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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Social Services Deliberate Destruction Of A Family

Social Services Deliberate Destruction Of A Family UK Column
This is done for one reason only, to get more funding the next year, especially in Ontario, this is a bad way to fund, and invites corruption.

Strange this seem to be the very policies of Ontario's social programs. Shelters, welfare, cas, schools with backing of some in the police, all have criminal activities to get your kids, divide families, attack one parent over the other, turn kids against parents, the basic destruction of the family. This is not right or left wing policies, this is corruption. The worse kind, because their victims are families.
I am going to go back to what social programs represents from my own experiences, this way we can expose and make changes. If we do not, those who do need these programs are not adequately helped. When they use these programs for personal power, and funding plans, they do not follow the mandate given to them therefore they must be brought down, for the good of the nation. These type of corrupt people are destroying the social net, for personal power and this cannot be allowed.

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Anonymous said...

From what I can read online, seems to me what you say is true, but no way can they win. Families and especially parents are the caregivers of children not welfare or shelters. Love your blog, keep it up, very informative.