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Friday, January 6, 2012

UN takes aim at children: its true agenda is to bypass national sovereignty, usurp parental authority, and destroy the traditional family.

If this subject does not scare you, then as a parent you already gave up your rights to raise your kids without state interference. The U.N. with it's more than dubious character installed in their bureaucracy are after your kids, getting support from such organisations as the communist Party, Soviet KGB and Cuban DGI intelligence agencies, amongst others. I dont agree with everything especially the part about teenagers and guns, but this article makes a powerful argument against the U.N. trying very hard to impose their twisted views on who will "own" our kids.
When I kept on reading this article, I notice a reference to nambla, I always thought this was a joke on a south park episode, until I looked it up and saw that this disgusting organization did exist.
The other part was emancipation of children from parents, as I was going through major problems here in Ontario, after my daughter got involved with such people who control women's shelters, welfare, housing, schools, C.A.S., I told her I as her parent, I only wanted what was good for her, education, college, employment, just like any other parent, I tried to explain to her that welfare through this corrupt women's shelter I have been talking about, would only destroy her future, (which they did), she eventually threw at me, "they told me I can be emancipated from you", so as you can see this "attack" on family values and morals has already made its way to Canada. Now, my 16y old daughter got the word emancipated from them obviously, and if they did it to my family, you can bet I am not that special person they decided to pick on, they obviously do it as a policy to others.
Here is a good one she recently told me, "they told me there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much". OMG what the hell did they plant in my daughters mind, this is borderline "evil". The idiocy of these people is they are to stupid to realize that eventually she would open up, and she did. After all, she is my daughter.
How many families have been destroyed by this ideal, at what cost to the taxpayer, and what is yet to come since once your on the system, the odds of getting off is astronomical and usually drags the next generation into it? And what about those who do need the help, when the funds are used for an agenda instead of the mandate?
Read the whole article I linked, look at your kids, grand kids and ask yourself if this is something you can live with, then come springtime, go downtown anycity Canada, and see how many children are pushing babies in strollers, because of the deterioration of parental rights, why listen to your parents when a teen can get a welfare check.
Do nothing, and it will come knocking at your door eventually.
The fight is on, and the prize is our kids. They better realize they started this and in no @#$% way will they ever, get our kids. NEVER.
This article reflect exactly what I went through, The gradual theft of our kids, threats, false accusations, alienation from the person I loved, and putting teens on welfare when they are not ready for the world is a threat to their very lives, no one can tell a responsible parent that a 16 y old is ready for the world with all its wonders or dangers, what made me so warring angry is...they did not care.
Judge for yourself as a parent at this article I posted a while back, and tell me my daughter did not have a good parent, family and home life, until people I did not know, ripped her away from me. Teen are rebellious by nature, but to use that to put them on welfare, dependent on the system, destroys lives. And to me, this article plainly shows that the U.N. is a tool for the systematic destruction of the family, with the help of social programs.
Soon I will post a report on what happened in the past 2 years, the proof, that if you dare to be polite, diplomatic, and ask people who are in control of these social programs to stop what they are doing, that they are doing harm to your child, it is seen as a weakness and you will be threatened, pushed aside, treated like an animal, and eventually be dismissed as an unimportant passed ideal, parental love and attention. Sometimes I think that if I would of went to war, I would of had a better response. I now believe that I made a mistake in been polite and diplomatic, like I said, it was seen as a weakness. Just a thought.
This is not a left or right wing issue, it is a family issue.
What do parents tell their children??, "go ahead, if you do not want to go to school or work, there is welfare, and if you get pregnant, get an abortion, drugs should be legal, alcohol is fun"?....of course not.
We as parents teach fiscal responsibility, respect for oneself, education is a path to a good life and hard work is rewarding.
So we either get involved and restore our country to its original raison d'etre, or we give up.


Anonymous said...

they told me there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter so much..
Shit these people are assholes. This is fucking wrong, I wish I could help you.

Anonymous said...

they will never have our kids, not going to hapen, hell will freeze over first, thank you for the post. Good info.