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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Women's shelters and twisted radical feminism.

We live in Canada, twisted hatred of a group is illegal here, it is called a hate crime. How many times have we heard this, how many of us believes this, until someone decides to look and find out this is not true. The war on fathers by feminists is well documented, not only that, also against anything to do with man, including boys. A simple phrase like "recognize that men's power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment" points to the boys raised by mothers, stay at home mom, working moms, single moms, married moms and yes even the sons of feminists. Below is a Swedish video of a women's shelter controlled by feminists. Not women who fight for other women's rights, but man hating groups that want to impose their twisted hatred on another group.
Can't happen in Canada you say, OK, well look at the page below, controlled by women's shelters here in lanark county, specifically in Carleton place, directed by erin lee todd and workers like ella, and their Ontario works supporters.
When a parent tries to fight back corruption and the misguided ideals they try to spew out, then this parent has to get ready for a hell of a fight, threats and false accusations, why? Because they "hate" anything to do with men, if you believe all men keep their power by rape and sexual harassment then this is not for you, but if you believe this message is aimed at all men, including your son, then speak out. Women's shelter is there to help, not to promote hatred, if they continue on this path, they can expect their funding to be reduced and support to die off, after all, a mother who looks at her newborn son does not see a "rapist" and she will not raise him to be a man who controls women through sexual harassment. So why should that mother support the hatred pointed at her son?
True, there is the few who are bad, men and women, but guess what, men defend women, they do not wish to rape them, it does not even cross the mind of the majority of men, it is a abhorrent act to us, and we would defend, yes even the most radical feminist if she was been attacked, not because we are white knights, but because this is what we are, and always will be. A son will defend his mother, a husband will defend his wife, a father will defend his daughter, it cannot be changed, this is nature, and when someone like shelter workers or radical feminists knock down man as a rapist, then they attack not only man, but the woman who mothers the son.

Listen to this video, read the subs and then look at the page I posted, and ask yourself, "is this what they teach at the local shelter?"

I can't speak for you but I have "never" used rape or sexual harassment on any woman for personal power, it never crossed my mind, and nor has it crossed the minds of a good majority of Canadian men. So what is the message here?

Here is my personal opinion, it is for funding.
"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it". Joseph Goebbels minister of propaganda of Germany from 1933 to 1945.

In the video; "Research has shown the men use violence to maintain their position of power over women…and control to show who is in charge."
The message from Ontario's shelters:"Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment."
The message is the same. Imagine the money wasted to promote this, funding better used to "help".


Anonymous said...

that is an eye opener, you have a point, how much money is been wasted passing on this message. I have 2 sons, I didnt raise them to be like this, its insulting that they think i dont know what im doing. They lost my support until they change their message.

Anonymous said...

what makes me believe you didnt make that page urself? its hard for me to believe this hapens in Canada.

The Native Canadian said...

Never is anything on this site not researched but if you need proof....

Anonymous said...

you dont have to prove anything to anyone,your site is always honest and well researched.

The Native Canadian said...

Thank you.