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Monday, December 19, 2011

Social programs corruption in Ontario

The truth about social programs of Ontario, cas and the destruction of families.
VIDEO trailer.... Full lenght movie
This movie is about c.a.s., but all social programs have this type of policy.

The more people crossed their path the more funding social programs get the next year, this type of policy invites corruption. They found that kids, especially teens, are a perfect target, they go through emotional hardships as they advance into the adult world, they become rebellious against their parents. As the parent tries to guide the teen, and instead of working with the parents, corrupt workers working under a destructive funding policy will put them on welfare, eventually destroying any chance they have at a decent future. And if parents try to prevent this, the parents will simply be told, "sorry its private". Imagine that, your child is rebellious and people you don't know, tell you they can do what they want with them and there is nothing you can do.
Women's shelter do it, welfare does it, schools do it, and so does teen help programs like open door.
This is why you see children pushing babies, teen drug abuse, teen crime, when they are in need of guidance, they are "used" for funding.
Tax payers money can be used better than this, your hard earn money should not be used for personal gains, or power. Those who do need the help are put into poverty because the funding is misused.
The elderly who cuts their food budget to pay for medication, the single parents who has been abandoned, school programs to keep children happy and educated towards a productive future.
You have seen this, with what they did to me, and my beloved daughter, shelter's erin lee todd, a native woman, who puts a native girl on welfare, and when the parent tried to reason with her, she sends her girlfriend from the police to threaten. Welfare's nancy green, who refused to do her job and behaved in an arrogant way toward the parent begging for help, housing who simply said, "we were forced", open doors, a teen help program who blames the parents, cas, who will do everything in their power to go after single parents, especially young mothers, yes even some in the police force who will protect the power of the individual directors of these programs, even when they know a wrong was done, instead of doing what their "raison d'etre" demands them to do, to "protect" the people.
The pain these programs causes, is unimaginable.
Xmas is coming and I have no idea were my daughter is for now, this is a difficult time, and it was caused by those mentioned above.
If they really wanted to help, then an investigation should be performed on any case that crosses they path, especially when it come to teens, but they forgot what they are there for and now only think of how to use what is in front of them, with their eyes on next years funding. How does this help anyone?
Merry Xmas, and may all that I experienced, not happen to you.


Cliff Harrison said...

I found your blog via David's Common Sense Conservative. I enjoy this theme and the two profiles of your blog.

I've only read this first post so far, but will be back to read many more.

I hope we can establish a true friendship since it appears we have common interests on many grounds, including the wrongs of the overwhelming powers of the nonprofits and government agencies--the mammoth slave masters--and the weakening of individual rights especially of parent and child.

I want to say Merry Christmas, but after reading your post I can't. My heart bleeds for you. You and your daughter are in my prayers.

I shall return.

Cliff Harrison

The Native Canadian said...

Glad to see you like the blog.
Both look forward to ur opinions and yes we seem to have commun interest. Moral values and the ideals that family comes first in any stable society, and children should not be a source of income for those organisations that are so corrupt, they are destroying the very fabric of this country. If politicians which we elect refuse to rain in these corrupt people then we will change the politics.
I appreciate the good words about my daughter, she was on her way to a bright future, but when they saw their chance, they showed a 16 year old how to be on welfare, drink alcohol and do drugs. When I begged them to help, they sent the cops and I was threatened, just because I wanted to save my child. I found the system so corrupt I could not believe it...Soon I will post the audio I taped, you will be amazed.
Anyway, a merry xmass to you and yours, and may the Great Spirit look over you and yours.