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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Farming society

The farmer breeds cows, he lets them free in the pasture to feed and fend for themselves, but he also makes them dependent by giving them food. He herds them in a bundle and milks them for all they are worth so he can make money. The “ruling elite” breeds people, gives them a semblance of freedom with constitutions and charter of rights, but they also make them dependent with a pittance in handouts, usually in welfare or monthly refunds. They herd people in a bundle and tax them for all they are worth, taking money that does not belong to them.


AMS said...

Well, they could also get a job?

I think you'd do better looking to consumerism as the slave driver for much of societal behavior these days.

Most people are willing to work but they can never afford all the things they are convinced to want.

The Native Canadian said...

and who promotes consumerism? what is consumerism? without consumerism, no government, they are one of the same are they not. Most people do work and ur right, like the farm cow, flash a light in their eyes and they are bedazzled. A methaphore but a good one none the same.

Anonymous said...

love it, but who is at fault here, there are more of us than them, if we are treated like a cash cow, then it is our fault. we can change thing if we would only get involved instead of been lead to the slaughter.