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Message to Dads from our kids at Chistmas.

A 'dad' is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children
What does the next generation say about the alienation of fathers and children?
In my opinion, we can see what will happen when they take over the world of politics and business, they will remember who really made their lives and their dads, miserable ,and they will bring with them the memories of what was "impose" on them, and those who said, "dads where not important", will go out in the garbage of history.
We might have a ways to go, but the radical left wing man hating hag aka; the feminist, is already on its way out and things are not looking up for them.
You can always tell which direction we are headed by the action of kids, and it looks like Dad is in the picture.
Daddy is irreplaceable, he is stability, strenght, love and when old hags pick on Daddy, kids remember...and bring it with them as adults.
I have noticed this, we might be at the beginning of change, it is inevitable, they went to far, but know this you old hags with an inferiority complex, the beginning of the end for you is here and irreversible. You should of known better than to take us on, you should of studied your history better.
So, on this Christmas day, I wish all dads and their kid, best wishes, and may the Creator of all life, Bless you all...
Never give up, because as we can see, our kids did not...

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Lanark county Ontario homelessness, political corruption and dependency for the youth. .

Let's go back to what is important...

Lanark County Social Services seeks feedback on homelessness, housing
In this report on my favorite pro-social program propaganda newspaper the Emc, again refuses to admit the problem is the social programs of the county.
Looks like they found another "journalist" to promote the good feeling and good will of anti parental policies.Tiffany Lepack. I will find out if she is another "journalist" who is more concern with her salary instead of her responsibility to tell the truth.

Putting erin lee todd, on the steering committee for housing and homelessness is like asking bernie madoff to look after your investments. I wouldn't surprised they would considering how deep the corruption is in this area.
"I hope it is a meaningful plan that the community feels they can hold the county accountable for the next ten (years)," said Lee-Todd. "Obviously we are working towards ending poverty."
Looking at it from my perspective and other parents, she and her friends "are" the cause of poverty.

As for Sandy Grey, social housing manager for Lanark County Social Services, I do not believe I know her or ever talked to her, (plan to), so I can't say if she is informed at what is really going on behind the scene. I do know this, open destructive policies against parents is a big problem in this area, targeting teens to increase false statistic is definitely going on, speaking from personal and other parents experiences.
I have been in contact with many who are supposed to be helpful to families and some were as disgusted as I was, but the problem I have with them is they did nothing other than tell me what I wanted to hear. Therefore nothing changed as we can see in the report above, helping families to keep teens at home is not even on the horizon, only to find a way to provide more welfare checks and housing to them.
Identifying teen rebellion for what it is, instead of using them for false statistical purpose as erin lee todd and nancy green (local welfare director) does, supported by josephine fuller's office and some in the local constabulary (carleton place opp), to increase their self worth, power and funding is wrong in so many sense of the word. Not only does it promote teen crime, alcoholism, drug abuse and teen pregnancy but open a whole generation to dependency and in the long run, it will be devastating to local stability, not to mention this generations future.

In the report above one can see perfectly what the problem is, "those struggling with costs of maintaining their homes such as rising utilities, seniors and youth (16 to 24-years-old). "
I don't care who you are, but as parents, don't tell me a 16 year old is ready to be on their own on welfare and...in housing...Some might call them little adults for political twisted purposes, but as parents we know damn well they are not. And this is were the problem is, to offer a 16 year old housing is as stupid as they come, granted not all teens at that age are the same, but a good chunk of them, who do not like house rules and are offered a way out will take it, sometimes ending up on the streets. Hence destroying any chance they have of a good prosperous future, because once on welfare, housing, it is a known fact, getting off is worse than been at home. And in the meantime, all the effort put in by parents the years of sacrifice is gone, and we are left standing there wondering what the hell went wrong.
The other issue is the elderly, with their numbers increasing every year, the baby boomers do not stand much of a chance to be looked after the right way if the next generation is made to be dependant. Granted not all will be but enough of them to ensure the tax base to look after the previous generation will be extremely low. The more teens they go after for false statistics, the more teens they put on welfare, the more teens they make dependent, the more pressure there will be on the accessibility of services for the elderly...There is no longer enough workers to look after those who worked so hard to give us what we have now, and that is sad.

In the report above they say 400 are on the list waiting for affordable housing, well if they would of listen to my pleas not to put my daughter on welfare and in housing since she was underage, 6 months away from college with a scholarship, job offer after she finished school, there would only be 399, and someone deserving would have a home they could afford. And if they did it to me, how many others, how many teens in this area and across the nation, where put on welfare and in housing simply because of no co-operation between social programs and parents, How many of this 400 number are families who could of used housing.

I have spoken to many who are involved in this, also many parents who feel the same way, I was horrified when a local counselor told me the local Maire went to other cities and asked them to send their welfare recipient to the area. That is when I found out the corruption and anti family policies where deeper than I thought. To me, they where using teens to increase their statistics to ask for more funding, $60,000, especially at the local women's shelter and Ontario works. And according to what I saw, they were given a free hand to do whatever they wanted.

If they really wanted to change the direction this county is headed, they would not ask opinions from people such as those above, but families, parents, the more they target teens, the more viable needy families do not get the help they need, the whole system must be re-arranged, all the directors of these social programs and staff are tainted with corruption one way or another and have to be...replaced.

I often wondered if it was me, if I was missing something, for a while, I refused to believe this system was like this, that someone would do something to save the future of my daughter, but as time progressed, putting all together, I came to the realisation that parents were vilified, pushed aside, and considered unimportant to their primary mission, and that is to increase their power through manipulation of statistics. The more you claim there is a problem, the more funding they can ask for, the more power they have, the more their inflated salaries can be justified. At the expense of our children.
So lately I went back to people who knew me, and what they thought of me as a parent...
The overall answer was always....
" You were the perfect example of what a father should be,attentive, dedicated to your daughter's need and she was the center of your life"
" Some father do not step up to the plate but you showed us that many do"
I have not found one, and all were...WOMEN", who said I did anything wrong, or controlled my daughter in any way; all are appalled at what they did, and some even said, "no wonder fathers run away".
Here is a look back at what I went through as a parent......
Erin lee tood; I sent emails begging her to look at what was going on, asking her to talk to me as a parent, asked her to look into why my daughter was allowed to go to parties and drink alcohol underage while at this shelter...her response was to send her girlfriends from the local opp to try to put me away on a non existent warrant.
Nancy green director of the local welfare office, asked her to look into why my underage daughter was put on welfare when she had a loving home and on her way to college, totally ignored my pleas and put her on welfare anyway.
Housing: told me they were "forced" by this shelter to give her housing...
Josephine fuller's office, eastern Ontario social program director, her office accused me of lying...
angela atckinson, opp carleton place; invented a ontario wide warrant for a local fine in Ottawa on., which I am nowere near...(according to rcmp and federal court on laurier in Hull que. the warrant was "non-existent")
Sue reid, local feminist journalist, told me how horrified she was at what they were doing to me as a parent, said she had the same problem with her son, sent him to a kibbutz in Israel to straighten him out, and as soon as she found out I was talking about the local shelter, changed her tone, said and I quote.."you should let your daughter fall".
Why the hell would any parent let they own child fall, once there it is practically impossible to get them back up...
There is more but you get the general idea, notice anything?
All of them, feminists inside the social programs...media, and local governments...
My daughter did not stand a fu#$in chance, and the hypocrisy of it all, they used an underage girl to increase their false statistics. Nobody is safe with these "people" not even women.

I wish I was making this up, unfortunately, I am not....The attacks on me was persistent, even to this day; I begged, informed them, talked, always polite and diplomatic, but the end was always the same, " WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT WITH YOUR DAUGHTER". We will even use women to advance our political ideals...
I now believe they use the "men are all bad" policy to vilify a segment of our society, increase false statistics and to demand more money, especially for their inflated salaries, their stupidity fails to realize this attitude towards parents, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, will come back to bite them in the ass. Victimize men, husbands, fathers, long enough and and eventually, they will realise the system needs change, it is all about how that change will be...imposed.
Any revolution always start when "men" realize their families are at risk, and usually when there is an economic collapse.

We see what these policies have produced, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, dependency, lack of responsibility, and what about what every parent wants for their children, to see them work hard in order to achieve what they are capable of. Not all teens will go towards welfare, most will work hard and want the best in life, but....enough can be lured away to admit that in the long term, there will be enough of them to destroy the economics of a nation.

Most will have a happy xmass....
I will not, because someone is...missing.

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Pass it on...

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How to create a new race of humans,

World's first GM babies born

Here is something to think about, all this research into producing babies outside the usual way is only going on in the western world. There is no such research in Africa, Asia or the First Nations of America, because there is no problem with procreation the old fashion way.
There was a study done years ago, were they found the European race, had lost their capacity to produce children the old fashion way by 50%...Though in this report it says only one third the numbers are far higher.The sperm count has been decreasing steadily for many years in Western industrialised countries

Pollution, vaccinations, poisoned food, twisted views of what a family should be, all have a hand in the decline of the western world, we might have tech superiority but what good is that for if we have no future.
Just an opinion but; when we walk away from the natural order of things, or believe that we are on top of the food chain and have the right to do whatever we want, nature finds a way to correct the problem.

What schools have become...

You need to de-register your children from the government indoctrination programming and vaccine poisoning agenda and home school them . Keep your children safe from the criminals running the farm .
Ever noticed how many children are getting autism, right after the poison they force you to inject into your kids. I  have 4 grandsons, 2 of which are autistic, they tried to find the autism gene in the parents and family, nothing there, so where did it come from? I am now convinced it comes from the cocktail of viruses they inject into babies. I researched, read, investigated if it could be something else and found nothing.

Then you have your teens coming home from school with a totally different attitude then they had when they were younger and not indoctrinated by these corrupt self serving fools? You raise them one way, and once in schools they come home a different person and if they dare to be kids, these "teachers" who can't handle their own lives will tell you to put them on Ritalin. That is nothing other than lazy shits who have forfeited their responsibilities.

There are many schools who indoctrinate kids against parents, st johns catholic high school in perth ontario, (I noticed the main troublemaker at this school, deanne strong vice principal is gone, hopefully fired). This school has a drug problem and the useless staff does nothing about it. And when your kids sees they can do this and there is nothing you can do about it, you lost them, not their fault, as teens they are at a crossroad and these animals at schools know it and use it to their advantage.
When this happens, your teen follows life away from what you have thought them, and you not only have a rebellious teen on your hand but a broken heart, slowly seeing the waste you worked so had to prevent.
Schools today believe they co-parent our children Who the hell ever gave them that right???They have one thing in mind...
To steal our kids, turn them into something they believe they should be, make them dependant, increase their power, lobby government for inflated salaries and when they are done with the children, they throw them away like a dirty rag, just like this school and the local social programs did to my daughter.
And who has total control of schools today....old self hating hags...aka feminists and their pink shirt wearing mangina supporters.

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Still do not believe feminism is a sub intelectual ideal?

"A story that took place in Canada has received a lot of attention of Russian and Western media. A Canadian couple decided not to unveil the sex of their child until the child decides for itself whether he/she wants to be a man or a woman. The father of the child said that parents choose too much for their children. The mother of the child added that she didn't want to unveil the sex of her child because it would be up for the child to decide whom he (or she?) would like to eventually be."
More here...Boys and girls abolished in Sweden

The stupidity of this is beyond understanding, it is the systematic destruction of children's identity for political purposes. To actually involve kids in a personal ideal is criminal and these people should never be allowed to have children. One thing is for sure, these kids will be bullied and teased at school and emotionally scarred and for so called parents to make their kids go though this for their personal twisted views, well that is abuse itself.
What we have to ask ourselves, is this what we want, is this what we want schools in Canada to teach our kids, is it normal to raise children this way, and by-pass millions of years of evolution? This is not an ideal to make society a better place, it is a position a few sub intellectual have taken to change humanity itself. Not that they are a threat to do it, but the pain they will impose on children around them will have multiple repercussion for the rest of their lives.
I don't know whether to laugh at these low lives who impose such twisted views on the young, or cry for these kids who will go through one mixed up and painful childhood, instead of growing up in a secure and healthy atmosphere.

Here is my position on this, anyone supporting this type of stupidity is a child abuser.....

What happens when good people tries to speak up!

The problems with today's society is the corruption and the refusal to admit there is something wrong. If governments refuse to admit or fix the problem, if the perception is they are also corrupt, or defend it, or simply put up with it, it trickles down the line, if they take what's not their, why shouln't we do it too? Good servants of the people are overwhelmed by the sheer number of those who get rich financially or with power, they know very well that some should never be there or have no place in the positions they hold.
The problem is, if they say something, they risk their careers, if they do not, they risk their souls. It is like been caught between a rock and a hard place, but if they would only look around, organize and see how many others feel the same way, they might find that their numbers are higher than they thought. If only they would say something as a group instead of the individual who simply realises, this should not be.
Brainwashing students, home invasions, drug abuse, militarizing the police, aggressive behaviour towards the population, is only adding to the numbers who dislike or hate, this does not promote a good society, it only enhances the problem further and this problem festers until a spark makes it blow into open revolution.
The western world seems to think, safely behind their fenced off neighborhoods, and prison windows of their homes that the Arab spring could never happen in their back yards. And that is a weakness we are all responsible for, after all, they can`t be corrupt unless we allow it, or say nothing about it.
And when one good person decides to do the right thing, this happens....
We know thing are about to fall apart, we have become so dependent on others for our safety and comfort, imagine for one minute, something like 1929 happening today with all the dependency we have come to accept. Back in 1929, there was no welfare state, so they coped better than we would today. Where will all those people who depend on the state go to express their frustrations.
The only thing we need to prevent all this to happen is good people, to say something, No you can`t do this anymore, and to realize their numbers and support is higher than they think, the people just want what is right, their family, their children and a future worth supporting.
Give us this, and we have an overnight fix, continue on trying to take it away and it will come back to bite you in the ...you know what.

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One more reason why I think the western world is dying...

Spread the word: You don’t have to leave your newborn in a dumpster

Those mothers are painted in disingenuously soft colors, called "desperate", and "overwhelmed", said to be so impossibly ignorant that they did not know that a garbage dumpster was not a safe place in which to throw a sobbing baby. More like they don't care. What if a man - any man - threw a baby into a dumpster as garbage left to die alone? The man would be called a monster. So WHY are women who do this - as so many routinely do - characterized as anything better than the monster a man would be called for doing the exact same thing?
From one of the comments.....

As for me, I believe the left wing radical feminism infesting our schools with their immoral teachings, (helped along with the manginas) were parents are always wrong, and they know better, is what is causing this...Teaching sex ed to gr 1 and on is one mistake after another they keep on making.
But if that is not enough to confuse our kids, they are now allowing men in little girls clothes into public bathrooms and shower areas...were 6 year olds are...OUR DAUGHTERS...
Immoral behaviour breeds immoral acts...
Even those in the gay community do not approve of this, they know damn well it promotes bad publicity and resentment. And resentment can sometimes end up in hatred.
Don't be politically correct, you know this is wrong.
Everyone has the right to freedom, but no one has the right to immorality, especially when it comes to our kids.
They are "our" responsibility, not the toys of the few to push their beliefs on us, the conflict of what we teach as parent and what is thought in schools nowadays is what is causing an increase in teen suicide, they do not know were to turn when they have problems anymore, schools tell them one thing, and parents raised them another....Question is, who has precedence...We do of course, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, family, so on...
If we forfeit our responsibilities to those who uses children for political purposes, we are as responsible as they are for the woes that has befallen our children.
The Nazis, the Communists and everyone who wanted power at a totalitarian level has always started with taking over schools, changing the parental responsibility towards the state, and it is going on now....Also these entities have always made the rest of the population, dependant on the state, that is how you control people...
And then, out of nowhere, someone comes along and is handed the state on a silver platter, ask the Germans and the Russians...they will tell you.

In recognition of Victoria Soto's bravery

Out of the chaos and horror emerged an incredible act of selflessness and bravery by one teacher who spent her final moments trying to protect her young students from harm.

Victoria Soto, 27, a first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., ushered her students into a closet, and in so doing placed her body between them and the murderer.
She was found huddled over her students.
Soto was among the six adults killed that Friday morning, which also took the lives of 20 children – 12 girls and eight boys.

May peace and eternal joy come to those who gave their lives for others, and to the children who have fallen to this most evil of acts.

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Today is A bad day......

My God, 30 people, 20 of them babies....
No analysis, no opinions, no politics, just prayers for the lost of the innocent lives of these children...
May the Great Spirit, Creator of all life, give eternal peace to those who have fallen today.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Men's Rights Speech Stifled, Only On A Canadian Campus

The more they expose who they really are, the more support they loose, I suggest you send this link to as many mp and mpp's with a question...Do you support this?
I do not support any kind of feminism, it is a group infested with radical left and communists, but since I have daughters, I support their right to be the best they can be......No father wants to see his daughters barefoot, in the kitchen, and pregnant, so were a self hating group with an inferiority complex like the hags, aka feminists, get this I don't know...Irony of ironies, fathers are the ones who pay for these people in the video to go to college and university..therefore their message of hate towards men is against their own fathers...go figure that one out....

Let's add another hag to our blog of shame... Hateful speech supposedly illegal in Canada, except if your a feminazi...
Sophia Guo: U of Toronto bigot
Who is the hate group????Who promotes...murder???Who admits to drug use???
Women such as this are responsible for their words and action as any other citizen of any country, to "allow" hate speech is immoral, not to mention illegal, unfortunately they depend on white knights, and manginas to protect them not to mention they have also infiltrated the justice system "as I have experienced locally..."
This little girls fits right in with the previous comments I have exposed, local, national and international...

And the more they (the hags) open their venomous mouth, the more I will expose them, because...
This is not women against men, left against right, this is HATE, there are as many women who are disgusted by this behaviour as there are men, the web is full of women who have walked away from the feminazis, recognized them for what they are, low level intellect with an inferiority complex who are nothing other than clowns with a chip on their shoulders.

Obviously, bad things must of happened to these "women", and I use the word loosely, (bad dates where they had to pay, realizing the men around them are not really men but pussy manginas, lack of woopy, something went wrong)
HEY, reality check, the rest of us, the "majority" had nothing to do with it...
Bad things happens to us too, you don't see us whining about and demonizing all women...
I know we can never "convince" any of these people otherwise, but to let them have free reins, is only infesting our society and in the long run, will come back to bite us in the ass.....
We can see what they have done, teen drug abuse, alcoholism, lack of education, teen pregnancy, generational welfare, family breakups, teen suicides, the list goes on...
And who pays for all this, as this is left unchecked, more and more of our kids fall between the cracks, we as parents can push for them to be more self sufficient, but unlike the past were we were the first and last word, we are competing with corruption, especially the education system, and it has entrenched itself so deep that we compete with this ....shit...
Some of our kids, don't stand a fu#$%ing chance.

"The point is that women were not always like this. There was a time when men and women, for the most part, joined together in a deep form of partnership, most often for life. They faced hardships together bringing their own special talents to bear and learned to work things out by mutual agreement. Men worked to earn his family's living, often in labour intensive, back-breaking toil, work that was wholly unfitted for a woman. And women cherished their role of keeper of the family. It was not until the sixties that the radical feminists began to modify our history and to brain wash women to think that it was a conspiracy of men holding them back from being "all that they could be." Fifty years later, our culture in ruins, our families destroyed, our women unsatisfied, some of us are learning what a con it all was."

- John Reardon

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Protect your family against corruption, your kids depend on it...

There comes a time when you find yourself having to defend your family against outside terrorists, those who will use them to promote themselves, for funding, for personal power. That is when you realize, "if they did it to me, they did it to others". Do you just sit back and accept it, or do you fight back, even if he or she finds themselves...alone.
Either way, since I started this, I found feminism has become a predatory entity, preying on our kids for money, power, self importance, infecting the family, and supported by those who see an opportunity to advance their ideals. And then, we have those (it does not concern me) who are to stupid or insensitive to realize, something is going wrong.
In my research, I found that men and women have now realized, they went to far. They control all social programs and these low lives have done nothing good, they have destroyed thousands of families through women's shelters, c.a.s.,welfare, schools, made people dependent on them through social programs, and have tried to brainwashed our kids through the corrupt education system.
Their weakness is they believe they are untouchable, they believe they have turned society to their advantage, they are so snug in their hatred, that they are blind to what is going on and who are against them. The only thing left to change the system we now have is when all those who have been affected, say enough with one voice...
It is not hard to look and see if what I am saying has merit, type in c.a.s abuse, or schools or shelters, welfare, social programs, police....and see what comes up. We are talking about hundred of thousands, million hits, rage, hatred, pain, tears, and what should we do? If we do nothing, the problem will only get worse, and when it does, those who caused it, will be shown no mercy, that is they way revolution always end up...
I do not think we have gone that far yet, but with what the western world has become, time is not on their side.
Family should never be something low lives, self hating group with an inferiority complex should ever fool with, they have tried before and always failed, their stupidity always goes hand in hand with their arrogance, it is always corruption, abuse of power that caused revolutions, and the one thing that was always the spark, was parents realizing their kids where in pain.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Questioning women's shelter worker qualifications !

I never thought of them this way, until they caused me so much pain and trouble, now, no one is ever going to convince me otherwise than, man-hating, family destroying, knuckle dragging, sub-intellectual, spinsters, with an inferiority complex...
Ask any of them where they get their experience from, they will tell you they were abused, bad relationships, and on....How does this give them experiences outside of hating anything man, and bringing their hatred with them to a shelter?
How does this help the ones that need understanding and good counsel, when they get..."all fathers, husbands are bad?"
Women's shelter are now in the grips of radical hateful feminazis, they use the shelter program to promote their hatred, division and if that is not enough, they have now targeted schools.
By alienating men, they have reduced the advantage of helping those who do need it, after all, if we want to help to boost someones confidence is it not preferable to show, not all men are the same.
Making someone dependant on an ideal, makes them come back, and that, to them, is financial security at the expense of people.
Their primary ideals now a days is, "if your a man your not allowed to criticize us", giving them carte blanche to do whatever they want, just like they did to my daughter, and that invites...corruption and financial mismanagement.

Who really controls the women's shelter industry.

Ah, women's shelters! Southern Ontario resident Mariel Davison offers up a rather damning story of what happens when naively impartial volunteerism collides with women's shelter groupthinking.

Davison has an honours degree in psychology. A few years ago, considering herself an "equal opportunity feminist," she volunteered to serve at a local women's shelter. During eight weeks' "training," Davison was subjected to relentless male-bashing and junk science. That, and the puzzling incongruity of the female-as-victim message with the battered lesbians who also sought refuge -- lesbian violence was a taboo subject amongst trainees -- led to further intellectual inquiry.
"I was told I had too much education to volunteer at the shelter."

In a just world, Englishwoman Erin Pizzey, who founded the world's first shelter for battered wives in 1971, would be a sought-after speaker on the subject of domestic violence. In the real world, however, Pizzey's name is a byword for politically incorrectness.

Pizzey's crime? A humanist, she challenged the belief system dictated by radical feminists, who colonized her shelter and made her presence untenable. Their ideological mantra, still alive and kicking, insists that men are the default perpetrators in domestic violence, while women are invariably innocent victims who inflict violence only in self-defence. But Pizzey knew from her own experience (her wealthy, socially elite parents were mutually abusive, and her mother violent to Erin), and from what the women in her shelter told her, that most partner violence is reciprocal.
Holding women responsible for their violence was so at odds with the received wisdom of the movement's activists that, for her whistle-blowing pains, Pizzey's dog was killed and her entire family received death threats. Undaunted, she pursued her equal-responsibility crusade in the United States for many years in a fusillade of articles and books.
Feminists; if you do not tow the line...well.

The domestic-violence industry is a closed shop, from Women's Studies courses (don't look for Pizzey's or Dutton's research there, since there are none), to women-only shelters, to Status of Women, to the National Judicial Council, to the Supreme Court of Canada. They're all reading from the same myth-riddled hymnbook.
Pizzey told her standing-room-only audience that for gender politics "Canada is the scariest country on the planet." Scary to men who suffer because of it, certainly, but apparently not to most other Canadians, who remain curiously indifferent to the demonstrable misandry permeating the institutions that define and shape our culture.

Excellent article..full story here...

I suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen at the hands of my daughters mother, because I tried to prevent her from going out to do hard drugs while pregnant, I ended in the hospital for 2 months and the kid was born addicted to hard drugs, and still to this day, the local shelter tries their best to demonize me every chance they get...with the help of their girlfriends in the local constabulary...(or local feminist cops), why? Because I dared to fight back...
Just for the sake of argument, what would of happened if I would of called the cops, it would not of been taken seriously, what would of happened if I would of defended myself? I would of been charged...
So you see, for shelters it is not about the children or even the victim, its about their power and the financial benefit that comes with it...All men are bad, no matter the situation.
Now it is not that we men consider ourselves to be victims of women as much as the truth is not been told and because of it, our society is suffering, any violence against anyone, if it is not treated as such, promotes it's growth...If violent women get away with it, then why stop.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Feminism has become the buffoons of society; Government must ensure pleasurable sex for women

Government must ensure pleasurable sex for women: Philippines senator

What next,
"He did not give me pleasurable sex, so I want a divorce?" (wait, isn't that one already in the books?)
"He did not give me pleasurable sex, so I want alimony?"
"He did not give me pleasurable sex and that is abuse?"
 There comes a time were one has to laugh at the stupidity of feminism, but then this is what happens when low level intellect gains some degree of power....Buffoonery.

To  me, even though feminism is a dangerous entity against the traditional family, were men and women become "equal" good parents for the betterment of our children, the more I research, the more I find them to be a bunch of buffoons, who suffer from envy and an inferiority complex, with a sub degree of intellect.
Even though they are a destructive force against families, and must be eradicated, you have to giggle and laugh at the stupidity they come out with.
So, when someone behaves like a buffoon, treat then as such....

Feminism is the belief in failure
The doctrine of ignorance and the preaching of jealousy
Its natural asset is the contribution to misery.

More on the legacy of feminism..smiths falls, lanark county ontario

I have posted many times what they did to me where I live, Smiths falls Ontario, and Lanark county. Putting my daughter on welfare, destroying her future, knowing full well it was only a case of teen rebellion, and using her to promote their false statistics.
Their venomous attacks on me, after I disputed the idea of "coaching" an underage teen to say she was abused after I refused to sign for her to receive welfare and housing, was nothing other than a criminal act, and against our charter of rights and the universal declaration of human rights, not to mention family rights and the U.N.C.R.C.
I find it amazing they can cackle about Iran, Libya, Syria, but when it comes to respecting the same right they say the population of those countries deserve, and on their own population, they are nowhere to be found. Here is another thing I found disturbing, I found myself agreeing with Iran's Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva Seyed Mohammad Reza Sajjadi and his countries ideas on the rights of the family. What we want for our kids is practiced in Iran?????? That the vital role of the family is the safest center for children's growth and flourishing. You would figure an ideal such as this would be promoted by our side, but noooooo !!!

Lanark county, Smiths falls specifically, is a teenage wasteland, generational welfare is rampant, drug and alcohol abuse, broken families is a direct result of the local social programs, specifically the local shelter and welfare, run by erin lee todd and nancy green and schools under deanne strong using them for their excessive funding demands. And the local government, has the gull to have a study on why things are going so wrong, and those involved in the study are the ones who have caused it...go figure. Since my daughter was abused by the mother, the reason why I had custody, I knew more on the subject then they ever will, so I tried to offer my opinions after they asked for the population to be involved, their answer..... we don't need you.... from the local counselor anyway, lorraine allen.
Councillor Lorraine Allen invited the public to sit on the developing Drug Strategy Committee. Simply pick up an application from the clerk at the town hall. (sorry link is gone, surprise surprise). When I did ask her in person to put me on the committee, she shoved me asside.
How can one have a substancial study, to identify the problem if one does not ask those who have experience in the matter????

There are other programs in the area, controlled by feminists, open doors in Smiths falls been one of them who look at teens as a source for funding. When I had problems, I went to them, told them, it might be my fault, I wanted an outside opinion. Well as soon as they could, they did not try to co-operate, they simply said, "it is all your fault as a parent", say that in front of a rebellious teen and you will see them smile and your problems have just exploded,."see I told you it was you". My analysis of their attitude was, to make as much trouble as they could, make us dependent, so as to make us return, this way they can go to governments and ask for more money with they statistics.
In a report in the emc, (which again the link seem to have disapeared, surprise surprise), it sounds like they know what is going on, but nothing about the parents knowing better or the family been the rock that holds children together? no, only dependence on outside interference.
The article mentioned a man at open doors, made a statement then had to explain it, to the feminist in the room;
"Men take a little bit longer to develop...because our brains are bigger," said Martin, taking in a deep intake of breath, his eyes darting around the predominantly female room, before very quickly adding a caveat to this fact. "But, they are not as complex as the female brain."
Please Martin, your mangina is showing.....Now that is what we men call a feminized man.
The way he talks they knows more about our kids than we do, and that is the mistake some parents make, depending on no-nothings, to tell you what is going on in your home, without them having put a foot in it....
And the local newspaper emc smiths falls, who keeps on promoting the good work these people do, only aggravates the situation, pat corruption on the back and the corruption will continue, parents with problem teens go there after seeing their report, and they get caught up in the system of funding instead of getting help.

So, the hag's (aka; feminazis) legacy of, all men are bad, fathers are bad, boyfriends are bad, husbands are all bad and controlling, their luring of teens to their ranks in order to get more funding has given us a system which everyone suspects each other of been bad people first, until one can prove they are a good person. If you are a husband, son, father, or in this case, Grandfather with a black Grand daughter, then you must be a pervert before you are a Poppy.
And that people is the legacy of feminism across the western world, not women's rights, not family rights, not even children's rights, but the venom of the feminazi and their manginas, over a grand daughter and her grandfather taking a simple walk.

Support the family and you support a future for your children. Demand action from your representatives. They work for us, not a small group who seek more power at the expense of our children. In the case of Lanark county and Smiths falls Ontario...Randy Hiller, m.p.p.

Ashley Smith, 19, commits suicide by hanging herself as guards watched

And to think, instead of treating this child as a statistic for funding, a simple "i love you" or " you are important in life",could of made all the difference, yet those who "caused" her death still work at controlling your kids, and are one part of a system that has taken upon themselves to take what is not theirs and process them like cattle....our kids.

Doesn't involve you? Gooood for you! But when they do come for your kids, who will be left to help you?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

One good cop...

This cop saw a homeless man outside of the shoe store, knowing the weather was cold and getting worse he went inside to buy a pair of boots for the man.
This man needs to be recognized and pointed out as the best police officers can be.
This man represents what some of them are, caring and looking out for the citizen, and the individual decision, to take his own money to help someone who needed it...
He is:
25-year-old Officer Lawrence DePrimo of the NYPD.

Personal thoughts.
I have said it before, its not organisations who are evil, they can't think and do not have the power of thought, it is the individual inside these organisation who are responsible for the evil that is been done, either for personal power, or financial gains, cps, cas, women's shelter, welfare, and especially the police are organisations who are there to make life easier for those who need help, but the individual inside them are the ones who take them down, and the good ones around them.
I have personally experienced this effect, those who threatened and those who helped, those whose position went to their heads and those knew the difference between personal power and the power to help...
One little girl cop who tried her best to put me away, if it wasn't for an RCMP officer she might of succeeded, another who changed her mind after she knew the whole story, and one cop, a father of a newly born baby girl who said, "what they did to you is wrong" and tried to help, another in the local welfare system tried his best to prevent my daughter from falling into the system and becoming a welfare recipient, but most of the rest (all admitted feminists) tried they best to cover their tracks, and as for the shelter in Carleton place Ontario, none helped, all believed they could do whatever they wanted, even if they knew it was wrong...since it is controlled by the local hags, aka radical man hating feminists, it did not surprise me. But I am still holding on to the belief they are not all the same...Maybe someday one will chock me...though I'm not holding my breath on that one.
Even I feel into the trap, at first I believed that all cops were bad, all welfare workers were corrupt, but I came to realize it was the individual inside those places who were.
As for the shelter system, I found no one who said, " this doesn't help our support any, if we demonize all men just because they are men and fathers and husbands", they destroyed my daughter simply because they could do it, and their twisted ideals they have come to implant into their very character that all men are created equal, "ALL BAD". I'll say it again, not one, and I knew some of them on a personal basis, tried to help, when I went to them, they turned on me....So as for now, this organisation is populated by very bad people, with bad intentions, not only for men, fathers, husbands, but for the women going there for help, because they will be blasted with anti male indoctrination, instead of the reality that most men are good and would put their lives on the line to help them.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One evil woman, the product of feminism.

Now back to what makes this blog real, the exposure of what the feminist movement really is.
The last two blog was in recognition of "good women", strong with a character that makes them, important to remember.

This one on the other hand perfectly points out what feminism was created for and has become. When I saw this picture I had doubts it was real, but with a little research found it to be disturbingly true...
Why would any woman associate themselves with the feminist movement, is beyond me, outside of them either been uninformed, or simply full of hatred, for themselves and others...

The true definition of a feminist is someone who dislikes themselves, hate men, and strangely enough, wants to be, or desires, or aspire to be a man (now that's irony). And that is what's so sad about it, men and women are the balance to each other, one cannot survive without the other, not only because or procreation, but emotionally also. This world is stronger when we all know why we are here and what our existence means to the circle of life. One is not more important than the other, or below one to the other.

Here is some more of this hag aka;feminists, margaret sanger's famous quotes:
  1. The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.
  2. She goes through the vale of death alone, each time a babe is born.
  3. Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.
  4. There is only one reply to a request for a higher birthrate among the
    intelligent, and that is to ask the government to first take the burden of
    the insane and feeble-minded from your back. [Mandatory] sterilization for
    these is the answer."
  5. Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds ... a
    dead weight of human waste ... Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a menace to
    the race.""Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need ... We must prevent
    Multiplication of this bad stock."
  6. Our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying demonstrates our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism ..

And that is were feminism started and why, to this day, though their message might of changed, the hatred did not. Today it is religion, spirituality, families, fathers and even stay at home moms, they attack and venomously try to demonize. Their message did not come to fruition back then, it certainly not going to achieve anything today. They might be attacking a different group, but the words are the same, hatred.
Margaret sanger also had connection to...the kkk.
And let's not forget...the negro project.
On this page, there is a video of her when she was older, still holding on to her beliefs that the population needed to be....weeded?
Feminism began with hatred and to this day, though the hatred has expanded, continues quietly, and discreetly....
Race, delinquents, the feeble minded, criminals, the sick, even children to this feminist are all who should be....exterminated?
Why would any woman, girl, daughter, wife, sister call herself a feminist, when the history of this movement is full of hatred is beyond me....

One wise old woman.

As much as I dislike the feminazi movement, what they represent and the lies they spew out, I also admire a strong "woman", because without them, there is no balance in life.
We either stand together, or if we listen to the hags who hate even themselves, we stay divided.
I and all fathers before me and after, want our daughters to be the best "they" want to be, not what the hags want them to be.
A fathers daughter cannot be a feminist if she has any kind of respect for her dad, what they have become is a hate group  based on one thing only, their dislike of men and themselves.
Both my daughters have a deep dislike for anything feminist, my oldest is a strong woman and mother, with a good character. My youngest, who was lured by the local hags, aka feminists, is now realizing what they have done, and the abuse they imposed on her while she was vulnerable. They might of hoped they converted her, but they definitely underestimated the power of family and a good father protecting his own children.
I might not be able to change the world, but the stone I threw, rippled amongst those who are in my circle...
And that is a start.
Not done yet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One brave woman

'Please spare my little girl': How Mexico's fearless female mayor sacrificed herself to save her daughter's life as she was abducted by drug gang, tortured and executed.
•Maria Santos Gorrostieta had been stabbed, beaten and burned

•She defied Mexico's powerful drug gangs, who twice tried to gun her down
•She was kidnapped in broad daylight in front of her terrified daughter
•The former mayor leaves behind three children

This blog recognizes the bravery and resolve of people such as her, to make this world a better place for our children...

May the Great Spirit, Creator of all life, give her peace and protect her children.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Native Americans recall era of forced adoptions, is it still happening today?

Video credit to legally kidnapped
It is strange that this happened after ww2, considering, we fought against the nazis, declared them to be bad people, evil society, one of these "Fascist" policies was to go to other countries and forced the people of occupied counties to give up their kids and these kids where put in "forced adoption" if they had blond hair and blue eyes, and given to "arian" German families, so they could be raised as a pure Germanic race.
The “Lebensborn”Program
Kidnapping of children by Nazi Germany

This happened in Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland ,so on. Yet this "evil"  policy was in full swing "after" the second world war, to grab kids from native families and put in "forced adoption" so they could be raised as Europeans?.
Now move over, today we have more than proof that this is still going on, First nation people are always judged to be drug addicts and drunks before anything else, if your first nation, you are guilty before been given the benefit of the doubt.
And sometimes our own do it to us.....Which is pretty sick if you think about it. Just like those in occupied countries who collaborated with the Nazis in implementing their political agenda.
They did it to me, and I don't even drink....
The local shelter which has 3 native women, did nothing other than obey their masters and destroyed my family, was it because we were natives?
We had two things going against us, one is I was the father, and two we were natives...
Of this I no longer have any doubts...
Many other families in North America are going through this, and some of us are getting it from both sides.

So, I guess the question here is why is a Nazi policy adopted openly?
If one did not co-operate with their policies, you would have a visit from their para-militaries, the ss, homeland security, the gestapo, and you were told you had no choice.
Today, para-militaries, (police) come to your door and tell you, you have no choice, and your left standing there wondering why this is happening.
The next time you see a native family, or someone who says we are nothing other than drunks and welfare recipient, try to understand what we are going through, and the heartbreaks we endure.
Is everyone in the system bad, of course not, I had cops who were disgusted by what they did, workers and politicians who tried to help, the thing is, there are those who are so corrupt that they follow Nazi policies and that in turn, destroys families, increases welfare roles, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancies, crime, and if we let them do it, it promotes racial intolerance, family divisions, boosts national debt, and in the long term, it will come back to bite us in the ass.
Because these policies are not sustainable financially.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to handle corrupt individuals in the Social programs and others.

Though this video is about cps, or c.a.s, and exposes the corruption inside this corporation of theft of children for greed and power, we have to realise, that it is not an entity like c.a.s., c.p.s., welfare, women’s shelters, schools, the police force, even the women’s movement, that is corrupt, it does not have a conscience, a soul, it does not think or impose their will on people. It is the people running them that are corrupt, self-absorbing, self-promoting, power hungry, heartless, fools. That, is what we have to remember.
I see thousands of sites online, millions of hits when you research the issue of family abuse by organisations funded by governments,  all referring to the corruption of the organisations themselves and this is where the mistake is made, and believe me they do not want you to know this, it would expose where their power is based.
It is not the police who are abusing teens because of a skateboard, it is not c.a.s, or c.p.s. that are taking kids illegally, it is not a women’s shelter who is coaching teen girls or women to turn on family or husbands, it is the people inside these organisations who are abusing their positions.
When they turned my daughter against me, I had to deal with many people, at first it was, in my mind, the organisations themselves, then when I researched their names, I got a new outlook on the situation. They have their mitts, not in one, but in many other organisations, giving them more lobbying power than we realise. Taking on a program, does not give justice,since people in other organisation they associate with, comes to their rescue. Without knowing it, behind the scene, you are taking one, 2 or 3 well established, government funded, union supported, government lobbying powerhouses, leaving you, wondering what went wrong, when you find your efforts turn into overwhelming attack from them, simply for trying to protect your children from what the world has become.
So you see, it was not the corporations who caused me such a heartbreak, it was the individuals, ask for their help, you get nowhere, take them on politically, cause them what they perceive as trouble and they have the power to cause you such pain, it can overwhelm you.
The problem they have with me is, I have nothing to lose, I will sleep under a bridge if I have too, I will continue until I expose what they did.
Oh! Did I mention they monitor this site, in hopes that I threatened someone? They have tried everything to put me away, including declaring a false lock down of the local shelter in Carleton place Ontario, to try to  make me out to be the bad guy. My only argument with them was always for them not to put my daughter on welfare and luring her into a world of dependency. Which they did.
What you have to do is go after these people individually, name them, put their names online as many times as you can, so that if some, media, governments investigator, or people who want info, looks them up, and what they have done to you, will come up. Always be honest and never threaten anyone. They thrive on personal power and what amounts to been patted on the back, so if you expose them, thanks to freedom of speech, and if your honest, they can't do anything about it. It might not give you full justice instantly but it will help you get some degree of it.
This is your family, not theirs to play with.
Like I said, it is not c.a.s., shelters, welfare, schools, even the police force that does this, it is the…individuals. So, expose them individually, facebook, twitter, blogs, emails, whatever you can think of, it will make a difference, they still have not caught up to the realities on the Internet, they think they can do anything, now we have a way to expose what they do to our families.
This is not an attack on the left or the right politically, this is exposing what the few are doing to destroy our families for profits, either from a non-caring attitude, personal adoration or the ideals that traditional families stand in their way.
Unfounded attacks on good fathers simply because they are men, going after teens and young single mothers are the main victims on their radar screen.
These policies destroy the foundation of a nation, the future does not look bright if we continue on this path, If you’re a teen, why work if you can party on welfare, and teens are ripe for putting  them on false statistics because many at that point in their lives do not like house rules.

And don't forget, the people you vote for, are the ones who finance these people and their self adoring power. Email them as many times as you can, politely, and remind them, they work for you not them.
Support the traditional family, and you provide a good future for your children.

Your Servitute to Slavery - Agenda 21 For Dummies

World government at this time in our history is a very bad idea. We are not ready for it.
Plus, it would be easier for this type of government to control the population for the elite.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Men's right are children's rights

Men, are the main recipient of violence, especially with wars, protecting our women and our children.
The hypocrisy of the feminist movement is that they expect us to fight and die to protect their right to demonize the very people who assures their freedom???
Now if that is not massive hypocrisy I don't know what is?

Ironic isn't it...

Scientists predicts time of death? Ya right!

University of Toronto professor discovers gene that predicts time of death

This is another try at destroying religion, God, and the traditional family life, all of which are in the way of radical left wing professors, feminists and their supporters .
Destroy religion and you make people dependent on the state, you increase your power base and that way you can change the world according to....whatever they want.

Before these leftover of the hippie movement took over our schools, bureaucracy, life was a hell of a lot better, freedom was something we died for, fought for and defended. Today, we notice a little at a time, what we use to be able to do back then, say, or take for granted is now pressed under their control, an increasing number of people and parents are now afraid to express themselves, culminating in increases in drug abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, disrespect for parental authority & oneself, and total dependency on the state.

Pretend you can predict the time of death and you can push the ideals that the Creator does not exist. Since people in history have always looked to a higher power of creation, take that away and you will have those who have turned their backs look up to the state, through schools and programs... They know exactly what they are doing and know full well people need someone to look up too, to guide them, and point the way.
Personally, I follow only one law, and it has worked for me and my ancestors, it got us were we are, and has guided us through some very difficult time in our history.

Still not convinced they are after our kids to change society according to their views?

Judge: Parents have no right to know what homosexual activist taught their children in school

Been against this issue is not an attack on gays or homosexuals or whatever they call themselves these days, it is what we parents have been upset about, what schools, gays, hags, or any other small minority have been doing as of late. re-educating our children, taking over parental responsibility which ensures a good society based on the traditional values that made our respective countries the best in the world.
Since these small minorities seem to have taken over our schools we have had nothing but problems, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, lack of respect for parents, all this is directly attributed to the re-organising of schools according to what basically amount to contradiction of parental teachings and we have seen the results.
Were is the peace we had going to school, sure there was teasing, but it was not as deadly as it is now. Standing up for yourself in the school yard gave us some experiences to be able to stand up for ourselves as adults.

Teens are committing suicide more and more because they do not know, as we did, were they belond and that parents are the answer, schools, the state, tells them they know best, and actually admit as of late that they co-paret with us, what do they know of the way a home is run, the confusion they spread amongst our kids is becoming unacceptable.

We see how deep this twisted ideals of their views is, when a so called judge, dictates what parents can and cannot do, what they can or cannot be informed of what goes on in schools, and since they have stuck their noses where it doesn't belong, we have had nothing but pain and tears.
Parents and families are the ultimate security of children and a nation, I have said it before and will say it again, the fall of any society is always attributed to the destruction of families, without us, a nation falls.
Feminists and the gay lobby are allies with each other, both are trying to change what is, I have always and still do believe we all have the right to live in peace, no matter what our lifestyle is, but no one has the right to change and re-educated our kids according to their views without asking if we agree or not.
This has happened in history, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis both went after the kids, they knew in order to change things according to their twisted ideals, it was easier to go after the kids...How did that work out for them? The backlash of an angry populace can be terrible, so if I was them I would be very careful on how far I would dare to go.
These people who are trying to change our world, are doing it the same way the Nazis did, control the media, schools, social programs, attack traditional religion and parents, because these are the last bastion of morality. And without morality been the primary policy in a nation, that nation falls. It is...inevitable.
And let's not forget it is men, fathers, sons, husbands, that ensures security and peace against those who would try to take it, we are the primary beings in their way...That is why they try so hard to demonize us.
Well i say this with conviction, we are watching...
I suggest you read your history....it is not if the system falls anymore, it is when...
This is not an attack on the alternate lifestyle, I could care less what they are, it is not my place to judge, everyone has the right to live in peace, and I have the right to my opinions, but by going after the schools, they are causing confusion and we see the results....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feminists stage a violent protest against men at the University of Toronto

Feminists stage a violent protest against men at the university of Toronto. Begins with the perfect example of a mangina.

In any free society, we must have both side of the argument respected; dictatorships, totalitarian regime, bolshevism, fascism, and so on, have thrive when people only hear one side of an argument.
It is strange isn't it, that hags aka feminists, and their supporters, copy the policies of those who we fought so hard to get rid of.
What  is particularly disturbing is this is been done in schools.
When the Germans realize that their armies ran away to fast in front of the enemy in the 1800, they changed their society and thought nationalism in schools, hence the Prussian style of obeying the state, which gave rise to...Adolf Hitler and the second world war.
When Lenin realise he had to change Russia after the civil war, he went after the schools and the state took over the education system, giving rise to...Josef Stalin.
When the hags and their sub intellectual supporters realize they had to change the western world according to their views, they went after the schools.(let's hope this is not what someone will write in the future to describe the fall of the western democracies, we are not there yet, but damn close)

Realistic view of feminism.

And to put it in  my own way, corporation have used the sub intellectual feminist to increase their profit margin, and though some women have now come to realise this, the lowly hag has not, her primary concern is to demonize men at the expense of women and children.
The reason I and so many men and women disagree with feminism is because we have wives and daughters, we want them to have equal rights, women's rights, the very idea that men want their daughters to be in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant is one of the most ridiculous BS anyone has ever come up with.
Here is a little piece of reality to the hags of this world, in the old days, it was not the fathers who thought their daughters how to be a good wife and do what the husband said, it was the mothers.
It is a nightmare for any father to see his daughter pushed down by another man.
If someone would do this to one of my daughters, I would explain to him the wrongfulness of his ways, in my own way, and so would any father, so why are we the bad guys.
Freedom, any freedom, depends on a man willing to fight and die for it. Even the hags right to spew out their idiotic venom.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Message to the haters and those with an inferiority complex

Patriarchy and the return of man.

Ironic isn't it, hags, aka feminists, owe their freedom of speech to....PATRIARCHS.


To those with an inferiority complex, here is a bone for ya....I bet it burns your asses that you owe your freedom to men...

A parents promise.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Having babies stops women being equal to men? Really?

Former equalities minister claims 'mediocre' men can climb the career ladder while mothers take time off work

First, LYNN, this is why your the "former" equality minister, you probably spewed out this ideal of yours around the table and someone who has kids said...holy shit....

Now, if one thinks about all this and what this sub-intellectual person said, it is not only against men, it is directed at children. She is using the bad old men issue to demonizing kids, and basically saying babies are in the way of someone like her to become a man. That is what it's all about, jealousy and a desire to be something she is not.
Here is my suggestion to her, stop trying to be a man, stop been jealous of men, and be a woman, there is plenty of chances in today's world to achieve and still be a woman, no man is going to stand in your way, we have daughters and we want them to achieve also, we do not desire to see them in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, we want them to be the best they can be.
Such stupid and silly jealousy is not only laughed at by men, but also women.
Reality is, women carry babies for 9 months, men support, protect and provide while they are pregnant, and when baby is born, its not a disease, its a blessing. And if you want to continue in your career, husband is going to support you.
Having children is not a weakness you silly little girl, it is a strenght, when mom and dad looks at their child they work harder to give them the best this world has to offer, having children does not prevent one from climbing the ladder of success, it pushes one to get to the top faster.
And this is why hags aka feminists have become the clowns of our society...They hate who they are...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Predatory social workers, a failed society and the inevitable return of the Warrior.

More and more we see the predators in our social system. These were supposed to be programs to help families, but these programs are been infested by snakes who will prey on the weak. Mainly children.
There is different kinds of predatory behaviour, what I have been exposing, women's shelters preying on the vulnerable for political ideals and self promotion, C.A.S. preying on young single moms to increase their workloads and demand more money, schools who mess around with children's minds by teaching them sex ed at an early age or that parents are bad(confusing kids so badly that some have nowhere to go but suicide), but the worse lately seems to be low life child predators with child porn on their computers and working in schools, social programs, and other place where children play or gather..
 Former teacher caught with child porn awaits sentencing


 Former university lecturer social work  sentenced to suspended jail term for child porn

Jr. high teacher arrested for violent sex crimes

Ex cop jailed for child porn


B.C. woman charged with possession of child pornography

It is now infecting all aspect of our society, not just social programs..
Personally, I think that men have had enough of the shit, nagging about it on the web is not enough, it does expose these scumbags predators yes, but when they do get caught, they go to a place where they are protected, given 3 meals a day, aka prison.
When someone, and that is both sexes, prey on children, they have crossed the line, there is no more use for them and we certainly cannot trust them in the future. So what to do, why is this so rampant lately, well, they are protected by those who themselves have no idea what realities are, the rights of the accused seem to take precedence over the right of the victim.
I tried to imagine what a child goes through when such an evil is put upon them, "why is this happening, were is mom and dad, what did i do to deserve this" so on, the cries and tears are to much for me to take as a man, I am here for one purpose only, to protect the weak, not to follow, not to conform to the political ideals of the twisted mind, but to protect. Even to die for it.

We live in a world were the weak have taken over the reigns of power, they do not have the stomach to do what must be done, as they make this world according to their beliefs, they forgot or do not care about justice, and sometimes justice has to be....excessive, to give the message that this is appalling, destructive, unwanted and..evil. And the only way to get rid of evil acts, and that is what child porn is, is to eliminate it, without prejudice.

I say this, if they do not want to "impose" justice, then they should step aside. History shows that when society  is corrupt beyond repair, when countries are bankrupt financially and morally, there is revolution, the American revolution, the French revolution, the Russian revolution, all happened because men have had enough of their families been used or abused by the few corrupt individual, some of these revolution worked out, some did not...But the point is, when things crash, when traditions are thrown out for twisted ideals, it usually ends up badly and as we look at the economy of the western world, we are on the edge of this happening again.

It is up to us, men, soldiers, cops, the working man, to make sure our families are safe, if we do not do it, then we have failed as men...fathers...husbands...sons...our children and wives depend on us, for their freedom and security.

As for the hags(aka feminists or feminazis) who have screwed up our world we fought so hard for:
We have daughters, wives, mothers, which we love very much, and grandchildren, we do not want them to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, no father, husband, son, wants this, this is only man hating, self hating hags definition of the men they had bad experience with, tagging all of us the same. If you cant see the problems you have caused, thats your problem, move aside or be pushed aside, your choice.

This world is under our protection, without a strong male figure, you have decadence and a fallen society full of predators and injustice.
If I see an act against the weak, I will take action, I will "explain" in my own way what they did was...evil...I risk been criminally charged, ironic isn't it?...but as a man, I have no choice, it is what I was created for...and no one has the right to take it away from me.

Honor is the only thing a man can give himself
and the only thing he can loose by his action,
or inaction...
Any boy can become a man, few men are Warriors.

Which one are you?