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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The decline of an empire

The first thing to go when an empire is in decline is usually basic human rights. To keep their power the ruling elite will always try to divert the population away from the realities. Thank the gods for terrorists, that always keeps us worried.
That said I don't think anyone here wants the fall of the American economy, it would also devastate ours with it. Imagine a Canada without welfare, or those cute little tax refund we get practically every month to keep our attention focused on ......or focused away from.....Mmmm!
There are some good needed policies that would suffer, universal health care, pensions, disability, children's health, education, so on. But those are expendable, we have to get those damn terrorists over there in Iran and Syria, like we did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. At all cost.
There is still no proof as of yet, that Iran has or is working towards nuclear weapons, like Iraq's weapons of mass deception, but hey, those who have nuclear weapons might be right...this time.

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