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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Whether we agree with anonymous or not, it can become a powerful tool for freedom. In history we have been tagged with many social systems, democracy, capitalism, communism, fascism, socialism, to keep us divided but one remains the ultimate meaning of living your life, the way you want....FREEDOM.
It is a universal meaning, it is the next path of our evolution, the intellect.
With intellect, mankind can no longer be ruled, directed, guided, by those who have made this beautiful world a place of degenerate and sub human living standard.
With the next evolution, we will feed everyone, build to make humans feel respected, explore places we have never been to, we have always had the capacity to do this, but never realized till now, (for some), how powerful the people are, once we are...informed.


Anonymous said...

People write anonymously because they know some people are vengeful even to the point of actually finding out who a person is so they can act upon their vindictivness.

The Native Canadian said...

I totally agree with you, believe me. Instead of repairing the damages they are responsible for, which is what a good person would do, they seek revenge. I believe anonymous is the path to a better society, make the corrupt answer for their crimes. Expose them. They can try to shut down the internet, but as we have seen, there is always someone who will find a way around it.
Also I always recommend leaving comments as anonymous, I do not need to know the individuals name, just the opinions. Local cops, believe it or not, read this blog and actually showed me printouts, Why? Because I "dared" to fight for my child, the right of parents, instead of doing what they demanded. Some are so adamant on protecting the local social programs corruption (for some reason) that they will do anything. Which makes the good ones look bad. Unfortunately.
Since I have nothing to lose, and they took what was important to me, it makes it interesting don’t you think…lol

Anonymous said...

I love the anonymous concept, cops are now answerable to the people, asses who thinks they are untouchable have to be nervous their home adresses and the name of their families are not publish.

Anonymous said...

Ano is the answer.