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Monday, January 2, 2012

Canada first to declare bisphenol A toxic

Canada has become the first jurisdiction in the world to declare the everyday plastic-making compound bisphenol A to be toxic, an action that, while hailed by environmentalists, is shining a spotlight on the major use of the chemical in nearly all food and beverage cans sold in the country. Full story.

No matter what the cost, the protection of the people is the main responsibility of any government, so hats off to ours in Canada.
Next, force the social programs to be responsible for their action, falsely accusing good parents in order to increase their funding is criminal under any democratic country, and does not help those that need the help, as a matter of fact, it takes away needed funds and support.
Cas, shelters, welfare, housing, targets teen girls who do not like house rules and invites them away from families, education, good employment, and reduces the tax base by making them dependent on the system and studies shows that their children fall into the same abyss.
Families should be given a place in the charter, and made the primary caregivers of children, not social programs, when we give out funds and attach no rules to them, we invite corruption, and it is rampant, especially here in Ontario.

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