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Friday, December 30, 2011

In the best interest of the child.

In my battles with corrupt officials who considered my underage daughter a tool for funding, brainwashing her against the parent, promoting alcohol and drug use, namely, carleton place ontario shelter, lanark county ontario works, housing, open doors in smiths falls ontario, and many others, I kept on hearing, "in the best interest of the child".

The Lebensborn program

If Nazism was a demonic political system, (and communism for that matter), then why have they adopted this slogan in our country?????
And when they said "we warned you not to cause problems" I am sure the gestapo said this to a few people also. And let's not forget the cheka. Soviet secret police, otherwise known as the KGB.

Social programs are not your friends, they were created to help, not to be a stepping stone to personal power, or political ideals the way the Nazis did. Look around your circle and you will find someone, some family that has been affected, so do not tell me it does not affect you.

A new year, a new approach, I have nothing to loose, they took everything that was important to me, that is the mistake they made, thinking they could.

As for my resolve, it is still strong, more than ever.

Freedom is not a gift from the few, guaranteed by a piece of paper, it is given to me by the Creator.


AMS said...

Shoot, you were doing good until you brought the Nazis into it.

You do know that such folly immediately declares the author the loser of whatever debate they participate in?

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't AMS. If the Jack boot fits, it's appropriate.

There are many problems which exists within the Child Protection and Social Services departments across the Country and a person could fill many volumes with thoughts and examples, but the worst dangers lie in having to deal with those who have no acumen for their job, have an inherent bias and or are ambitious to a fault.

There are good and qualified people too, but it's those who shouldn't be there who often wreak havoc with power entrusted to them that shouldn't be. They can and sometimes do, destroy people and families.

The Native Canadian said...

We never put on this blog, all are the same, we do not promote all women are bad, or all men are bad, or all child workers are bad, or all government is bad, the point ANO makes is correct, the ones that are corrupt are the ones who wreak havoc. I have researched mra's and feminists sites for instance, the mistake the mra do is "women this women that" my daughters are not feminists and do not support them, but they are independent and strong by choice, and I don’t want them to be servants. Feminists describe all men as potential abusers, women do not consider their sons potential abusers, that is the mistake both sides make. WE DONT.
As for the nazis part, well I did put in the commies in there to didn’t I? The point is when the parents are last in the decision on children, after these corrupt organisations, then it parallels what the "nazis and "comies" totalitarian regime did, and if the shoe fits...
Read on AMS, I tried to stop them from putting my child on welfare, in turn I got visits from para militaries telling me, "we warned you" and I was not allowed to criticize, and when I did, they tried to put me away, sooo...what does that remind you of????
It is not a folly to remind people the danger of not staying vigilant when it comes to freedom to raise a family without intervention from out of control state funded organisations. After all, what did those 2 political organisation do to become powerfull, they went after the children...control the children you control society.

Anonymous said...

Well put, thats why I love this site.