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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Physical and emotional abuse, happens to both sexes

On a previous post, I put up what happened to some at the g20 in Toronto, men were hit with rubber bullets, women were abused, both went through some bad times there. What we try to bring out is society seems to be breaking down, the lack of respect for the rights of peace and a just society have taken a back step to profits and personal power. We try to be as even as can be, we have put up statistics that show abuse in relationships are pretty well even, men do it to women, women do it to men. By no means is it a rampant thing though, majority of husbands and wives respect each other, but there is abuse out there.

One of the things we try to expose is the feminists try very hard to be one sided, and this does not help anyone, never will you see them admit that it is both who do it to each other. When I put up the post on the g20 it was only to show the abuse of power, not to concentrate on the young ladies who allegedly got abused, by some people who call themselves cops. I still believe that the majority of people who chooses to be protectors of the people are and have good intentions. That said, I got a comment that said, "now you see why feminism exists". Whoever made the comment did not see the whole story but only what happened to the young ladies, nothing about the men been shot by rubber bullets.

Well, abuse is abuse, whether sexual abuse or physical, it amounts to the same thing, the degradation of the rights of the person.

So, to be fair, since we are an equal opportunity bloggers, here is "one" video, that shows the truth and the other side of the story. Men do not report abuse, we would feel like a "puss" doing it, it is in our character, but it does happen and the feminist view is, its not important. I beg to differ, violence invites violence, if not with a response, then by those who are watching, namely....children. And that creates or offers a continuance of the problem to the next generation, never to end.

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Dulantha said...

Good post, especially feminists are emotionally abusing total male population. They hurt and men and natural male sexuality. On the other hand feminism is not based on the natural femininity of women and it teaches women to give up their own femininity as well.