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Friday, December 16, 2011

Are you ready for the next war?

A US court has won a default judgement that Iranian officials, including its supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, provided help to the 9/11 hijackers behind the worst terror attack on American soil. The lawsuit was filed by the families of the atrocity's victims. There was no Iranian representation in court.

On Thursday, families of victims of the September 11th 2001 attacks won a default judgment against Iran, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

US Court Claims Iranian 9/11 link. With "Absolutely No Evidence" - 16 Dec 2011

Could this be the one, the new Poland, and is Canada going to be to America what Italy was to Germany?
Is this were we go too far, Iran has military alliance with Russia and China.
China gets a substantial amount of oil from Iran, which means that it will be an attack on China's economy.
This could be nothing but if we look at the recent politics of America, war seem to get some elected. Mysterious explosions in Iran's military bases, drones fly overs, the only thing that is left is a build up on the ground.


Anonymous said...

The united states of america and it's allies are invincible, they really believe this, they can do anything with the world and its population.

Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone is ready, if anything, the past 10 years or so have proven that people in general can be manipulated to believe anything, and they will follow. I keep on yelling " HELLOOOO, IRAQ ANYONE?". Wmd's Powell at the U.N., saying trucks making bio-weapons? were are they, still nothing. And I get but Iran is making "nucular bombs"....I just walk away in disgust, "fuck here we go again". So why bother, just let them kill each other. We can build a new world with whats left, if there is anything left.

Cliff Harrison said...

Every wise American military leader has said we must avoid war with Iran at all cost.

We could never put boots on the ground in Iran. It would be too costly in lives. It all must be done with air and Naval power.

Many American high-ranking military leaders have said as many as at least five years ago a war with Iran would be World War III and there is no doubt that is absolutely true.

What we must worry about is two things. Israel and our politicians. Either can doom us.

Storming Norman, Gen Powell and other military leaders warned us NOT to go into Iraq... and what did we get?

The Native Canadian said...

I have studied history, one thing I noticed, whether napoleon or hitler, just to name a few,one victory after another makes them continue with the perception they are invincible, what the people want does not matter, they figure a few victory on the battlefield and the population will be with them. Before napoleon went to russia, the people were against this campain, just like after the fall of western europe to germany, the germans wanted a stop to the war, but when hitler got a few victory in russia they followed. The same thing is hapening here, before a war starts, people are generally scared, but once it starts and a few victory, the people show support, and that emboldens the leaders to keep going...are we seeing a repeat of history here. and ur right if isreal attacks, pandoras box is released.

The Native Canadian said...

Ano 1 invincibility in any war is an imposibility.
Ano #2, I appreciate your opinion, but if we think that way, the cost is the innocent, the children, the new born, the laughter and the joy of this will be gone. The cost is to high. Why rebuild, we r still here, as long as I am here, I will try everything to prevent this. We just have to say in a loud voice...ENOUGH.
We can change things, if we want to, to wait for something to happen on the other hand is inviting disaster.