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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Native American Indian Elder says: IT'S THE HOUR TO WAKE UP...

Everything this Elder says, has come, or is in the process of coming to been.
I have said that the world and the people who are ready, will experience an evolution. Those who do not accept what is to happen, will cry.
We cannot help you, you who have raped Mother Earth as if she had no Spirit, who has murdered the innocent in your wars without conscience, you who have praised personal wealth and power, at the expense of compassion, we cannot help you, the only one that can is the Creator and yourself.
We have reached the pinnacle of technology, but with this we did not advance intellectually, one cannot exist in harmony without the other, this is why we see more pain in the world now than in past centuries.
The choice is and always has been yours, you are either a servant of the few, there to provide then with wealth and power at the expense of life, to be thrown away when you are no longer of use to them, or you are here to experience all that life has to offer. Life begins with compassion for your surroundings, the person next to you, family, plants, animals, the running stream, the wind between the trees. If you fail to see, what is in your heart, why you are important to life then it is your fault, it has always been there... you simply did not bother to look.
May the Great Spirit protect you and your loved ones.

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