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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canadian MP files historic motion to debate personhood of unborn in Parliament

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Fighting to get back what belongs to parents is fine, but not enough. It depends on the respect we have for life as well.
The right to life begins at conception, it is not what we believe as individual that is important, it is what we are given by the Creator as human being. The right to free will is not just an empty phrase, it is the right to make the right decisions, to respect what is so precious. If as a society we cannot protect the most vulnerable then what does it say about our future.
I had a conversation with a supporter of abortion once, they said, until the child comes out of the womb, it is a potential for life. So I told them, you have just destroyed your argument by calling it a child. If you know its a child before it is born then it is life.
The potential of life is when a woman and a man, make love, it becomes life when consummation is achieved. Or when the egg in a woman is fertilized.
Once we have respected what the Creator has given us, then we will be in better position to understand that family does not belong to those who make the rules or have a perception to be the better, the issue of the family belongs to a woman and a man, to....Mom and Dad.
This is the way life as always been and it got us this far, if we forget this, and give that right to those who thrive on destruction, we will find that we have given everything away and they will take it all, the right to be free, the right to express, the right to make our own decisions.
It is not hard to realize that our freedoms have been eroded badly in the past decade, under the guise of only one word, terrorism.
It is OK for a society to have laws, but those laws must reflect on the respect for life, if not, then we will give everything away to the few, and find ourselves been guided to the way the minority sees freedom, based only on their perception of it, used as a way to make more profits at our expense.
If we give up on this issue, what next, the feeble minded, the elderly, the disable, lets call it the right to die, so it will not cost so much to the universal health care.
After feminists believed the abortion issues was closed, they and their radical friends, concentrated on the right to die, trying to pass laws through the supreme court. Their targets were the terminally ill, if this would of passed, who would of been the next target?
We hardly hear of this anymore, because the abortion issue has returned with a vengeance, they are loosing ground because the realities of killing kids who need our protection has been reopened thanks the the possibilities of the web. The media never showed what an abortion really was, the Internet did. Now that people are fully informed, and see the horrors, the parental instincts kicked in.
If we want a just society, we need to realize that the respect for life is the primary concern of any path to a good future. This will stop wars, greed, abuse, hording of wealth, and all that is good will take over the human character.
Its simple, we can feed, cure, share what we have, and still have a car in the garage, a table full of food, an hd TV and a playstation for the kids, we just have to look inside ourselves and find our ability to care for human life.
Feminists have the right to speak, to express their opinions, but they are "not" the voice of the majority of women, they do not represent us, no group does, we represent ourselves. We can listen, but the decision is eventually ours to make. The Creator gave the woman the power to make life, it is "not" a curse, it is a blessing. It does not make us weak, it gives us the responsibility to carve what life will be, we just have to realize "we" are the ones with the power to shape the world, and that ladies is a strength, not what feminists have been trying to impose on us, a weakness. We are not lower to men, and men are not lower to us, we have our own place, they have their own and our place in the circle is just a little more important than the rest because we carry and give life.
Let's take what is ours, speak up, and this world will be a better place...
Unless you thing you are a permanent victim.


Anonymous said...

We teach our kids responsibilities and they teach, "its ok, if you get pregnant, have an abortion". So whats the message, your parents are wrong? There is no balance, no self respect, the do what you want message is the cause of all the problems we now have.

Anonymous said...

we need to fight with what we've got and fix what's broken, and it looks like everything is broken, there is so much pain out there, parents, families, kids, all caused by those who think they know better. Abortion is wrong, there might be special circumstances, but they are rare.

Anonymous said...

I hope the government opens up the issue again, they might be surprise on how many people now support.....life.

Anonymous said...

There is an evil in this world who freely walks amongst us, abortion, drugs, adultery, pedophilia, pornography, just to name a few. It all went wrong when families were pushed aside and the state, feminism, socialism, comunism, decided they could do better. May God forgive us for doing nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Been a pro life woman, I go to many pro life sites, none of them offer details the way yours does, thumbs up and keep it up, I will recommend yours to my friends.

Native Women against feminism said...

Thank you for the comments, chosing life over death shows the greatness of a people.

Cliff Harrison said...

Beautifully said. Every word absolutely true. It warms my heart to read you two and know you have true compassion for human life. I have read some Native Americans who spew nothing but hate for white man, Christians, Captialism and Conservatism. I won't drag you into a politcal questionere, but I will say it is so nice to enjoy your words, both of you. Thanks for being real.