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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another one joins the sanity. Oklahoma says life begins at conception

Oklahoma Senate overwhelmingly approves bill saying life begins at conception

The vote comes days after the Virginia House of Delegates passed a similar personhood measure.

One step at a time, equality is not a word to be used as a tool, equality for the unborn to have the right to life is the begining of equality for all.
The respect for life in a civilized society promotes the respect for one another.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Oklahoma and Virginia. They'll get what they deserve: the rest of the intelligent people, and the rest of the high-paying jobs leaving the states. Let the inbred hillbillies fuck each other without sheepskins all they want.

Native Women against feminism said...

Actually your wrong,it is a known fact that morality attracts compagnies and jobs. You see in any buisnesses, morality and respect is in demand and they know that where there is people who are pro life, there is people who are family oriented therefore work hard. Right now, conservative states are doing better financially than liberal ones.
Thank you for your comment. A little more expressive than I am use to but evrybody is allowed on this blog.

Ally said...

well put girl. Im with you