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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bird Flu:The road to extinction.

We are all busy trying to stay afloat, keep our kids on the right path, keep the low lives from intervening in our families affairs, bitching about the tea party or the occupy movement, but in the background, the potential for a humanity ending event is on the horizon.
Wars, greed, taxation, social predators, keeping us at each others throat, preventing us from seeing what they really represent, the few controlling the many, or should I say the many been controlled by the few, however you put, who so ever's fault it is, if we do not take the next step to evolution, the intellect of man, then we are in dire need of restructuring as a species.
Maybe we are incapable of taking care of ourselves, maybe the few are correct (when hell freezes over) that we, the masses need to be "governed" by the very few.
On the horizon, there is the Grim Reaper of all disease just waiting to explode on us, yet we sit there hoping the few are in control. Well the few are genetically engineering bird flue to be twice as deadly as the black death, they are doing the same thing with the spanish flu, and many other into deadlier diseases that they really are, just to study them, or so they say. I remember seeing a story in Europe where they dug up someone from 1918 who died from the spanish flu, so they could study it, just in case it comes back. I guess there is not enough out there for them to make weapons? Ebola, swine flu, bird flu, even the black death (bubonic plague) and other deadly stains are making a comeback. Why dig up a past disease and risk bringing it back when we have nasties of our own, well no one ever accused them of been smart.

You either speak up, or separate yourself from forever lasting stupidity and protect yourself, otherwise become just one of the statistics and wait for death. Remember this while you look at you children and grandchildren playing and giggling; in these situations children die first.
It is time to change things, and wipe out the diseases that threatens our existence, or just sit there and be a sheep, pay your taxes so they can "research", trust them to make the right decisions. But don't cry when it is too late to do anything, it was your fault.
With the advent of such nasties, the only thing needed for this to explode is a very hot and humid summer, and "one" infected person to travel to a different continent, which happens every hour of every day
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Anonymous said...

I like what you say,seperate ourselves, if we want to survive, looks like we dont have a choice. These people are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Everything is fine, go into the light, follow what they say, those who created the problem say so. People in general are dumb, tell them what to do and they will do it.