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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Social programs; the hive for a criminal empire

Cas, Ontario works, women's shelter, housing, along with all other Social Service reform is not possible...

We have no choice, but to shut the entire system down.

There is an undisclosed consensus among the federal, state, and provincial governments of both Canada and the USA that agree that, every social service sector have been taken over by organized crime.

The knowledge that these “antiquated and defective” organizations cannot serve the public good other than create a profit for their benefactors, are kept secret by those within the government that are aware of the truth.

An ominous fear of massive litigation's, a complete breakdown of the order of public social services and a threat to throw the social service system into chaos is the real reason why our government will not release this information to you.

What this means is that children will continue to be stolen from their families by social services. Then, farmed out for profit to foster homes where they could be raped, starved, deprived, sold as sex toys to the elite, prostituted, sold to pharma-companies for experiments or brought into the system through fraud.

As long as our government refuses to admit what they know to be factual, our children will remain vulnerable to the child predators that populate these social programs
In the meantime, family organizations, similar groups, child advocates and parents of means must implement plans to unite as grassroots organizations in order to protect our children and combat this corruption.

Malicious social workers having found to have taken advantage of a “purposely designed weak system” to commit crimes against children for profit, must be brought to justice and prosecuted accordingly.

Social service crimes research
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I agree with this report, the crimes committed against families can easily be researched online and the tears are endless.
Most citizen have realized that all social programs are in direct opposition to the traditional family and those who work there have taken over to promote self power, promotion of their ideals and some even for financial gains. What began as a good idea, has now evolved to a degenerate institute of child abuse, criminal behaviour, and personal little empires.
Though I can only comment on what was experienced in lanark county, with the Carleton place women's shelters preying on teenage girls for funding and the co-operation of the local Ontario works and housing, in what can only be described as criminal, my research showed that with the Ontario C.A.S., these social programs have caused damages not only to families but the very future of a nation. By going after the traditional family, and the moral values we teach to our kids, we have a generation that understand nothing or see nothing wrong with teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, even home invasions and crime. Since this is on the increase with no end in sight, then the very survival of a decent and moral society is in jeopardy, and if we are to look at history, all society have fallen by adopting these destructive policies.

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