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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lining Up At Food Bank

Even if this is in Iowa, what happens there inevitably comes here in Canada. And if you think the food banks are less busy here, go to a food bank and see for yourself.
People want jobs, not welfare, not handouts, jobs. The strain on the social programs are immense, and eventually they will break.
The dept ceiling will now be close to 18 trillion in America, we bitched at Bush for 7 trillion, low and behold, the caring political parties who care for the poor are actually making things worse.
Since Canada depends on the American economy, it affects us in a large way. If you keep on voting for those who hand out checks for votes, you are destroying the social programs we fought so hard for, helping those in need is a good thing, hand-outs for votes or to increase a power base is self destructive.
But then again, if it does not affect us, who cares right????


Annie said...

Bush should not have given the most wealthy a tax break, Obama wanted to tax them back but Republicans would not let him!

The Native Canadian said...

I agree the bush tax cuts were a bad idea, but obamas overspending is also a bad idea, were will the help come from for those who need it when there is no more money. There has to be a balance, and both sides have none, they use money for political advancements.