
On that day, because of this person (deanne strong) I lost my daughter.
A school friend of my daughter, whose mom was working for the local shelter in Carleton place, drove her there and the rest in explained in this blog.
I have to accept, that the vice principal was a feminist, in her mind, since this girl was been raised by her father, a man, well.....
To my horror the school principal sent me a letter saying I was not allowed to go on the premises. (see below). Threats of prosecution??? Perth police dept.?????
When the the only thing I wanted was help?????

Again I never raised my voice, was polite and only wanted their help, by their behaviour they empowered my daughter to be more rebellious and "destroyed" her future....Simply because I was her father and schools have replaced in their own mind the responsibilities of the parent with state control.
The only thing I wanted was their help, and that, is where I made the mistake, having faith in the idea that as adults if we co-operate with each other then our children would understand that some behaviour are not acceptable and we all have their best interest at heart.
What I got instead is a slap in the face and told the school would take over and if they wish it, demean my authority as a parent, hence straightening children's rebellious behaviour.

This is not a unique story, what they do to me, they do to others.
This school and it's vice principal is well known to be aggressive towards any parent in the area.

I live in small town Ontario, I always thought my daughter would have a better chance here than in a big city...Big mistake...A saying in Smiths falls Ontario and surrounding towns of Lanark county is " Go look downtown in the spring and see how many children are pushing strollers", well now we know why.....pushing aside the parents, schools pretending they are more knowledgeable raising kids than the family.

I just hope you understand, look at your children and fight to prevent this from happening to them, use this as a guide. FIGHT BACK. They are your children, not theirs...
As a parent, make schools answerable to you, not the other way around, you children's future depends on it.


Anonymous said...

what they did is creepy, but I do know schools are getting more and more anti family.

Anonymous said...

I have had problems with this woman too. She acts like she hates parents who get involve in their kids education.

Mike said...

What they did is sick, its all I gotta say about it.