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Friday, January 6, 2012

The irrelevant CBC is at it again

I accidentally tuned in to the CBC tonight, and even thought I promised myself to stay on the social program and police corruption I endured, I realized that the CBC and all its useless reporting keeps on going. Last years at around this time it was the radical feminist report on "The end of man", well we are still here, and will be forever, we are still husbands to loving wives, fathers to loving children and providers for our families, so, I don't know were they get their info. Not only was it one sided but they seem to have forgotten that the reason so many women are out in the work force is because we, and I mean all of us, mothers and fathers encouraged our daughters to seek achievements for themselves beyond what was the norm. Let's face reality for one moment, parents do not wish their daughters to be servants, in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, and for these manless feminists to take credit for the increase in working women is laughable. It is called evolution, progress, and this does not happen without the co-operation of mom and dad.

Well tonight, another useless hour, first, doomsday 2012, while flicking through the channels, I accidentally came upon their report on some nut saying we were only a computer program and on the 21 of December 2012, the program will shut down, and he wanted money sent to him through his website to prove it, not to mention the one who was preaching to the masses, as long as they gave him donations of course, that if we meditate enough, a rainbow to somewhere will appear on doomsday...oook. Then they had all these trials at trying to be intelligent, as if this is possible from the CBC, to show that people believed all this, and that some were building bunkers to accommodate those who wanted to survive. Very little about the truth of the meaning of 2012, perfectly explained by the Mayans, that is is a new beginning, but only doom and gloom. Useless reporting, without investigation. Not to mention that most of those building these bunkers are doing it for money and it is only an exploitation of the foolish and fearful.
I would of like to have heard the truth that this is only a scam, and report on that issue, but no, let's scare people and our ratings will go up.

Then they had a report on how parents are too protective, we should let them be independent at an early age. Even had lenore skenazy, you remember sleazy skenazy, and her free range kids book she profited from by letting her 9 year old ride the new york subway with a map and $20 on his own. Its a good thing no one knew a nine year old had $20 in his pocket while riding the drug infested subway of new york city. Before anyone defend this poor excuse of a human being, would you let your kid ride the new york subway with $20 in their pockets? Surrounded by crack and heroin addicts?
Now I'm not going to get into this silly little girls ideas of how we should be less attentive parents, and give freedoms to young kids, with the increasing amount of child abductions, murders and rapes we have seen lately, due to these twisted idea on how the child molester has rights, and the death penalty his wrong and these people who commit these crimes had a bad childhood.
What i will say is what every "good" parent knows by instinct, guide your child until they are ready to be on their own, I mean this policy got us to where we are now in our history so it can't be that bad of an idea.

Take me for instance, I guided my daughter to good and healthy upbringing, an honor student, on her way to college with a scholarship, even working, all was going well, as she got older I insisted that she stay in touch, if she stayed out later, to remember as her parent I worried and this was normal. She was happy, we laughed a lot, I encouraged her independence, I might of spoiled her but she was a good daughter and well deserving. Just like any other responsible parent who understand today's surroundings are not exactly as safe as when we where kids.

All went the wrong way when people like lenore skenazy, and her CBC supporters, people with no understanding on how to be a parent, stuck there self righteous noses where it did not belong. Like the friend of this local shelter in Carleton place Ontario, directed by one erin lee todd and workers like ella and her good friend heather jones from the local welfare office, who coach teen girls to say "abuse" and "tell them your dad locked you in the basement", so they can put them on welfare against parents wishes, who had a cozy working relation with this shelter, that when teenage girls went to the shelter she would bring them to her house, rent them rooms, and since they were underage, she collected the welfare check. This way she could pay her mortgage. (by the way this is what she told me). A perfect scam to pay for a mortgage isn't it, prey on teen girls who are having problems at home with the house rules.
So in my humble opinion, irrelevant TV stations like the CBC, elevate this destructive attitude that we parents, who have been here raising our kids since the beginning of time, know nothing about keeping them safe, loved and on the right path. They and people like skenazy, todd, ella, heather, nancy, angie, so on, know more. (those are some of the names that caused this parent pain by the way). Their way gave us teen pregnancy, drug abuse, alcohol, lack of education, welfare roles, increase taxes to provide for these kids, broken hearted parents, but who cares right, they know better. The hell with those who really need help, political ideals and fame is a whole lot better, right?
They better relish their roles for the moment, things are changing.

Now i know I threw some sarcasm in here, but if we keep on listening to low level intellects on how to raise our kids, then we are responsible for what comes after. We tried their way, it gave us tears, and pain, our way, our parents and grandparents way was with a hug and a "I love you baby" and you know what....it was great wasn't it when mom and dad were always there. We also bitched when they said "no you can't", but we knew they cared, because they always told us, "it's because I love you and don't want you to get hurt". So why is it any different now?
Kids are happier and feel more loved, when mom and dad show discipline and attention.

There is a patern with the cbc and media such as them, and that is to change our kids, make them dependent. Don't let them.

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Do we still watch the cbc in canada???lol.