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Saturday, February 11, 2012

If this does not "enrage" you as a parent, then....

This is what I have been exposing for the past 2 years, we live in a state that sees our children as a source of funding. Put this poor child in jail for throwing a crab apple at a postal worker, and they promote work for judges, lawyers, cops, prison guards. They put her in jail because she was to young to be put on welfare. One way or another, our children are seen as a tool, something to use for their twisted sense on self importance. And what happened, she was let to die when she was seeking someone to say,"we love you". That is the point in this sad story, if they would of treated her the way she wanted to be, then this would of never had happened. What kind of animals can no longer recognize the cry of a child for attention???
I tried to work with the system, big lost of time, my daughter was "abused" by the mother, born addicted, I tried to explain she has emotional problems because of it, she can love and hate all at the same time, Perth cops, smiths falls cops, opp Carleton place, open doors, women's shelters director, welfare's director, housing, suicide prevention, all women, all said "we don't care", all said "we can do what we want", even threatening me with jail because I tried to explain the situation. "If you wont sign for her to be on welfare, we will declare you an abuser to by-pass your wishes". Drinking underage, with a heart problem, cop tells me women's shelters are not responsible for underage drinking, (which is a lie), why was my underage daughter at the shelter to begin with? Because it was just another name to be added to next years funding.
It is not hard to be human, an adult, recognize when some child wants attention, they might do it with aggressive action, but it is a cry for recognition of their place in life. What is so hard in saying" don't treat your parents this way", or "if you need to talk to someone I am always here".
What I noticed here is all these women, the ones I dealt with or those people at the prison will all call themselves feminists, the hypocrisy of all this is, "they cant even care for a little girl, one of their own" they are so far down the evolutionary chain, they have lost their gifts to be "women", and that is why they are now recognized as ..."FEMINAZIES".
Its hard to call these things animals, because not even animals do this to each other.
Sorry but watching this video brought back memories and i was sick to see this girl treated as if she was just another number on a dollar sign.
Our kids do not belong to the state and are NOT a statistic to be exploited for next years funding.
Talking about it is not enough any longer, action must be taken...


Anonymous said...

disgusting, how can they live with themselves.

The Native Canadian said...

I have no idea...but i know this, if they can do this to a child....and have no capability as women to be able to recognize a cry for help, we are in serious trouble.