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Monday, January 23, 2012

The voices of "real" Canadian women

A message to pro-choice advocates: Women are not fragile flowers!
This post represent the majority views of Canadian women, the very idea that those who preach hatred towards our sons, husbands and fathers speak for us is a joke. We are capable of making our own decision about the men in our lives without hatred or been told we cant speak for ourselves.
Also the hypocrisy of the current feminist movement is abhorrent, they say they speak for us but when the question of sex-selection abortions, mainly the abortions of females comes up, yes even in Canada, they are nowhere to be found, say nothing and never act on it. They will not even speak for their own. Isn't this the most vile direction they have taken, to them our sons are born abusers, but our daughter deserve no rights because they are not born yet, just to protect the right to kill. Amazing.
All this must be recognized for what it is, an evil based on murder, and when a society murders the most vulnerable of us, then something is wrong. For every abortion, we kill the possibility of a peacemaker, a scientist who discovers a cure, an architect, or simply a giggle from a child who makes his or her surroundings a better place.
The feminists with the co-operation of courts have turned this issue on abortion into a fight for the right to give life. They have even "adopted" a nazi policy on dictating to those whom they consider to be unworthy whether they can give birth, this is how low they have gone.
And if this is not enough, some feminists have adopted such a degenerate way of thinking, they are trying to redefine pedophilia as ‘intergenerational intimacy’. We all have seen there commercial, "this is what a feminist looks like", well if this is what they have become, then we must shut them down, I wonder how far they are willing to go?

The word "feminist" has been turned into a debate, the vocal ones are the ones described above, vile, destructive and self-serving. But to my surprise, there are some, tho not very visible who are trying to repair it, and advocate for the true rights of women, whether they will be able too, is left to be seen. The radical feminist ideal of abortion is not a natural occurrence in women, it is destructive and self damaging. It causes medical problems not explained by these left overs of the bad side of the human race, it is up to us to make our society understand, we do not all sign up to this ideal. There are many sites that explain the medical risk to women having abortions, but go to abortion sites and there is not even a small hint of it. They even advertise "abortion without parental consent". Now tell me this is not aimed to attract teen girls, and what does it promote? "have sex we will fix things if you get pregnant? We will not tell mom and dad?". These are our children, they are not tools for a political ideal. Promoting abortions to teens is like opening the Pandora's box of rebellion, not to say the risk of sexual promiscuity increasing the possibility of std's, and even aids. If they would care for women instead of a political self serving ideal, then would they not promote the dangers as well?

This is our world, women have stood besides husbands and fathers, we have raised our sons and daughters since the beginning of time, and we will be here, long after they are gone.

You have been weighed, you have been judged and we found you to be ...wanting.


Anonymous said...

Isn't abortion in this country a religious concern?

Native Women against feminism said...

As a woman, I am spiritual, but abortion is not a religious issue to me, I do not base my love for children on what religion tells me, they can advise, tell their opinions and we listen, but the final decision belongs to mothers. When we let others speak for us, then we forfeit our responsibility to manage the world. We are the ones who teach morals, respect and good behaviour to the world through our children, and when they become adults, the decision is theirs, and hopefully they walk the right path. We create the men, the women, and their future depends on us, mothers. Some of us have shunned our right to raise our children, and listen to those who want to change the world, and look where we are. The mother is the strength of any stable society, this is the way it always was, and always will be. Abortion is an evil against mothers and children; religion is spiritual guidance promoting life and to help one make the right decision.

Anonymous said...

I am 22 years old and I never knew who I really was and why I never felt important, until I read your notes, I am pregnant and I almost had an abortion, but when I read and read you words, I knew who I am and what I am supposed to be, a woman, a mother, important to the circle of life. I am going to give birth to my baby, and I will remember you and teach my kids what you thougt me, that a woman creates the world around us, not destroy. THANK YOU.I will keep on reading and pass your words to my friends.

Native Women against feminism said...

Well sweety, you just made my day, if there is anything else I can do for you, reach me at my email, on the profile. The best to you and your baby. May the Creator protect you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

This blog saved a life, now that is so great to hear.