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Friday, January 27, 2012

EMC Smiths falls, objectivity out the door, promoters of feminist untruths, radicalism and parental alienation.

This is a local post, for lanark county and Smiths falls Ontario. In response to the Smiths falls EMC's refusal to publish the truth.
I have daughters and a grand daughter, by no means is this about women, it is about the destructive ideals of radical feminism and their effort to destroy the family.
-The family must be destroyed... Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process." -- Linda Gordon
-We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage." Robin Morgan
-Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." -- Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW
-Every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman." -- Andrea Dworkin

What families experience at the hand of the local woman's shelter and social programs under it's anti parent directors and the staff in the lanark county area, is destroying the very fabric of family life, therefore the nation itself. I believe that exposing the untruth been spewed out by these people need to be told. I will not go after all shelters because it would not be right, this blog supports the original ideas of the woman's shelter promoted by Erin Pizzey.(Pizzey said that militant feminists hijacked her cause and used it to try to demonise all men, not only in Britain, but internationally).
I can only speak about local experiences and provide undeniable proof that the propaganda been imposed on the local population is nothing other than a response to this blog.
After been told that this blog is been closely scrutinized by the shelters directors, "some" of her supporters in the police, I am glad they read it and do not like what is been written. And nothing makes me happier. The truth hurts.

The local paper the Emc smiths falls, has been a propaganda tool for the local radical left wing feminist for a long time, refusing to publish local horror stories coming out of the social programs. The shelter, the local school, (st john in perth), with Ontario works, open doors, connections, family services and all others have been increasing their funding by going after teens, specifically teen girls. We have a saying in Smiths falls, "in the spring go downtown and see how many children are pushing strollers". Welfare on demand seems to be the local governments idea of economic recovery, in turn, teen drug abuse, crime, are a big problem and downtown businesses are becoming an extinct thing of the past. There was a study performed by local officials about this problem and when parents tried to get involved they were turned away, so much for their study. Those responsible for the problem, are in charge of studying the problem, makes sense doesn't it?

On her youtube site, (See previous post), the local director of the lanark county shelter talks to teens, about the evils of dating boys, Boys stab girlfriends, boys beat girlfriends, men bad, so on, and always at the same school mentioned above, seem to be her favorite target, since the vice principal there is known to be anti parent. Does she say anything about talking to the parents, after all, the best chance any teen has, is the family, not unknowns from the local social programs. And who has seen the commercial "love is better than hate", they tell teens to go to help lines, no where in the commercial does it say, "trust mom and dad" or talk to mom and dad. By pandering to rebellion, you promote their anger, of course they are mad at mom and dad, because they want fun fun fun, and mom and dad want them to have fun of course but with responsibility and an eye on the future. If those who are causing the problem would say "mom and dad are not that bad are they", then teens might realize that they are better off at home instead of on welfare. But no, getting them through shelters and welfare, gives these rogue organisations more funding the next year, therefore proving what I am saying that teens are targeted.

In lanark county we have two newspapers, the emc and the recorder, they feel so secure, when they are delivered, one is inside the other, at the same time, eliminating any kind of competition. So how can the population get the truth or the realities of what is going on if there is a monopoly. Imagine in Ottawa Ontario, the Ottawa sun been delivered inside the Ottawa citizen. This makes the local newspapers a joke. As everybody knows, without competition means the local "elite" can do anything they want, including increasing welfare roles at the expense of families, and as they provide advertisement money for the papers, the papers do not bite the hand that feeds them.
What this area needs is a wake up call, an independent news provider, a new way to deliver news outside of the old, if they refuse to change the way they impose their views and "the take it or leave it attitude", then they must simply fade away like so many others".

Now in this report, by local sarah bingham (a pen name from the local shelter) in the local EMC papers, Canada will be judged by such countries as Bangladesh, Cuba, Algeria, Thailand, Ghana, Malaysia, Egypt, China. Left wing dictatorships and communist countries, at the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. What she does not write about in her report, is the native girls of B.C. go into prostitution, and why they do. Nowhere does she explain that these young girls, just like they do here, are enticed into the cities and away from their families, insinuating that native family life is bad, with welfare checks and housing, and when they do get there, there is no jobs for them and nowhere to go. There is so many of them that the shelters cannot cope. Therefore they are thrown into a strange city with all kinds of predators just waiting for them. With nothing to sustain them, they fall into prostitution. It is an easy story to analyse, refusing to tell the whole story is what's causing the problem. Canadian women are dying, lured by promises of good times in large cities which they are not ready for, by those who would call themselves feminists, and left alone once they get there. Of course it is a sad story, young girls drawn away from family, and the only thing that is waiting for them is prostitution and death.
But what I find hypocritical is this was done here in lanark also, a young native girl on her way to college, was lured away from family by the local shelter staff and friend, whose director is native, (see above picture), given a welfare check and left on her own. And this shelter tries to make it sound like they care about this issue when they are the problem? Blame everyone but themselves, try to make Canada look bad with the co-operation of such countries as mentioned above. Some of which keep women under a veil or under the threat of imprisonment even death if they speak in public? Canada is one of the best countries in the world, been "judged" by inferior ones does not improve the situation needed, we are not perfect, more is needed, but we have to look inside ourselves, at the truth and at the cause before we ask the U.N. to criticize us. Stop targeting teenage girls to leave home, co-operate with mom and dad, and the money can be used for more shelters and help those who do need it. Imagine your teenage daughter is in rebellion, goes to the shelter and when you try to explain they should not do this, ask for their help, they tell you to go away, and tell you, as the parent, they are "allowed" to do this and it is private, talk about nurturing rebelion. What a waste of money and potential talent. The answer is simple, provide monetary help to these girls to say home with family, incentives to continue schooling, and eventually college, this would promote a better future for Canada in the long run and the cost would be greatly diminished, taxes would be reduced, balanced budget and pay down the dept. Instead of using teens as a source for increasing next years funding.
They know they are responsible, but refuse to admit their wrongdoings, and that is hypocrisy.

This post on the other hand is a direct response to my bog, I exposed their statistics as been exaggerated on previous comments. Sarah bingham(pen name), goes practically word for word on one of my previous blog. Promoting left wing radical feminism which is known to be anti parent, precisely fathers, but when you go after one you go after both and mothers have now realize that the radical feminist message that all their sons will grow to be abusers is a personal insult. She tries very hard, without any confirmation to portray men as been nothing other than abusers. But of course, as i have said above, if you read carefully, she targets......teen girls.
Take her words on her post, show them to a 13 or 14 years old girl and ask if she feels this way and she will laugh. Today's teen girls are nowhere near the victims she portrays.

She promotes ms magazine, as been the voice for women since the 1970's, if it was so loved by the everyday woman then why do they have a donation site to keep them alive. You don't see the times or McLean's magazine asking for donations.
Ms magazine has been in financial difficulty from the start, despite the initial success of the magazine, due to its outspoken nature, the publication faced constant difficulty in gaining advertisers and necessary funding. As a result of financial hardship, the Feminist Majority Foundation assumed ownership of Ms., creating a financial support system that allowed the continual publication of the magazine. Not to say anything about ms's moral colapse. "Their feminist ideology does not even allow them to acknowledge that sex-selection abortions are perfectly legal in the United States, and that feminists have insisted that any woman has a right to an abortion at any time for any reason or for no stated reason at all. The pro-abortion ideology is so extreme that any opposition to the targeting of girls by sex-selection abortion is undermined by the movement’s enthusiasm for unfettered abortion rights."
Also been a radical left publication, it is anti Israel and has refused advertisements promoting strong Israeli women. I guess sarah bingham (pen name) likes to write and support without doing her homework. One down.
By the way, just for the fun of it, ms magazines editors and supporters best quotes:
-I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honourable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor
-The most dangerous situation for a woman is not an unknown man in the street, or even the enemy in wartime, but a husband." -Gloria Steinem
-I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin
-The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart
-Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” – Catherine Comins
-All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French
-For reference, Danielle Elina Pynnonen is the child-care worker who labeled a 9 year old boy in her care as “Mr Rape Threat,” and discussed the open desire to harm him and other male children in her care.
Quoting her comments on the rad-fem-hub site: "I honestly have been reassessing the fact that I am giving care to these little future rapists, and what that says about me and my separatism. I know it is kinda going against my principles to support and care for these little fuckers".

So sarah, feminism is not a man-hate group?

She goes on to say feminism is relevant, Sorry but these women beg to differ, and these, and these. Now I know what your gonna say, this is just a few opinions, well, youtube is a great place to see what the opinion of the world is, especially the younger generation. Here is what young ladies think of feminism. Two down.

So let's look at what else this dinosaur wrote. She says they are not a man hating group, well this child begs to differ. Shelters are a hub of fathers hating groups. Especially in the shelter she promotes in Carleton place Ontario. Three down.

The rest of it saying women are not well represented is just the cackling of an angry woman with an inferiority complex. When this particular shelter declared war on me for simply trying to prevent my daughter to be a welfare recipient, thanks to them, they sent their friends at my door, the OPP from Carleton place, ALL WOMEN. Look at the news channels on Canadian TV, cbc, ctv, global, sun news, majority WOMEN, in politics, more WOMEN now than ever.
She goes on clucking about women been depicted as sex objects in music videos, movies, magazine ads, and on TV shows. Oh really???? Well look at these videos and tell these young ladies they are been depicted as sex object and should stop, see what happens.
Is shakira, madona, lady gaga, christina aguilera, rihanna, been abused by dirty old lusting men who take advantage of them??? Where they forced to do these sexually explicit videos, NO, they have artistic freedom, that means they had a hand in the making of them. They are self sufficient women who do what they "want" to do. I think feminists are jealous personally. Four down.

As for what she clucks about 13 year old girls, this is what girls looked like before the feminist agenda of father and patriarchy is all bad.
And this is what they look like now that the fathers place in the family has be watered down thanks to feminism. And here is the funny part, the girls with the make-up are from the magazine Vogue, a PRO-FEMINIST magazine. Supported by the feminist web site jezebel, saying its just making fun and it is satire. Five down.

The wage gap she mentioned was from 1997, a full 15 years ago. She mentions women make 71% of male salaries, not true, it was at the time closer to 80%. But there was reasons for this, "this article focuses on 1997, when women earned on average $15.12 per hour and men earned $18.81. In other words, women earned about 80% of the average male hourly wage". Read here, stats can.
Now if she would of taken stats closer to 2012, *Comparing the average hourly wages of women and men, the ratio was 83.3% in 2008 – up from 75.7% in 1988.”. We all have daughters and none of us like the idea of them making less for equal work, but that is the point here, equal work. Should someone building a skyscraper for instance make the same salary as someone working in a restaurant? There is a difference in danger and hardships. More men build skyscrapers and more women work in restaurants. This example does have a gap in salaries and is it justified? Of course it is, but if a woman and a man work side by side doing the same work, the same salary is payed, that is the law in this country. Here is some news she will not admit to, Britain, America, and Canada is above. But then of course, writing these article from a male hating perspective, feminists do not want to admit that women are making strides, just the idea that all women are victims, forever of the oh so bad, male dominated workplace. Boom six down.

The most disturbing of her points in her post is about teens, "she has a one in four chance of being sexually assaulted (likely before she turns 16)". 1 in 4 males will assault a 13 to 16 year old girl???? Lets say for the sake of argument, there is 10 million teen girls in Canada, according to her 2,500,000 girls will get assaulted, which according to her 2,500,00 males are going to assault a 13 to 16 year old girl in Canada????? That would be an epidemic of biblical proportion.
But I have to give her this one, 1 in 4 is conservative compared to this site who says 54% of Canadian girls under the age of 16 have experienced some form of unwanted sexual attention. 24% have experience rape or coercive sex and 17% have experienced incest. But of course if a 16 year old boy looks at a 16year old girls while she passes by, according to them that's unwanted sexual attention. Going by their statistics, more than half the boys in Canada give unwanted sexual attention to girls, 1 out of 4 have raped a girl, and 17% of 10.000.000 girls, that is 1,700,000 girls have experienced incest??? My God, where are the cops, the justice system, there is a decadence of morals here in Canada, hide your daughters.---(sarcasm by the way)
(the 10 million is if there is that many teen girls in Canada, which is just an example). According to this site, 17,000,000 teens in Canada, since there are more girls, then let's say 9 million teen girls in Canada, but you get the point on the ridiculous numbers they put out there.
Wham bam thank you mam.
So erin, er I mean sarah, before you cluck the feminist good will...do your homework.

As for what the shelter needs, before you trample on children's right to see their dads, promoting false accusations for custody purposes, why don't your shelter investigate to see if these allegations are true. That way you could weed out the ones that use shelters for custody and save money to help those in need, and you could buy all the diapers you need. Stop targeting rebellious teens as a source of funding, instead of putting them on welfare, send them home, so they can have a chance at a viable future, another way to save funds and help those who really need the help.

And as for the EMC and reporter, if you can't offer an opposing view, you have lost you objectivity, and a new source of information for the public must be produced. Stop pandering to BS, if the social programs do something wrong, publish it, it will help weed out the abuse and those who do need the help will benefit.

The disturbing aspect of all this is, they are trying to make Canada look bad at the U.N., about the death of those poor native gilrs out west, and in the area, they put native girls on welfare, instead of inticing them to get an education. And the local media, by not reporting this are accomplices....

Remember sarah, you started this and I intend to answer. Parents do NOT answer to you in lanark county.


Native Women against feminism said...

That is a great one C, I love it when you get into details and links, it is hard to dispute.

Christian J. said...

Excellent article and exposing the truth about that male hating doctrine should be everyone's priority.

We have faced that same methodology everywhere else and it's only by exposing their lies to the truth and that is what is on our side, with that we can get the people onside.

Keep up the good effort..

Scat said...

You have a brother in arms with me.
Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Very well thought out. Well said and well done. You handled that perfectly.

scatmaster said...

I tried to comment on that EMC Smiths Falls which I did not even know existed. I own a cottage outside of Perth and yet never came across it. The comment needs to go through moderation and we all know what that means.

The Native Canadian said...

ya scatmaster it means the comments will never show up...tried it once...even wrote to the editor...nothing. Unless you agree with their positions then if it is well writen they will. That is what i mean with "monopoly", "one sided" and the lost of "objectivity". So in my opinion they support the idea that all fathers are abusers since they have never printed anything to the contrary. The problem I have with this "opinion" is most sons are raised by mothers, so they are saying mothers raise their sons to be abusive???????

Christian J. said...

Feminists are not only full of lies but contradictions as well. They claim that "all women are strong but are victims at the same time. Standard oxymorons are part of their lies and hypocrisy. They even claim to be for "Equality" while at the same time trying to destroy the fundamental human rights of every man and boy..

They are not about equality but supremacy. They will take whatever action required to achieve that, even destroy the rights of women in the process to do so..
That is how they work..

Anti Misandry said...

Excellent piece. Feminism IS sexism.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Canadian but American citizen, but I totally agree with comments of this blog. This man-hating man bashing needs to stop. These feminist women are vile and evil. I as a man am appalled at such nonsense these women spew out of their mouths. Radical Feminism is about female supremacy not equality. Shelters are there to help victims of domestic violence not centers for indoctrination of female supremacy.

There are many wonderful godly men out here, including myself who cherish and love women and seek to create a society free from violence. Men and women need to embrace and cherish our differences not attack each other.

I hope people wake up and see the bigotry being perpetuated by such radical feminists groups and denounce this kind of rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Just as a tip, change the color of the background: man, I'm blind after looking at that for less then a minute.

The Native Canadian said...

Thanks for the comments.
The idea that all men and boys are born abusers, not only insults us good fathers and husbands, but wives and mothers, after all, when we go to work, who raises the boys, even if mom works, when they say boys are raised to be abusers then they are making this accusations against mothers also. They are adamant that the family stands in their way, and have been hard at work to destroy it. They are now concentrating their efforts on schools and teen girls, specifically at the time these teens are in rebellion. Dad is bad, come to us and we will give you a welfare check. I researched feminist web sites, when “a woman” told me they were attacking me because I was a man, a father raising a daughter on his own went against their belief. So I investigated their sites, hundreds of them before I said anything, I was disgusted when the majority had “Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment. ” or something to that effect. I never did this, and I never met anyone that did?????? I have sons and grandsons, it will be a cold day in hell I let them identify them as such. They started this and I have no intentions of sitting around letting them spew out their venom.
On a personal note, fathers do not wants daughter to be barefoot and pregnant, washing dishes???? Father do not teach their sons to abuse women?????

The Native Canadian said...

Ok I changed the template, hope no one goes blind again..lol

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog!

Glad to see more local people standing up to the feminist regime and their destruction of society.

Very well done!

From a mra in northwest ontario.

Will be adding your link to the
mensrights-help site.

The Native Canadian said...

Thanks Ano, the more the better.

Anonymous said...

Love it...the info is eye opening...love the clucking...lol

Anonymous said...

as a parent I am always worried what schools teach kids, if its not the gay lifestyle thought to kindergarden its a hidden small talk on how parents are bad if we discipline our kids, and your right they do target teens.

Anonymous said...

Lanark county=babys having babys and what does the emc report, nothing. Everybody is happy in lanark. NOT.we need the truth and im folling this site.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Im with you man.

Anonymous said...

A personal comment;
I know this man for a long time. A good father, a good example of what a parent is, and what fathers do for their children. I saw him raise his daughter on his own, from baby. I never saw the child in dirty clothes, only dressed in the best and new. His life was concentrated on giving this girl the best that life had to offer. I never saw him force her to do anything, the only thing we always told him he was doing wrong is, he spoiled her rotten. She was always with a smile, and the closeness those 2 shared was beautiful to see. Everybody in town agreed that this was a good parent.
What they did to this father is criminal, nothing else can be said. The crazies that did this to him, in smith’s falls and Lanark county, including the female cops who have constantly harassed him, are not representative of what women are, if they would be they would not have done this. The worse crime anyone can commit is when you turn a child against a parent, women do not do this, feminists do.
This dad deserve all of our support, not only from men, but from us women and mothers also.
Pass this blog around, expose what they did.

Anonymous said...

will pass this on.

Anonymous said...

same here, as a parent I also have noticed that life is getting harder for families, if its not the "we r better than you cops" then its the gov. and welfare and cas that are trying to steal our kids and we cant even teach them anything anymore. I turned on them when I found out they were trying to teach sex ed, to my grandkids in god damn kindergarden. as for the emc and recorder, they r nothin more than a mouth piece for the for scewd up people. I never see anything that critisizes any of the local municipal governemnts. Especially that dumb shit from smiths falls, staples.

Sean G.Pena said...

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