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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The School System

Even though this video was made in america, be secure in the thought that this is exactly what I going on in Canada.
I have posted before the idea that we are been herded as a farmer herds his cows, except the milk in this case is our hard earn money,taxes. Schools primary mandate today unlike the past is to make our kids, forget about questioning, investigating, choosing for themselves, exploring, but to conform to what the school and the teacher thinks how your child should behave.
In the past parents had first say, and if the teacher did not conform to the parents wishes, they were in deep trouble, now if the parent does not conform the the teachers wishes, the parent is in trouble. Laws are now in place that if the parent criticizes the teacher, cops are called, and you risk been charged.
This is exactly what happen to me, when I tried to correct the behaviour of my daughter, asking for help at her school, to the vice principal, diane strong, from st john catholic high school in perth ontario, even explaining in detail, the emotional problem she was born with, instead of working with the parent, the cops were called, and threats ensued, shocking the hell out of me.
I am still trying to repair the damages they caused.
Now, we as parents have to go through the horrors of teenage years, we do it and we put up with a lot of abuse, but it is a passage of life, for the child and the parent, we do not give up because we understand the end game if we do, the danger that if we do not guide the child in the right direction there is a chance we will loose them to the evils that now exists in the world. The problem with schools, teachers, vice-principals, is when they do not co-operate with the parents and push them aside, the child see`s this and it empowers them to continue and even to a point of increase defiance towards the parents. And when parents are at this stage, the odds of the child having a chance in a good future is greatly diminished.
Get involved, do not give up your rights to unknowns who have no idea, or do not care one bit, about the background of the family`s life inside the home, if you do, you loose your child. The education system is not there to produce workers, but to educate children with the co-operation of the parents.
Not all schools are like this???? I wish I could believe this, I do not anymore.


Anonymous said...

God, I love the way u guys put things, so easy to understand. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I am seriously thinking about home schooling for my kids..No way am I going to send them to a place that teaches the values of sin and immoral behavior. I no longer trust teachers and the administrative sections of the school industry. Kids are human being for God's sake, not product to be exploited. Love ur site.

Anonymous said...

Not all teachers are the same

The Native Canadian said...

Yes they are all the same, if those who consider themselves good teachers say nothing then they are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I had problem with schools, teacher actually believed she was above me, so i took my kids out of school