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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Egyptian woman beaten, exposed, this would never hapen here in Canada?

This is one of the hardest post I have ever made. Comparing the Egyptian police brutality,with that of ours here in Canada. Never in my wildest dreams when I was younger, did I believe this would happen.
Unfortunately this seem the be happening more and more in the western countries, why? People have not become more violent than 20-30 years ago.
What the police better realize is, if they continue on this path, those who are as violent as their Egyptian counterparts, will bring the whole force, good and bad, in the same basket, and when this happens, look out. If we look at history, the biggest and most important revolutions always took hold in the western world, and when the population has had enough...well...
Think I am making this up? Then compare and see for yourself.

Hilary Clinton says she's shocked...shocked by Egyptian police assaulting women protesters. Those in the Canadian police that assaulted women in Toronto Canada just put themselves side by side with the Egyptian police. Congratulations.
And for those of you, who are honorable police, protectors of the people, you better start speaking up. Unless you like to be compared to the Egyptian police????

Full documentary here

With battle harden vets in society, some have "noticed" the problem, and Warriors fight for freedom and the security of the people of their nations, especially in the western world....So what do they think of this?

It says it all does it not?


Anonymous said...

Now do you know why feminist exist?

The Native Canadian said...

This has nothing to do with feminism, if you go there again I will post a female cop gropping an 11 year old girl,they were stealing her from her home with cas, and the child was scared to death, she was even slappped.
Here is a little secret you might not of realize, before feminism, this "never" hapened,women were respected, by cops, and by men, true there was little work compare to today, but they were happy at home taking care of children living longer than men. The action of these few cops do not reflect on the majority of men who put their lives on the line for you to express yourself. Feminism cant stop this, its the actions of a few bad apples. Feminism is an evil that divides and accuses all, just because of the few. Co-operate on an equal basis with men, instead of yapping about how bad they are, and you will see that all this will be rare and punished. Now if we do anything to anyone who has abused someone we get charged with a crime, just to defend a woman, so like I said, dont go there, feminism caused this. Do you want me to post videos of women cops abusing their position????or maybe feminists promoting the idea to a 16 year old girls with a heart problem to leave home and drink alcohol, do drugs and be on welfare, instead of school,working, just because she was raised by her father....dont get me started...the post was about "bad cops" not bad men. Next time I will be an equal opportunity blogger and post women cops abusing their position, sorry I was not thoughtfull enough to do that...thank you for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with you, this has got nothing to do with feminism. Its people adusing their positions, men sexualy abuse women and women sexually abuse boys.Personaly i dont think women can sexually abuse a man, but they have been known to abuse boys, especially in schools. Thing is, on any feminist site, I have never seen this issue brought up??????

Anonymous said...

How do you know those girls in the video are telling the truth, they could be feminist plants. U shouldnt freely put these thing up. Makes male cops and men look bad.

The Native Canadian said...

OOOOkkk. Here is another secret, men can tell by the behaviour of a woman if she is lying of not,a woman who has been hurt emotionally will put her hand on her mouth, and tremble and try to hold back tears. That is how a man can tell.
As for the male cop thing and making men look bad, it was not the intention, im guessing ur either a cop or u know one. The intention was to show the abuse by those in power. But you have a point, I could put a blog on some women cop that abuse their position, but you can research it online, it does not matter what position u hold, abusing another human being is destructive. Women do it too, and the problem is feminists seem to think this is ok, since they never put these stories up on their sites, and this is also destructive.
But instead of starting another post, I will put this up here to be just about it.. and to shut those who promote the idea that this is a one sided affair.

A Cornwall-area teacher convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old student has had her teacher's licence revoked.

For months Pamela Ruth Collins bonded with the 12-year-old boy she was hired to babysit.But that’s not all the former Halifax woman was doing.Ms. Collins, 40, was sentenced Monday to 2½ years in prison.

'How I found my 13-year-old daughter having sex with her lesbian tennis coach'

Eperts say rape and child abuse by women is vastly underreported.

Melissa Huckaby, 28, charged with murder with the special circumstances of kidnapping, rape with a foreign object and lewd or lascivious conduct with a child.The death of Sandra Cantu,"8 years old"whose remains were found in a suitcase that farmworkers pulled from an irrigation pond 10 days after she disappeared.

Female sexual abusers not as rare as widely believed.

Woman who cut off her newborn son's private parts handed 5-year prison term.

And leet's not forget Carla Homolka. Right?

As for the first comment, explain to me what the existance of feminism ever stopped this or tried? Abuse of anykind, is criminal and both sexes do it.

Native Women against feminism said...

Well put, Bravo. Could not of explained it better myself.

Anonymous said...

Women are the lifegivers and are above men. My tribe is matriarchal and we follow our mothers clan. It wasnt who wore the pants, it was who wore the dress that had the power in the family, longhouse and clan. The Europeans cant fathom it. But it was why our society was so successful.