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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It says it all

6th Annual Goat Run – Saturday, March 24th 2012 for lanark county interval house

The local women's shelter is again asking for more money, 1.4 million a year for a small region like ours is never enough. Maybe if they would stop traveling all over the place they would have the money to help people, maybe if they would stop putting teens on welfare simply because of rebellion against good parents, they would have the money, maybe if they would stop demonizing parents, they would have support in the community.

The radical policy they have, "every person coming through their doors are victims" is taking needed funds away from those who do need the help. This policy invites abuse of the system and demeans the reason why they are there in the first place...to help. If only they would take the time to investigate, instead of promoting rebellion the way they did with my daughter, they would find more support from all members of the community. To demonize some parents, specifically fathers, eliminates that portion of the community from support and that is a fare chunk.

This xmass, I had a small visit from my daughter and she did open up somewhat with some pretty disgusting reason why she was put on welfare, destroying her future. One of the things she said was "they wonder why a father would love his daughter so much". This was, to me anyway, unacceptable. Who the hell put this in her mind and why?
This is what I have to live with, think about and ask why anyone would say such a thing. Why in God's name, would any reasonable person do this....
This is why I will never forgive them....
They keep on asking for money, to me, as a parent who went through a nightmare, simply because I wanted what was best for my daughter, this organisation is destructive, to just sit there and say "oh well"...would help them to do it to others, and this I will never accept.
They started this and they had no right to do it....
Since I put a comment on the facebook site that ask more money, I think the comment will not stay there..so here is the picture to make sure it never goes away....

They have enough money and if they would change their venomous attacks on a portion of our society, they would be seen as a good organisation, but with the policies they adopted, how could any woman, mother, daughter, sister, support anyone who sees the men in their lives as all...bad.
No support until this policy of the lanark county interval house is changed and it's director resigns. The children of lanark county are "not" a source for more money, they are our responsibility, the good parents of this region.
I am not a mean vengeful person, if one of them, only one, would tell me it was handled the wrong way...I would go away...But I am not holding my breath on that one, been a father, I am considered the enemy by them...

And why are local businesses supporting this type of policies? Most are family oriented stores.
Don't they have children also, mothers and fathers???? How would they feel if they did this to them?

I am man...father...son...and I love my family, and consider myself a role model for my kids to fall on...just like any other parent does.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Illegal everything

I do not congratulate fox news much, but this is one of them. Even though this video Illegal everything was made by John Stossel of fox, and in America, you can bet your bottom dollar, Canada and any western country has the same problem, over regulating the population whether it is for control, abuse, greed....you name it, there is a law for it...
Remember a few years back in Canada, kids were no longer allowed to play street hockey, they found a law to shut it down, danger to the public....
In this video some woman say, "I come from Canada, it's legal to have lemonade stands", she was wrong, in most cities you need a vendors permit....
Street hockey and lemonade stands is as Canadiana as it comes, children activity our parents and grandparents grew up with...Go figure they were doing something wrong and were putting public security at risk....
So why, in the evolution of a country, does advancement mean to control the population, to a point were they are asking for a problem down the line, I don't care what the reason, the more rules, the more resentment you impose on the people, eventually, one law, one spark, will make people realize they are no longer free, it is...inevitable.
I never looked at my country as a place where freedoms were been curtailed, it was always, they are misinformed about the situation, or my favorite, they are doing their jobs when things went wrong. Till now...
When some city "boy" with a cops uniform, tells me to my face, "we have ways of getting even", or some provincial "little girl" with a big gun protruding from her side hip, tell me to my face, "we warned you", simply because I was trying to keep my child away from a life on the wrong side of the street, that is when I realize something was wrong. As I dug further to see if I was seeing thing that were not there, what I saw on the web, was a nightmare of abuse.
With all due respect, a few police officers did try to help, but I noticed, "most were rookies", just out of police school, and with a firm belief that they were there to help. So why the hell were the more experienced ones more aggressive? Simple, they see so many bad situation, that eventually, they believe all people are either lying to them or all of us are bad. Not a good thing.
But, they can't behave this way unless they are given the tools to do so, and those we elect, are responsible for all this. It is called democracy.
Lately, we have seen the broo ha ha about the feds trying to pass a law giving the police the right to get your online information without a warrant, to protect kids against pedophiles, I agree a good law, protecting kids from these sub-humans is always good, but, this law like any other will be abused, if some person in power does not like what you wrote on the web, they will be able to pull your info, address, name, so on.....and you can be sure, they will find some law to cause you some major problem, hence shutting down dissent. That is an attack on freedom of speech.

Doesn't affect you...??? Good for you.....Until they come knocking at your door...and who will be there to help you out then????
Doesn't affect us !!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Future will be shaped by the rise of the angry young man

The political demographics have changed, the youth are angry, the world is about to change, question is....HOW?

W.W.S.D. What will soldiers do?

If they even dare to try this as a last resort, we will see the end of a civilisation, and the beginning of another...Soldiers will not fire on their grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, and their sons and daughters...
To quote the new generation, "dont go there!".
Or ours, "read the tea leaves?"

How long can a civilisation survive if it treats its kids as a product?

Social programs in the western world, cas, cps, shelters, welfare, schools, are out of control, this is the main reason our civilisation is bankrupt and going down the drain. If we do not take back what is ours, things are just going to get worse. We as fathers are the protectors of our families, it is the way of things, this cannot be changed by trying to convince us we have a feminine side, (which we do not), if they do not stop this, we will have no other choice, but to stop it ourselves, and if we do decide to take action, soldiers, good cops, warriors, no one can stop us.
We are sick of you, and you have done enough damages...
Change your ways or we will do it for you...

Anonymous hack Ontario police chiefs site

'Snoop on to them as they snoop on to you,'

If I were a cop who thinks "I can do whatever I want" without repercussion, i would think twice from now on, time to serve...politely, and follow the rule of law, not make it up as they go by.
Otherwise, they might find their personal info online...
Now that is freedom and democracy in action. Good public servants have nothing to fear, so far anonymous have kept their word as not to bother those who do not abuse their position, but if they do....
Been able to pull info on citizens without a warrant is against democracy and individual freedoms, we are not all criminals. If they can, then I don't see why anonymous should not, what is important to remember, is, they work for us, not us for them, they seem to have forgotten this lately, everybody has something to hide, unless they think they are better than the citizen, if they do, then we have a major problem. If they can hack into your site and retrieve your Private information then its open season for "all" sites, one group should never have that right. I believe in legal procedure, protect the innocent, battle crime and all this, and there is enough laws to do this efficiently without trampling on the privacy of the individual citizen, if they win this one...what next???
Personally, I think the powers are so afraid of organisations like anonymous, that is really what they are aiming for...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Do not fear been spiritual for;
Those who laugh, will cry...
Those who spurn, will not be embraced...
Those who ridicule, will never know praise.
Because where you are going, they cannot follow.

"Regard heaven as your father, earth as your mother, and all things as your brothers and sisters."

I just feel like yelling today !

White man's justice !

Saturday's angry thought

Mahatma Gandhi -
- When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they “ALWAYS” fall.
Think of it? erin, ella, angie, josephine, nancy, and all the rest who caused me pain….Always.

I tried to send my daughter to college, they told her to go on welfare…
I tried to show her to be responsible; they told her to be feeble.
I tried to give her a future, they told her to be dependant.
I tried to teach her to have respect for herself; they told her…it was not the way the world works anymore?

The “women” named above are only a small portion of the people that stuck their noses in my relationship with my daughter….I’ll say it again, “who the hell are these people????”

I keep on asking myself “why”?
They keep on answering “because we can !!!”.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sneeking up on the family, are they your kids or the radicals?

Looking the other way will eventually bite you in the ass, that is how radicals do things, you wake up on morning and you find out you need a provincial license to have kids and another one to raise then, and you have to go through a course to make sure you know their rules...
Is that what you want?

The state’s takeover of the family
The Canadian Parliament voted a second time to repeal the country’s much-ballyhooed Section 13 “Hate Crimes” provision, which has been used to drag conservatives and Christians through lengthy and expensive “human rights” proceedings for nothing more than publicly speaking opinions that someone else deemed “offensive.”

By explicitly targeting homeschoolers, and/or by explicitly forbidding the right of parental opt-out, the Quebec, Ontario and Alberta governments have played their hand. They have made it clear that they will tolerate no dissent, and that, as the source and symbol of freedom, they fear the family. Perhaps this all sounds eerily familiar. It should, if you have studied any history. Every attempt to create a totalitarian regime begins with this attempt to eradicate, or at the very least mitigate the influence of the family: to tear the roof off the family home and to reach the fingers of the state inside.

Don’t let them do it.
Doesn't affect you, ok, be safe....For now.....But when they come for you, who will be there to help?

CHILD PROTECTION STEALS NEWBORN BABY from MOTHER WITHOUT WARRANT and the legacy of radical feminism in our society

Social workers own text book;
The family goes back to savagery while the state belongs to civilisation????
Is this what these fools think, family is savagery and they are civilisation, I beg to differ, families are what got us here, social workers are the ones sending us back to a savage civilisation, keep on behaving this way and "we had enough" will have a brand new meaning...
Next; Home interest can no longer be supreme.
Next; As family weakens, society has to assume a larger parenthood?
Next; The school assumes responsibility (this is what I have been saying about Canadian schools, they co-operate with child protection, or cas, to grab kids)
Next; social centers replaces the old time chimney???
Next; The child passes more and more into the custody of community experts???
Next; Socialism will mean an increase amount of social control???
Next; We may expect in the socialist commonwealth a system of public education agencies that will begin with the nursery and follow the individual through life????
Next; Those persons who experience alarm at the thought of changes in family institutions should remember that in the light of social evolution, nothing is right or valuable in itself???

Don't be fooled that is is in the U.S., this is the same political ideals they have here in Canada, welfare, c.a.s., schools, and especially women's shelters, a mother stuck in a shelter because she wants help will be threatened with the abduction of her children if she does not walk the line they dictate. Children at shelters are also brain washed against their fathers, because of feminist hatred for men.
Been poor is no reason to take children, but to them it is a great way to get funding???
C.a.s., women's shelters, welfare and schools, are rogue organisations that prize children to get further funding and expand their radical left wing political ideals, which borders on...communism.
We just went through 70 years of communism in parts of the world and there is one thing we supposedly learn, it does not work...socially and financially, yet they still promote this out of date ideal.

From a personal perspective, I think if you are center left in your country, these people are destroying the work so many have done. This behaviour cannot continue, it is alienating many people away from this ideal and risk the backlash of an angry population. So wake up, they are using you for personal gains and risk the demonizing all the social programs we have worked so hard to put in place.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spirit Of The Hawk

I love this video...It always remind me of who we were, who we are, who we can be and who we should never be...I hope that I have lived a life that will be worthy to take my place in the Great Circle amongst my ancestors.
We must always walk the path we were given, never to try to be someone we are not.
It is difficult for me to live in a world were money dictates someone path, they have forgotten their humanity...
Always life life without harming others, life here is short, it is not worth putting in jeopardy your place with your ancestors just for a few bucks.

More on feminism out of control...Planned Parenthood compares an ultrasound to rape

It is all about money, its always about money, what started as a movement to seek equality as been turned into a sickness.
Feminism no longer represent women, they represent themselves. If its not, "all our sons are pervs", it's "all our daughters are money bags"....

They know that if you see your baby there is a huge chance you will change your mind, and THEY NEED YOUR MONEY.

Welcome to the world of feminism, INEQUALITY.

This ruling by the supreme dodos, shows one thing, the lack of understanding that in a just society, no one can make these kind of rulings.
The irony is feminism, promotes underage sex through their organisations such as planned parenthood in schoools, but if underage kids have sexual intercourse, only the boy is guilty.
Coming back to my argument, they seem to point out that since we, mothers raise kids, we are responsible for raising bad boys????
It takes two to have underage sex. A boy and a girl...
Keep picking on our sons and your support will keep on going down....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The morals of the traditional family guides children to responsibility. And secures a nations future. Feminism destroys it.

This is based on my personal experiences with feminists in the lanark county ontario area, smiths falls, carleton place, perth...so on...

Since I negotiated labour contracts in equal pay for equal work in the 80's, no one can accuse me of been anti woman...I raised my daughter on my own, after she was "abused" by her mother...what I cannot accept and never will forgive, is the local feminazies "destroyed" her future, just because she was raised by her dad...

call me anti feminist, anti feminazies....that is ok...

I will help any woman, just like any other man, but I will no longer accept the feminist movement as a viable organisation to represent any woman. I do not support the Ebola virus or the swine or bird flue so why should I support the disease of feminism.

I have just begun.....

The pro choicer message--messed up thinking.

I got this on a pro choice page....
Let me see if I get this message right?
In order to prevent children been born in poverty, they should be aborted....
Who is doing it wrong??????
Been poor is not a disease, poor people love children too, poor children laugh and giggle and play just like rich kids do.
The only ones who put money as a condition to have kids are those who want to control.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Who controls the social programs in north America, especially here in Canada.....???
FEMINISTS, and they say they speak for women, I don't think so, women do not do this, nor do they support it...
Feminism is a disease, a plague on our society, they don't even have the morals to care for the most vulnerable.
Time to clean it all up...

Who are you?

We do not want to be "like them", we care, we listen, we help, we fight back...Alone if need be...
And if we do not take back what is ours, who will suffer?

Get involved, children are depending on you.....

Monday, February 20, 2012

More proof parent are been pushed aside, and schools are right in the middle of it.

Health officials in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia and around the world are officially crossing into dangerous territory with parents when it comes to vaccinations.
Not only are public health entities habitually and deliberately failing to inform the public of their right to refuse vaccines in both school and work settings, but they are working towards mandatory vaccination protocols which will allow officials to conduct childhood vaccinations without any parental consent at all.

In the three provinces (Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba) that have legislation for school-entry vaccinations, parents are rarely told that exemptions for reasons of conscience and/or religion exist within these laws to allow their children to opt out of having any shots.

Although there is no specific law in British Columbia that governs vaccination for school entry, the Infant's Act gives health officials a veritable carte blanche to perform medical procedures on children without parental knowledge and consent.

In Burnaby, BC, parents have been infuriated by the lack of parental consent obtained by health authorities. A Burnaby mom was one of those parents upset that her 13-year-old daughter was vaccinated for HPV without her parental consent. "She didn't bring home any forms or anything," said Rosemary Reid. "I had absolutely no idea."


And if this is not enough.
Here is a documentary on the drug industry and the involvments of schools. This documentary is 1.30 min, long but I have put some examples and references to the timeline, if you do not have the time to watch it all, then look into it. The safety of your kids depends on it. Your rights as a parent are been taken from you.

Drugs are been peddled to your kids for money, billions are involved.
Is you kid sad, it is now called Social Anxiety Disorder
When drugs are tested on children, they get a 6 month extension on the patent
A research center in texas uses adds to lure children volunteers
Once inside they are enticed with game boys, xbox, cookies and crackers.
Once there they ingest drugs known to cause violence and suicide in their age groups.
By conducting tests on kids they get financial incentives worth billions ..see 38.30 min.

Testing drugs on children for premenstrual dysphoric disorder which have huge side effects.
see 40 min

Psychiatrist rake in millions, promoting usage of drugs in...yes schools. specifically, universities. see 43.15 min.

If we were to look at those teens who committed suicide, how many of them were on drugs to control their behaviour?
Suggested by social programs and even schools to control what is basically only a passage of life, teenage rebellion.

Remember, eventually these drugs makes their way to canada.

The respect for life begins and ends with the family.

I do not want to make decision for others, but been informed help you to make your own decisions. I am against abortions, for this reason.

Abortionist reportedly admitted that some aborted children are delivered alive and left “wiggling around in the toilet,” where they are allowed to die.

It doesn't always happen, but it does happen. And once is to much.

Abortions kill the potential for a cure for many diseases, the chance to advance in music, architecture, even peace. Or the simple smile of a child that make a passer by, happy for the day.

How much has wars cost? Enough to feed the hungry all over the world.

How much does wmd's cost, stop building and maintaining a third and you feed the world, get rid of them, and we solve all the ills of this planet in 10 years.

That is how much money they spend on weapons in "our" name.

Not to mention the money they spend on themselves.

So were is the need for abortions, to control world population????

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why kids hate the world around them.

We have seen a pandemic of teen suicide lately, sad passing of young lives who had so much to offer. Many families ask why, with what seem to be a happy child one day, gone the next. There are many reasons for this, one is the lack of understanding parents have with the mixed messages kids get between family values and the outside world.
One, very few cops will laugh and talk to teens, usually its all about intimidation. Hence promoting a dislike for society since they are the vanguard, and once these kids grow and have family of their own they pass this dislike for society to their kids. It all began in the 60's. Before this, cops would try to talk first, if they cause any mischief, then it was "come with me and we will have a talk with your parents", now it's, your under arrest and if the teen makes one wrong move, they are assaulted. (go to youtube if you don't believe).
Next, its schools, in the old days, the morals of the family was taken into consideration, for the education of kids. Parents were consulted and teachers were seen second to parents. Not anymore, now if you as a mom or dad happen to not agree with the school and its left wing controls, they can call the cops on you and cause you many problems, which most now do. Again the child sees this and the parents authority is diminished, inviting rebellion.
Third is the social programs, these rogue organisations are so out of control, that they offer welfare to 16 years old, promoting drug abuse and teen pregnancies, by-passing parental house rules and making themselves higher than the family. As a parent we have to be careful in what rules we try to enforce because in the back of our minds, the schools told them, if your parent discipline you, they are abusing you, welfare tells them, if you do not like house rules, come to us. We parents now compete with schools and social programs for the future of our kids, and that in itself is confusion for the teen, they need one voice, not a multitude of different direction. Since when is a 16 year old ready for the world???
This is a few examples of why our kids are so messed up. They thrive discipline, even if they yell, you control my life, they want parents to show love, with a hug and a "I love you" but also with "you have to listen to me". They do look at it as love, and will say, "my parents don't understand me", but there is always a "I love then none the same" in there.
Women's shelters, welfare, housing, teen help lines, schools, no longer help, they see people and especially kids, as a source of power and funding. Kids help line, teen help, or open doors here in smiths falls, see the parent as the problem, the first thing they will ask you to do is "give them room to grow", or "they are little adults". We always gave our kids room to grow, that is what parents always do, but give them to much and we all know were this will end eventually, "if you would of loved me you would not of let me go that far" back in our face, and as for them been little adults, tell a teen he is an adult and they will do what adults do, just a little to early.
Here is the problem with these teen help lines, what does someone who has never stepped a foot in your house know what is going on, when did you ever seen their "love is stronger" commercial say, "talk to your parents" or go to a teen help site and see if they try to promote the parents? Depend on us is their message, that is luring kids for funding. Once they tell your teen, your parents are wrong, they are telling them what they want to hear. How does this help? Actually it enforces the teen to be more confused. We are the light, follow us, we know best, your parents are always wrong.
Remind me of this video?
Finally the gay and teen issue. What is the message lately? Go, tell everybody your gay, be happy, nothing will happen. Once the teen does this he or she finds out it is not as they were told. The school yard, the world, is not exactly a friendly place, they get teased, picked on and shunned. Simply because those who want to change the world are using kids to do it and kids who are not ready for this type of confrontation go into a deep depression. The exact way to handle it is, do not lie to them, its a cruel world out there, be honest "I love you but know this, if you tell, you will be teased, picked on, and shunned by some, and it will be ugly at times." This way they are ready for whatever comes their way and are better prepared for it. You are the one better placed to explain this to your child, not some organisation who sees your kids as a money bag. Know nothings who usually have no kids of their own, or if they do, would never treat their own kids this way.

I am talking from personal experience, I went to a teen help, called open doors in smith falls Ontario, a horrible place, with inexperienced, arrogant so called counselors. By blaming the parent after asking for help, blaming everything on the parent, in front of the teen, when we got out of there she smiled and said, "see even they say your wrong", this enforced my daughter rebellious nature, and they got more money for it in the next year.

My opinion, when it come to your teen, look at why they are rebelling, see who is luring them away from your families values, and you will find that the problem they are going through is not of your doing, but of the different messages they get outside the home.

Teen girls can now go to the local shelter, and say or be coached into saying the parents are abusing her. They have the power to put them on emergency welfare and housing...This will end their education, and make them dependent.

Welfare is accessible to teens over 16 years old, even at 15 in some cases, the only thing they have to say is abuse. Dependant for life.

Teen help organisations will lure your teens away from you by trying to convince you in front of them, that you are at fault, and when this happens, you have lost your dreams of seeing your child achieve something other than another dependent on the states social programs.

Do not trust any of these organisations, if you have not fallen into their cross hairs, you are lucky, beware of schools message, very anti parent and family values.

A teen is not ready for the world, we all know this, anyone who promotes this message, does it for funding purposes, I don't care how many universities they have gone to, the individual family home is a good place for kids to be, and all have a unique way of doing it, so how the hell would these people now how to handle them as individuals. The worse mistake is they do it as a universal policy, treat one just like the other, and that is just plain stupid and destructive. Finally, if you do "depend" on these organisations, and it goes wrong, then look at yourself, because you did not have the faith in your gifts as a parent to be able to sit down and talk, listen and find a solution.

This is why we have an epidemic of suicides in teens, the social programs are responsible, and if we do not take back what is ours, the right to raise our kids in one direction, not in 10 different ones, then we will continue on shedding tears.

This post is a personal opinion, not according to research or inexperience studies,

just simple personal experiences. And this is why I believe kids are committing suicide, lack of direction, or should I say, to many directions.

*Prophecy of Chief Crazy Horse*

What is sad, is some of our own people have fallen into the pit of greed and will never see the words of the ancestors for what they are....words of wisdom, words of life...
Right erin?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Schools reorganizing society through our children.

I do not necessarily agree with everything on this video, but we get a general idea, how children are been manipulated to serve, instead of learning. And how parents are pushed aside as a obstruction to their ultimate goals...TO REPLACE THE PARENTS.

Here is an example...
I went to St John catholic high school in Perth Ontario, to talk to the teachers about my daughters behaviour, I ran into it's vice principal, one Deanne Strong. I asked her why was my daughter the only one allowed to come to school without her uniform. I told this vice principal, "I am having major problem at home, and if you pander to her rebellious nature, this will only make things worse." There were other problems I "tried" to discuss with her to no avail.
Well, when my daughter was brought in, she started to yell, which to me was just rebellious behaviour. Instead of working with me, this vice principal decided to call the cops. In front of my daughter, they threatened me, told me she could do whatever she wanted, and that I should leave. Keep in mind, since I was in a school, I did not raise my voice, explained in a soft voice I needed their co-operation and just wanted to know why they were allowing her to have special privileges.
On that day, because of this person (deanne strong) I lost my daughter.
A school friend of my daughter, whose mom was working for the local shelter in Carleton place, drove her there and the rest in explained in this blog.
I have to accept, that the vice principal was a feminist, in her mind, since this girl was been raised by her father, a man, well.....
To my horror the school principal sent me a letter saying I was not allowed to go on the premises. (see below). Threats of prosecution??? Perth police dept.?????
When the the only thing I wanted was help?????

Again I never raised my voice, was polite and only wanted their help, by their behaviour they empowered my daughter to be more rebellious and "destroyed" her future....Simply because I was her father and schools have replaced in their own mind the responsibilities of the parent with state control.
The only thing I wanted was their help, and that, is where I made the mistake, having faith in the idea that as adults if we co-operate with each other then our children would understand that some behaviour are not acceptable and we all have their best interest at heart.
What I got instead is a slap in the face and told the school would take over and if they wish it, demean my authority as a parent, hence straightening children's rebellious behaviour.

This is not a unique story, what they do to me, they do to others.
This school and it's vice principal is well known to be aggressive towards any parent in the area.

I live in small town Ontario, I always thought my daughter would have a better chance here than in a big city...Big mistake...A saying in Smiths falls Ontario and surrounding towns of Lanark county is " Go look downtown in the spring and see how many children are pushing strollers", well now we know why.....pushing aside the parents, schools pretending they are more knowledgeable raising kids than the family.

I just hope you understand, look at your children and fight to prevent this from happening to them, use this as a guide. FIGHT BACK. They are your children, not theirs...
As a parent, make schools answerable to you, not the other way around, you children's future depends on it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another one joins the sanity. Oklahoma says life begins at conception

Oklahoma Senate overwhelmingly approves bill saying life begins at conception

The vote comes days after the Virginia House of Delegates passed a similar personhood measure.

One step at a time, equality is not a word to be used as a tool, equality for the unborn to have the right to life is the begining of equality for all.
The respect for life in a civilized society promotes the respect for one another.

Women's shelters and social program industry exposed- A national problem.

The problems I have experienced with the interval house woman's shelter in Carleton place Ontario is not a local issue. I have put up other stories, previously, of people (fathers been the primary target) been falsely accused for financial benefits, custody purposes, women and children who go through a nightmarish experience at the hands of these radical left wing feminists(aka feminazis) at "women's" shelters. Coaching children to say lies against fathers in order to get more money in next year budget, treating mothers in a despicable way, inventing false statistics in local newspapers (aka the EMC smiths falls and recorder), and "demonizing" anyone, (me included) if we dare to ask for accountability of their actions.
I realized that this issue was not a local one but country wide, Ontario been the worse. They represent a very small minority yet a very vocal one, together with their uninformed supporters and those who do not see if what they say is true. They continuously attack, demonize, harass, anyone they choose and virtually destroy families, corrupt children against parents and are the cause of the degradation of a whole generation.
With the advent of the web, these people can no longer sit pretty in their posh offices, travelling on taxpayers money, destroy families at will without been held responsible for their action. Neither can their feminist "supporters" and "protectors" at the local protection services. (aka local police-with all due respect, not all are the same)
Personally, I do not do threats and react badly to them, just like any other parents. (more info soon to come, including audios exposing corruption).

Anyway, as I keep on researching this issue of corruption at the expense of our children, I find stories after stories of social program abuse. Welfare, cas, shelter, housing, schools, lawyers, are a co-operating entity inside the government, take one on, and you will get nowhere, since they all lobby together, they look after each other if you will. Not only that but unions also are in the fray. Put together it makes for one powerful lobby. So one has to take them all on, and a parent who is protecting his child is more powerful than all of them put together.
Politicians better do their homework and do a little research, the web is full of sites exposing abusive attitudes towards families for financial gains, the vote count is now in our favor.

Here is another post on the issue of shelters and social programs. This one been in Quebec. So as I said this is not a local one, it is national, and those responsible to fix this is the Federal Government.
It is translated from french as you see in the photo below from a facebook page. (I just don't want them to say I INVENTED the whole thing, proof is important when dealing with these.....Feminazis)

1. A shelter for women victims of domestic violence make believe to the general public that there are many victims to host when in reality there are few. Following this lie, the house gets large government subsidies for its operation.
2. An organization uses false statistics to make the public believe that there is a serious social problem. It gets attention of local authorities who then help financially and morally to locate in the region.
3. A lawyer in family law negotiates a possible voluntary agreement between the parents for the children's care, allowing the procedures to last and promote financial enrichment.
4. An officer, and an employee of the agency gives false evidence in court to get a better service contract. This definition of CESS is intended to alert the Justice, government, media and the general public that such crimes seriously affect the inalienable right of children to have access to proper and healthy access to both parents after divorce / separation.
POST-BREAK'S primary responsibility is to make every effort to encourage father-child relationship provides the population a center for victims of CESS and attempt to coordinate the different actions to stop these crimes against children, families and taxpayers.

If Quebec is now realizing the futile quest to believe anything feminist and turning against them, then their time is on path to oblivion, thing is, how much damages will they cause before they go and will it be reparable.
Can you believe 3000.000 women beaten in Quebec, is a book recently launched there with well respected authors including Barbara Kay.

The Quebec government has spread false statistics, releasing huge amounts of money to help non-existent battered women in Quebec and demonizing the Quebec man.
It is also a liberating book for women who love men and still have a say against an ideology which claims the right to speak on behalf of "all women" with aggressive victimhood speeches.

Like I said, if left wing Quebec authors are starting to realize the feminists have gone to far......

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feminist Denial Syndrome- Very interesting interview.

When women exposes feminism.......

Kate O'Bearn interview part 1...Feminist Denial Syndrome

Kate O'Bearn interview part II...Gender Politics In Schools

Kate O'Bearn interview part 111...Totalitarian Feminist Movement

Kate O'Bearn interview part IV...(Feminist) Anti-Father, Anti-Family Agenda

Kate O'Bearn interview part V...Male Lap Dogs And Their Feminist Masters

The legacy of feminism pt2

Mothers Teaching Their Little Girl to marry for money

The legacy of feminism

Nuff said.

The dangers of imposing ones will on others.

Now Planned Parenthood bullies Catholic food bank for saying no to them

The point is about the freedom to chose your own beliefs, we should not be force to accept gay teachings to our kids in school, or planned parenthood's ideology. We do not discriminate against these beliefs, but we do not want to be discriminate against either. Our belief are different from each other, when we accept our difference we accept that people do not think alike, and this gives us the power to understand each other better.
What planned parenthood or the gay lobby does is "impose" their views on the population and if there is something we have learned in history, is any kind of imposition of ones ideal on another, never works and usually has a backlash.
All these lobby groups, whether feminism's all men are bad, p.p., gays, all have one thing in common, they give the perception that they are continuously angry and we all oppose them violently. They do not realize, this is not true.
There will always be a minority that will oppose their ideals harshly, but if they would realize and accept that the majority of people are good people, then their lives would be better.
Here is a policy for them, "we do not have to agree, but let's all listen to each others opinions". (But that will be the day)
We want teenage girl to be given the choice and all information on the dangers of an abortion, we want gay kids before been bullied to be explained what will happen if they brag about it, that there is a good chance they will be picked on, so they can have the right information before they make the decision to tell. We want feminists to stop calling our sons, born abusers.
One of the reason we have so many suicides in teens lately is because they are told all is fine and when they go out into the world with this belief, without been ready for it, find out that the world is a cruel place.
And when some teens who commit suicide because of the emotional problems that comes with an abortion or go ahead and be gay, the world is a rosy place, these organisation blame everyone else but themselves.
When you impose your will on others, it makes one immune to the idea that others do not share your opinions and that opens up a situation one is not ready for or able to cope.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Virginia House approves bill recognizing life begins at conception

One step at a time....you will fall.
I always said, this is not a left or right issue, it is about our character, if we cannot protect the children, then we will not survive as a society. Without character, without morals, there is no nation, no civilized world.
Can you see it.....We respect life, then children, then parents, then the elderly, then the disabled, and eventually.....ourselves.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The idiology of planned parenthood; get kids to have sex=more money.

This blog exposes the truth of all social programs, they are loosing the fight to lure adults to their ranks, hence loosing money, so now they have found that going after our children can make them more relevant.
They are trying to replace the parents responsibilities, the way our parents and grandparents did, promoting self respect and "a place and time" for everything, with "forget moral values" planned parenthood needs you to make money.
All social programs are going after kids to get more funding, we have exposed women's shelters, welfare, child protection, schools, but don't take for us, make up your own mind, then look at your kids and ask if you want this, especially in schools for 10 year olds.

Hooking kids on sex

As a parent you have to make the decision about your kids, to make these responsible decisions, you have to be informed of what is out there, why your kids behave in such a way, and why are some so confused.
When 10 year old are subjected to this kind of propaganda don't ask why they are confused and rebellious.
Schools co-operate with planned parenthood, if you do not agree, get involved.

Historically, "some" women can be just as bad as "some" men.

On the previous blog I received a comment, which I decided to answer too. Don’t want to criticize but just point out the idea that it’s all men's fault is just not true. Let’s face it; given a chance, women can be just as nasty as the next guy. I don’t’ want to attack women, and if it seems that way, I apologize, it’s about feminism and their propaganda that all men are bad, even they do not believe this message, they use it to promote themselves, funding for their private games, self promotion and just plain pamper their inferiority complex. Personally, I believe women and men, pretty well think alike, its just the few spinsters who instead of been in a window with binoculars prying on the neighbour are now calling themselves feminists.

So here we go;
“You do realize that THREE of the FOUR threats you listed come from men themselves, right?
Without men, there would be no "barbaric tribes" to rape or make women slaves.”

Historically, I believe women are as capable to cause wars and destruction just like any other person.

Women leaders;
Boudica; Celtic war leader against the Romans.

Hapshepsut (conquest of upper and lower Egypt),

Catherine the Great (fought various wars with the Ottomans and other places near Russia),

Isabella of Spain. The Catholic queen was cruelly intolerant, encouraging the infamous Inquisition. In her lust to unify Spain and centralize power, Isabella drove out the Jews, Moors and Gypsies

Empress Cixi of the late Qing dynasty,

Wu Zetian(Empress_Wu) took the throne after killing off anyone who stood in her way.

Irene of Athens - Irene son was emperor Constantine VI. She served as regent but attempted to retain power when he came of age. She was exiled, but her son (emperor Constantine) allowed her to return. She returned the favour by having her son arrested, blinded and left for dead.

Trung Sisters:Vietnamese equivalent of Boudicca.

Empress Matilda - fought in a civil war with Stephen for the throne of England.

Tomyris - defeated Cyrus II in battle.

Kahina - Jewish. Led the Berbers against Muslim Arabs .

Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande- Led African states against the Portuguese..

Zenobia - Led a breakaway state of Palmyra (Roman Empire) for around two decades.

Hind al- She led her army against that of the Prophet Mohammad back in 7th century Arabia.

Khawlah Bint al-Kindiyyah - Ruthless wife of Caliph Ali. Led an Islamic army against the Greeks

Elizabeth the first; Elizabeth gave Queen Mary of the Scots refuge, then immediately betrayed her and kept her prisoner for nearly 19 years, then murdered her.
Encouraged raiding of Spanish ships during peacetime, by pirates. Took a share of the pirate's profit. Caused a long war going on for over a decade with Spain.
Magaret Thatcher (Falklands war),

and lets not forget, Hilary Clinton statement about about mohamar kadhafi and libya;
we came, we saw, he died...

As for the burqa or hijab.
The real reason women wear the burqa or hijab:
The majority of Muslim women wear hijab, to obey God, and to be known as respectable women. (Quran 33:59) However, in the last 30 years hijab has emerged as a sign of Islamic consciousness. Many women see wearing the hijab as indicative of their desire to be part of an Islamic revival, especially in countries where the practice of Islam is discouraged or even forbidden.
While those who seek to ban hijab refer to it as a symbol of gender based repression, the women who choose to don a scarf, or to wear hijab, in the broadest sense of the word, do so by making personal decisions and independent choices. They view it as a right and not a burden. Nor do these women regard hijab as a sign of oppression. Women who wear hijab often describe themselves as being “set free” from society’s unrealistic fashion culture.

women slave owners;
It must be remembered that it was not just men who owned the enslaved. Some
women built up their own plantations and others inherited estates from deceased
husbands. Also some wives were given enslaved workers by their husbands as gifts,
or by fathers to daughters mainly to carry out the household chores, or were if young
as companions or play friends, like Mary Prince was in her early days in slavery.
Other wives brought slaves to carry out their own small ventures, with a bit of
independence from their husbands.

In 1815 European women owned 24% of those enslaved in St Lucia. In Barbados
40% of properties with 10 or less enslaved people were owned by women. In
Bridgetown, Barbados women were the principal slave owners, using slaves in
domestic occupations.

In the past it was assumed that female slave owners were not as brutal as their male
counterparts. However, this wasn’t a sex divide. There were good and bad male
and female slave owners. Some of the harshest treatments could be vetted out by a
slave owner’s wife against a female slave. European women’s cruelty shocked many
observers in the Caribbean. Mary Prince stated that her mistress caused me to know
the exact difference between the smart of the rope, the cart-whip, and the cow-skin,
when applied to my naked body by her own cruel hand. And there was scarcely any
punishment more dreadful than the blows I received on my face and head from her
The wife oversaw the operation of the household, made sure that meals were prepared and that other chores were kept up, like housecleaning, laundry. They knew how to run a house and how to manage the employees of the house.

As for sex offenders; There are some.

and "you never see a woman raping another woman"...

The hitler and stalin argument:
Hitler, Stalin, the majority of the Nazi regime = MEN
True enough buuuut,:

Hitlers women
Some nasty women
And guess what, the angel of death was not only a man,(mengele) but a woman also.
There was a lot of "women" involved in the zazi regime, not just men.

Stalins women
Written: March 8, 1949;
Published: Women and Communism, Lawrence & Wishart, London, 1950;
The glorious work of Soviet women, builders of socialist industry, collective farming, socialist culture, will go down in history forever. With every year the role of women in all spheres of life of Soviet society increases.Soviet women are taking an active part in administration and in state building, which in itself is a vivid proof of the genuine democracy of the Soviet system: 277 women have been elected Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., and more than 1,700 to the Supreme Soviets of the Union and Autonomous Republics; about half a million women are Deputies to local Soviets.
Also, Alexandra Kollontai's views on raising children are notably significant. She believed that women should perceive all children of the state as their own. In her work "Communism and the Family (1918)", she writes : "Henceforth the worker-mother, who is conscious of her social function, will rise to a point where she no longer differentiates between yours and mine; she must remember that they are those of the Communist State, the common possession of all the workers.

Scientists are closer to creating sperm from female embryos (thus eliminating the need for males entirely) than they are to developing an alternative to the uterus (thus making females redundant).

I beg to differ:
So creating sperm and uterus is a form of cloning and cloning just does not work. Even if it did, the degradation of the genetic material would eventually doom the human race.

The thing I do agree with is this; Screw feminism, screw masculism, go EQUALISM.
We are on the verge of either destroying ourselves with this "me me me" attitude or on the edge of an evolution of the intellect where we have noticed that our civilisation is based on the exploitation of individual for personal advancement or greed. The tea party and the occupy movement are an expression of the will of people to advance. The whole process is in its infancy but if we nurture the idea, then we can unite and say enough is enough. No more communism, no more fascism, no more capitalism, just look and see who we hurt by trying to possess as much as we can before we die.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The stupidity of the feminist (feminazi) existence.

You know what is ironic and funny, if it was not for men protecting the right for feminists to exist, there would be no feminism and feminazis...if an aggressive nation crosses our borders, who protects the freedom of feminists to hate men?
That is the stupidity of their argument, that they protect women's rights, without men???
Fortunately, majority of women are now returning to the reality that men and women are an integral part of each other, especially the young generation. They have realized that feminism has ruined a generation of boys and girls, lack of education, lack of respect for oneself, drug abuse, teen pregnancies, crime. Mom and dad in the home is the path for a child to have a good, happy and safe future.

Actually a feminist is someone who hates themselves but that's a different subject.

Now...a touch of reality if I may...
If it wasn't for grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sons, feminists would;

Be eaten by wild animals.

Raped killed or made slaves by barbaric tribes

Making a salute and yelling "Zieg Heil".

Look like this.......,,,,.................................If it wasn't for "him".

So remember the next time someone degrades your dad, brother or son, feminism or feminazis exist only because "men" defend their right to exist.

If this does not "enrage" you as a parent, then....

This is what I have been exposing for the past 2 years, we live in a state that sees our children as a source of funding. Put this poor child in jail for throwing a crab apple at a postal worker, and they promote work for judges, lawyers, cops, prison guards. They put her in jail because she was to young to be put on welfare. One way or another, our children are seen as a tool, something to use for their twisted sense on self importance. And what happened, she was let to die when she was seeking someone to say,"we love you". That is the point in this sad story, if they would of treated her the way she wanted to be, then this would of never had happened. What kind of animals can no longer recognize the cry of a child for attention???
I tried to work with the system, big lost of time, my daughter was "abused" by the mother, born addicted, I tried to explain she has emotional problems because of it, she can love and hate all at the same time, Perth cops, smiths falls cops, opp Carleton place, open doors, women's shelters director, welfare's director, housing, suicide prevention, all women, all said "we don't care", all said "we can do what we want", even threatening me with jail because I tried to explain the situation. "If you wont sign for her to be on welfare, we will declare you an abuser to by-pass your wishes". Drinking underage, with a heart problem, cop tells me women's shelters are not responsible for underage drinking, (which is a lie), why was my underage daughter at the shelter to begin with? Because it was just another name to be added to next years funding.
It is not hard to be human, an adult, recognize when some child wants attention, they might do it with aggressive action, but it is a cry for recognition of their place in life. What is so hard in saying" don't treat your parents this way", or "if you need to talk to someone I am always here".
What I noticed here is all these women, the ones I dealt with or those people at the prison will all call themselves feminists, the hypocrisy of all this is, "they cant even care for a little girl, one of their own" they are so far down the evolutionary chain, they have lost their gifts to be "women", and that is why they are now recognized as ..."FEMINAZIES".
Its hard to call these things animals, because not even animals do this to each other.
Sorry but watching this video brought back memories and i was sick to see this girl treated as if she was just another number on a dollar sign.
Our kids do not belong to the state and are NOT a statistic to be exploited for next years funding.
Talking about it is not enough any longer, action must be taken...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fathers are temporay, and forever.

Just thought I would put this up, its hard to figure out why some would want to alienate fathers. It makes no sense.

Anonymous - Operation Black March

Thursday, March 1st 2012 to Saturday 31st March 2012

With the continuing campaigns for Internet-censoring litigation such as SOPA and PIPA, and the closure of sites such as Megaupload under allegations of 'piracy' and 'conspiracy' the time has come to take a stand against music, film and media companies' lobbyists.

The only way is to hit them where it truly hurts.

Their profit margins.

March 2012 is the end of the 1st quarter in economic reports worldwide.

Do not buy a single record. Do not download a single song, legally or illegally. Do not go to see a single film in cinemas, or download a copy, Do not buy a DVD in the stores. Do not buy a videogame. Do not buy a single book or magazine.

Wait the 4 weeks to buy them in April: see the film later, etc. Holding out for just 4 weeks, maximum, will leave a gaping hole in media and entertainment companies' profits for the 1st quarter, an economic hit which will in turn be observed by governments worldwide as stocks and shares will blip from a large enough loss of incomes.

This action can give a statement of intent:

"We will not tolerate the Media Industries' lobbying for legistation which will censor the internet." Regarding Black March: If you want to do something that makes a statement, consider shifting your money not only away from corporate media but to independent media. Buy comics published by someone other than DC and Marvel. Buy books from small and independent presses. Support independent production companies who fight to stay independent and fan-focused. Better yet, buy things directly from creators and artisans. Support independent retailers. Don't just blanket punish media producers and distributors—refocus those resources into supporting the ones who espouse and depend on free exchange of information and ideas. Because those are the people preserving intellectual freedom. Those are the people creating work of substance. And those are the people struggling to make a living, because they aren't bankrolled by the Corporate Elite lobbying for SOPA and PIPA.

The fall of the western world

The western world is on a timer, it cannot survive on the path it has chosen. When children become a tool for twisted policies and the instinctive protection we are supposed to have in our hearts is nowhere to be found then we know something is wrong.
I remember years ago when this perv got caught with child porn and went to the supreme court arguing his kiddy porn was art. It made me so sick, i could not believe it even made it to the high court.
In Europe, Greece specifically we have this...
And on this side of the pond we have this....
How the hell is this even explainable to a rational person, we are here to protect children from harm, any harm, but we do not seem to be able to yell out anymore...ARE YOU F#$$% CRAZY?
I know that the majority of people believe as I do, but the problem seem to be, we do not say anything about it anymore, we are so preoccupied to make sure ends meet that those who are evil and corrupt are sneaking their vicious and venomous ways of thinking on a world not watching.
It is none of our business until it affects us, and when it does...the damage is done.
And who suffers, children.
I do not think we should be afraid to call it what it is...evil.
Pedophilia is an evil because it affects children, if we let those who want to "explain" it, then we will offer an excuse to those who do it. And in the meantime the victim, "children" will go though life wondering why we let it happen...
I come from a time when these left overs of the human race where hunted, they were not safe even in jail, now they are protected and explained as a disease???? In the meantime the victim is given a few words and put on welfare for the rest of their lives because of the memory of that day?????
Our way of life cannot survive if we cant protect the most vulnerable.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canadian MP files historic motion to debate personhood of unborn in Parliament

Full story here

Fighting to get back what belongs to parents is fine, but not enough. It depends on the respect we have for life as well.
The right to life begins at conception, it is not what we believe as individual that is important, it is what we are given by the Creator as human being. The right to free will is not just an empty phrase, it is the right to make the right decisions, to respect what is so precious. If as a society we cannot protect the most vulnerable then what does it say about our future.
I had a conversation with a supporter of abortion once, they said, until the child comes out of the womb, it is a potential for life. So I told them, you have just destroyed your argument by calling it a child. If you know its a child before it is born then it is life.
The potential of life is when a woman and a man, make love, it becomes life when consummation is achieved. Or when the egg in a woman is fertilized.
Once we have respected what the Creator has given us, then we will be in better position to understand that family does not belong to those who make the rules or have a perception to be the better, the issue of the family belongs to a woman and a man, to....Mom and Dad.
This is the way life as always been and it got us this far, if we forget this, and give that right to those who thrive on destruction, we will find that we have given everything away and they will take it all, the right to be free, the right to express, the right to make our own decisions.
It is not hard to realize that our freedoms have been eroded badly in the past decade, under the guise of only one word, terrorism.
It is OK for a society to have laws, but those laws must reflect on the respect for life, if not, then we will give everything away to the few, and find ourselves been guided to the way the minority sees freedom, based only on their perception of it, used as a way to make more profits at our expense.
If we give up on this issue, what next, the feeble minded, the elderly, the disable, lets call it the right to die, so it will not cost so much to the universal health care.
After feminists believed the abortion issues was closed, they and their radical friends, concentrated on the right to die, trying to pass laws through the supreme court. Their targets were the terminally ill, if this would of passed, who would of been the next target?
We hardly hear of this anymore, because the abortion issue has returned with a vengeance, they are loosing ground because the realities of killing kids who need our protection has been reopened thanks the the possibilities of the web. The media never showed what an abortion really was, the Internet did. Now that people are fully informed, and see the horrors, the parental instincts kicked in.
If we want a just society, we need to realize that the respect for life is the primary concern of any path to a good future. This will stop wars, greed, abuse, hording of wealth, and all that is good will take over the human character.
Its simple, we can feed, cure, share what we have, and still have a car in the garage, a table full of food, an hd TV and a playstation for the kids, we just have to look inside ourselves and find our ability to care for human life.
Feminists have the right to speak, to express their opinions, but they are "not" the voice of the majority of women, they do not represent us, no group does, we represent ourselves. We can listen, but the decision is eventually ours to make. The Creator gave the woman the power to make life, it is "not" a curse, it is a blessing. It does not make us weak, it gives us the responsibility to carve what life will be, we just have to realize "we" are the ones with the power to shape the world, and that ladies is a strength, not what feminists have been trying to impose on us, a weakness. We are not lower to men, and men are not lower to us, we have our own place, they have their own and our place in the circle is just a little more important than the rest because we carry and give life.
Let's take what is ours, speak up, and this world will be a better place...
Unless you thing you are a permanent victim.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The feminist controlled social programs and their politics of self-destruction.

We have seen the description of the traditional family, as been outdated, especially by the left wing radical feminists and their diminishing uninformed supporters. In return, because of their hatred of anything DADDY, we have teen pregnancy, teen drug and alcohol abuse, teen crime, home invasions, so on...Programs meant to help those in need are now run by predatory individuals, women's shelters are used for the wrong reasons and if you look closely you will noticed they are now concentrating on the youth, specifically young teenage girls. Schools impose their will on the parents and their ideal on our kids, welfare is now on demand which causes teen pregnancy, housing is given to teenagers who do not like house rules, specifically young girls, children’s aid takes children, targeting single parents. In the meantime, those who make the mistake of going to these rogue organisations for help, if they do not conform to their twisted ideals, are made to suffer.

Funding these organisations by how many people cross their path the previous year only invites corruption. (Example; the Carleton place Ontario, interval house gets 1.4 million a year from what I was told, yet it is not enough, talking from personal experience, they have targeted teen girls as a source of more funding by "coaching" them to use the word "abuse" if the parent will not sign for them, if they are underage, to be on welfare.) By giving carte blanche to these organisations, without them been answerable to anyone, we are destroying the very reason for their existence, to help those in need. Look closely and you will find that left wing radical feminism now controls all programs I mentioned above, therefore responsible for the problems ailing our society. They use these programs, for personal and political ideals, and that ideal is to destroy the patriarchal family, in other words, take Dad out of the family unit. This is the stupidity of their position, where there is a patriarch, there is a matriarch. When we got together as a family in the old days, we had the patriarch of the family, my Grandfather, but sitting beside him, we also had the Matriarch of our family, my Grandmother, they sat together and we respected them both. Both had an equal position but had different wisdom, it is called family, and "neither" was lower than the other.
We all support social programs, but only in the form the original mandate was meant to serve, not as a political or personal tool. Parents are seen as a roadblock to these organisations, if they “wish it”, they do what they want with our children.
Pushing the family to extinction will never happen, pushing us to far will have repercussions in the end, but there is a concerted effort by some to make this come about.
If you have not fallen into the cross hairs of these rogue organisations, count yourself lucky, or should I say your kids should count themselves lucky, for they are the target.
Even if it does not happen to you, look around and you will find someone you know that it did happen to.
The long-term goal is to make our kids dependent, and when this happens, the country suffers. Dependent people do not have the same will or hunger to create, to help others, to work hard, and when this comes about, you have to increase the tax burden on those who do work hard, in order to continue the very social programs that are responsible for the problems in the first place.
Voting should never be about a brand, when you do this you empower them to do what they want, they know their base will never vote for the other person, the only thing they have to do is convince a few others with promises they can never put into practice. There is no reason to be uninformed anymore, with the advent of the Internet, we can research and have a society based on mutual respect and especially the understanding that without strong family value, these social programs cannot continue under the mandate they are now under.

The co-operation of these twisted ideals by the local media, specifically the EMC Smiths falls and recorder of lanark county is in their own pages, nowhere did I ever saw a rebuttal to the local radical feminist, no pro-family posts, no pro MOM and DAD is a good thing for children comments, only, men are bad, dad is bad, we know so....So they must support ideals such as this site, who says "Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment and In Ontario today most violent men continue to abuse, sexually assault, stalk and terrorize women with relative impunity". EXCUSE ME????? MOST MEN??? They insinuating a majority of men do this in Ontario Canada??????
Keep on reading this page and see the lies promoted, compare it to the previous post, and see for yourself. The way they talk on this page, men are all bad, male police are all bad, all men are rapists, and protected. I don't know were they have been for the past 20 years but I think some of them went to the joseph goebells school of propaganda, were the motto is "tell a lie often enough and people will believe it".
All of the media are responsible for the pains families now endure, not only the local ones. And because of this attitude, the ones that suffer are children.

If we were to take away the corruption I have exposed, we would actually have the needed funds for those who do need a helping hand and decrease the tax burden on families, we could have better programs for schools, the elderly, the disabled, it is not hard to do, stop supporting without informing yourself.
The power to help and to live well does not depend on those you give your vote to, or those who have been given a higher place in our society than they deserve, when we look up to someone simply because of a title, we give up our responsibility to do for ourselves, the family’s welfare and value depends on MOM and DAD. The family is the power of a nation, its strength and its future. And the family includes Dad.
Fix this and we fix a nation. Look the other way and a mother or father will be in tears because it does not concern us. This is our country; we build it, not the elite.
Support and cry out "my family includes my DAD". Doesn't DAD deserve it?

We, parents, that is MOM and DAD have a message to those who want to destroy the traditional family and the local wanna be feminists man and father haters, YOU CAN'T WIN, the males you have demonized, all have....mothers. You have alienated not only the majority of men, but their wives, sisters, mothers. Wives have loving husbands, sister have caring brothers, and mother adore their sons and do not raise them to be rapists and abusers.....That is why you and your media backers are loosing support.

A growing chorus of critics say the highly politicized character of many facilities means that the clients' needs take second place to the agenda of the people in charge. In some cases, the critics say, these services are being run by zealots concerned with dogma who are overtly hostile to men, male children.
In the words of a former shelter worker:"I can't say what it's like now; I've kept my distance," says Madelyn Iler, a former shelter worker in Kingston, Ontario. "But in my experience, there was a very militant political agenda that came first. The interests of the client were way down there."

Sunday, February 5, 2012