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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Men Become MRAs and the new mgtow mouvement

I believe feminism has become a sore on society, it was taken over by spinsters, and manless women. Most are lesbians, (not that there is anything wrong with that), but it is well known they do not exactly like associating or complimenting men for their place in history, most of them have an inferiority complex. Case in point, tell a feminist, or a lesbian that man is important in the circle of things and they will huff and puff like a wolf in front of a pigs house.
To be just about it all, I do not exactly agree with most mra's web sites either, women this, women that, is wrong, I have found more web sites of women defending men, than feminists bashing men. Father have daughters, and we do not consider them potential feminists just because they are or will be women. There is a difference between a woman and a feminist and all should not be put in the same basket.
That is the mistake both sides make, feminists put all men together and mra`s do the same thing with women.
My war with the local feminists in lanark county Ontario, local woman`s shelter, opp, welfare, housing, so on, was caused by them judging me to be what they judge what all men are, abusers. They are incapable at this point because of their hatred of anything man, to understand that we are mostly good fathers, husbands, sons.
The mistake they made is using my daughter to promote their twisted ideals, thinking their power was untouchable and so used to getting their own way, they simply coached my child to be like them and think they could get away with it...Big mistake. I am a good man, a good father, a good provider, protector and I take my place in the circle very seriously and to try to take that away was not their place to try to do it.
And the `stupidity` of it all, to not realize my daughter will eventually tell me everything they coached her to say, in order to put her, while underage, on welfare, is proof of their sub-intellectual intelligence.
The video below makes a good point, their opinions, that all men are created equal, is their downfall, mothers will not allow other spinsters to bash their sons.

You tube
Feminists say your son is an abuser, born like that, is this true. Here is another point, your husband is at work, you are raising him, according to feminists, you are raising your son as an abuser....Does this make any sense...if not take action...

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