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Thursday, December 29, 2011

This aint canada right now, says cop?

At 2.20 minutes of this video, after a g20 demonstrator refuses to be searched,and says this is Canada, a "Canadian" cop says, "this ain't Canada right now". At 3.15 "there are no civil right in this area".
One of the things that "made" this country one of the best place to live in the world, if not the best was the cops. You could laugh with them, talk to them, and they would follow a conversation with you in the old days. But more and more, we experience the arrogance of some to a point where all are loosing respect, even the good ones. This attitude divides people into two camps, them and the population. The good cops are drawn into one side and the good people drawn into the other, and if it continues, if the divisions increase, who will be there to be the arbitrators? The primary visible group between a nation and its people is the police, and if they oppress people, the resentment it causes filters right up to governments.
I have experienced this myself, trying to defend my rights as a parent, to prevent my daughter from walking the wrong side, to tell social programs not to put my "underage" daughter on welfare. When I tried to explain politely, the local shelter and welfare system basically said to me, they could do anything they want, even letting her drink underage. When I tried to fight back, a few cops were disgusted by what was happening, but I was threatened by many others. Remember this is my daughter, not a statistic.
Now I debated within myself the realities of what happened, never in a million years would I have believed, corrupt social programs could get away with what they did, and the police where there to "protect" them instead of my rights as a parent.
So I investigated, looked, researched and found this to be, rampant.
Social programs using teens to increase their funding, and protected by some in the justice system. My conclusion is that, families are a target for corrupt unelected bureaucrats for personal power and self adoration of said power.
And if the morals the family invested in their children fall to them, then the nation falls, it is....inevitable.
We have seen this year, dictators fall to people who want freedom, we have also seen the police trying to protect these tyrants. The occupy movements, they did nothing wrong, did not resort to violence, followed the basic rule of democratic right to demonstrate peacefully, but we have seen what the result was.
Well I have a message, this "is" Canada, our country, past generations fought and died to give us a good place to live and express our thoughts and ideas without fear, and it will be a cold day in hell, if they think they have a chance to take it away.

Now to be fair,
The way cops should be, thankfully there are some left.

What surprised me is I researched youtube to try to find "good canadian cops", none came up, as a matter of fact, all came up...negative.

So I will recognize and give credit to good cops from the R.C.M.P. two at the O.P.P. and one at the local one. With all my experiences of the past 2 1/2 years, this is the best I can do. Most of the ones I dealt with were aggressive and ignorant, it was like dealing with someone with the intellect of a chimpanzee. Sad.

Again, the only thing I ever wanted was to raise my daughter, to show her the right way, and they showed her a different way. The wrong way.
Think it can't happen to you? That is what I thought.
People I never met, sticking their noses into my families affairs.

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