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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You are never alone.

There are many conflicts a human being has to go through in life, and sometimes you feel alone trying to resolve issues that can drag a person down. In my experiences, the worse evil in life, is the wrong done to children by the action of others. Children carry the seeds of innocence, an adult can sit and watch a child's behaviour in amazement, the giggles, the questions, the joyful look at a world capable of such great things and such great evil.

As a parent, let no one tell you otherwise than, there is no such thing as overprotecting your child, be vigilant, be attentive, for if you blink even once, you risk loosing everything.

A parents only goal in life is to see the good rest upon their children's shoulders, to sweep away those who will do them harm, and believe me, I have seen the faces of evil, and they hide behind good intentions and smiles upon their faces.

There is a war out there and children are the ultimate prize, if kids can be controlled, drawn away from the wisdom of the parents, then they can change life according to their views.

And as we are seeing, their views are destroying generations of love, affection, hard work, attention, and replacing it with defeat, destruction, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, acts of violence.

When your family is under attack by outside forces, the way mine was, a parent's defenses come into play, you either choose to fight back the best peaceful way you can, or decide to go to war. You will experience anger, rage, depression, even tears, there is no other path unfortunately, these emotions are because of the love for your child, and the protective instincts a good parent is implanted with. If one has faith in good, then evil cannot win, it is an impossibility.

You will feel alone at times, but remember this, have faith, look up, and search your feelings, and you will find that strength can be achieved to continue, by simple realizing that...you are never alone.

These thoughts are taken from my personal experiences with those who will do harm, and believe me, though they took me by surprise with their actions, I also took them by surprise with my determination to fight back and expose them for what they are and represent. Their attitudes of, we can do anything we want, ends here.

Children should always be the responsibility of parents, and those who will do them harm and their protectors must be destroyed. There is nothing more beautiful in this world and existence, than the love between parent and child, it is the ultimate gift given to an adult by the Great Spirit.

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