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Friday, December 16, 2011

Government using drones; will what happens there happen here?

What happens in the U.S. eventually spills over here to Canada. We saw this in the occupy wall street movement, and we will see it if the economy falls, or should I say when the economy falls. In order to keep their power, those who have caused this have realized that the population has just about had enough of all this and are ready to fight back. Now with all due respect, some politicians have realized this and are trying to make things better, the point of reason is, will they do it in time and if they don't, how will those who want to keep their posh position go about doing it against an enraged citizenry. This video gives you a decent explanation on how they might attempt this.
Again let me emphasize, we don't not subscribe to conspiracy theory on this bog, we just try to inform you, so you can take steps to be ready, "if" it does happen. See it coming if you will. Make up your own mind, that is the secret to avoid a disaster, take steps. Freedom is not given to you by a chosen few, it was yours to begin with.
The answer is your family, re-enforce your ties, depend on no one but the family unit to resolve your problems and differences, otherwise, you have a population dependent on the state, and the problems we now have is because we have diverted our responsibilities to people who have an agenda, or are simply inexperienced in the workings of peoples personal characters and problems. Once you have re-established the strength of your family to solve your problems you will find that life, is a lot easier to handle. They want you to be dependent, and with this policy, our society is in the mess "they" created, it is up to us to repair it.


Anonymous said...

its already hapening here, and there and overthere. this is not new, ever seen the movie 1984?

The Native Canadian said...

ya i have seen the movie, but this is not a movie this is real.'