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Monday, December 12, 2011

Pro-abortion world wide on the decline, politician better take note.

The feminists agenda on the destruction of the traditional family, welfare on demand for teen girls, anti parents promotion through women's shelters and especially the message of "have sex and if something happens, call us and we will give you an abortion" is on the decline in north America and around the world. The reason been is that parents have realized that the message these people give out is causing more damages than good. Those who did live by those rules are now parents themselves and this is not the message they want their teen girls to accept, this is why the message has backfire on those who have not put balance to this destructive aspect of society.
Politicians better take note of this, because the power of the vote is turning the other way and if they like their posh jobs then they better offer some type of balance otherwise...move aside.

Numbers almost doubled in this year’s March for Life in the Netherlands
If the Netherlands is turning, they are in big trouble.

Popular pro-abort site asks: ‘Why not do a self-abortion?’
This is a lack of respect for the woman.

Support the traditional family, parents and family have and can handle a situation better than those who know nothing of the background of the person. Abortions on demand is now a form of population control, if you are center left politically, then this is contradictory. The rights of the person overshadows the right to population control doest it?
Family and parents got this world with its 7 billion population, I would say we did pretty good, so why are we accepting those who call themselves experts in a situation they know nothing about. The tide is turning, not because of the pro or anti, but because we, parents have realized this is "destructive".
There is a new breed of people coming, we are enlighten by intelligence and caring, and those who use people for advancements of twisted ideals are falling in numbers, which side will you be on?

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Anonymous said...

amizing they can actually live with themselves after been responsible for the death of babys. but its good to hear the abortion agenda is falling.