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Monday, February 13, 2012

Historically, "some" women can be just as bad as "some" men.

On the previous blog I received a comment, which I decided to answer too. Don’t want to criticize but just point out the idea that it’s all men's fault is just not true. Let’s face it; given a chance, women can be just as nasty as the next guy. I don’t’ want to attack women, and if it seems that way, I apologize, it’s about feminism and their propaganda that all men are bad, even they do not believe this message, they use it to promote themselves, funding for their private games, self promotion and just plain pamper their inferiority complex. Personally, I believe women and men, pretty well think alike, its just the few spinsters who instead of been in a window with binoculars prying on the neighbour are now calling themselves feminists.

So here we go;
“You do realize that THREE of the FOUR threats you listed come from men themselves, right?
Without men, there would be no "barbaric tribes" to rape or make women slaves.”

Historically, I believe women are as capable to cause wars and destruction just like any other person.

Women leaders;
Boudica; Celtic war leader against the Romans.

Hapshepsut (conquest of upper and lower Egypt),

Catherine the Great (fought various wars with the Ottomans and other places near Russia),

Isabella of Spain. The Catholic queen was cruelly intolerant, encouraging the infamous Inquisition. In her lust to unify Spain and centralize power, Isabella drove out the Jews, Moors and Gypsies

Empress Cixi of the late Qing dynasty,

Wu Zetian(Empress_Wu) took the throne after killing off anyone who stood in her way.

Irene of Athens - Irene son was emperor Constantine VI. She served as regent but attempted to retain power when he came of age. She was exiled, but her son (emperor Constantine) allowed her to return. She returned the favour by having her son arrested, blinded and left for dead.

Trung Sisters:Vietnamese equivalent of Boudicca.

Empress Matilda - fought in a civil war with Stephen for the throne of England.

Tomyris - defeated Cyrus II in battle.

Kahina - Jewish. Led the Berbers against Muslim Arabs .

Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande- Led African states against the Portuguese..

Zenobia - Led a breakaway state of Palmyra (Roman Empire) for around two decades.

Hind al- She led her army against that of the Prophet Mohammad back in 7th century Arabia.

Khawlah Bint al-Kindiyyah - Ruthless wife of Caliph Ali. Led an Islamic army against the Greeks

Elizabeth the first; Elizabeth gave Queen Mary of the Scots refuge, then immediately betrayed her and kept her prisoner for nearly 19 years, then murdered her.
Encouraged raiding of Spanish ships during peacetime, by pirates. Took a share of the pirate's profit. Caused a long war going on for over a decade with Spain.
Magaret Thatcher (Falklands war),

and lets not forget, Hilary Clinton statement about about mohamar kadhafi and libya;
we came, we saw, he died...

As for the burqa or hijab.
The real reason women wear the burqa or hijab:
The majority of Muslim women wear hijab, to obey God, and to be known as respectable women. (Quran 33:59) However, in the last 30 years hijab has emerged as a sign of Islamic consciousness. Many women see wearing the hijab as indicative of their desire to be part of an Islamic revival, especially in countries where the practice of Islam is discouraged or even forbidden.
While those who seek to ban hijab refer to it as a symbol of gender based repression, the women who choose to don a scarf, or to wear hijab, in the broadest sense of the word, do so by making personal decisions and independent choices. They view it as a right and not a burden. Nor do these women regard hijab as a sign of oppression. Women who wear hijab often describe themselves as being “set free” from society’s unrealistic fashion culture.

women slave owners;
It must be remembered that it was not just men who owned the enslaved. Some
women built up their own plantations and others inherited estates from deceased
husbands. Also some wives were given enslaved workers by their husbands as gifts,
or by fathers to daughters mainly to carry out the household chores, or were if young
as companions or play friends, like Mary Prince was in her early days in slavery.
Other wives brought slaves to carry out their own small ventures, with a bit of
independence from their husbands.

In 1815 European women owned 24% of those enslaved in St Lucia. In Barbados
40% of properties with 10 or less enslaved people were owned by women. In
Bridgetown, Barbados women were the principal slave owners, using slaves in
domestic occupations.

In the past it was assumed that female slave owners were not as brutal as their male
counterparts. However, this wasn’t a sex divide. There were good and bad male
and female slave owners. Some of the harshest treatments could be vetted out by a
slave owner’s wife against a female slave. European women’s cruelty shocked many
observers in the Caribbean. Mary Prince stated that her mistress caused me to know
the exact difference between the smart of the rope, the cart-whip, and the cow-skin,
when applied to my naked body by her own cruel hand. And there was scarcely any
punishment more dreadful than the blows I received on my face and head from her
The wife oversaw the operation of the household, made sure that meals were prepared and that other chores were kept up, like housecleaning, laundry. They knew how to run a house and how to manage the employees of the house.

As for sex offenders; There are some.

and "you never see a woman raping another woman"...

The hitler and stalin argument:
Hitler, Stalin, the majority of the Nazi regime = MEN
True enough buuuut,:

Hitlers women
Some nasty women
And guess what, the angel of death was not only a man,(mengele) but a woman also.
There was a lot of "women" involved in the zazi regime, not just men.

Stalins women
Written: March 8, 1949;
Published: Women and Communism, Lawrence & Wishart, London, 1950;
The glorious work of Soviet women, builders of socialist industry, collective farming, socialist culture, will go down in history forever. With every year the role of women in all spheres of life of Soviet society increases.Soviet women are taking an active part in administration and in state building, which in itself is a vivid proof of the genuine democracy of the Soviet system: 277 women have been elected Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., and more than 1,700 to the Supreme Soviets of the Union and Autonomous Republics; about half a million women are Deputies to local Soviets.
Also, Alexandra Kollontai's views on raising children are notably significant. She believed that women should perceive all children of the state as their own. In her work "Communism and the Family (1918)", she writes : "Henceforth the worker-mother, who is conscious of her social function, will rise to a point where she no longer differentiates between yours and mine; she must remember that they are those of the Communist State, the common possession of all the workers.

Scientists are closer to creating sperm from female embryos (thus eliminating the need for males entirely) than they are to developing an alternative to the uterus (thus making females redundant).

I beg to differ:
So creating sperm and uterus is a form of cloning and cloning just does not work. Even if it did, the degradation of the genetic material would eventually doom the human race.

The thing I do agree with is this; Screw feminism, screw masculism, go EQUALISM.
We are on the verge of either destroying ourselves with this "me me me" attitude or on the edge of an evolution of the intellect where we have noticed that our civilisation is based on the exploitation of individual for personal advancement or greed. The tea party and the occupy movement are an expression of the will of people to advance. The whole process is in its infancy but if we nurture the idea, then we can unite and say enough is enough. No more communism, no more fascism, no more capitalism, just look and see who we hurt by trying to possess as much as we can before we die.


Anonymous said...

Didnt u know, feminist believes all me are bad. Nothing u can do will convince them otherwise, victimizing women for life keeps them in the money.

Mike said...

BOOOOOM, take that feminists lol