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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welfare and shelters true policies- the practice of psychpsema.

Psychopsema psy-cho-pse-ma is a system of questionable actions that a shelter and welfare workers might utilize to achieve profit, through fraudulent means.

Psychopsema is mainly categorized as an orchestrated assault, utilizing several methods of fraud, psychological operations, psychological intimidation and other similar premeditated offense based systems, against a father, a child or a family.

A malicious shelter and welfare worker is commonly identified as utilizing this system or methodology to achieve profit.

Psychopsema is usually implemented to deflect attention, away from crimes committed by said workers against fathers. As, children and mothers are sometimes canvassed for the purpose of profit.

1 - A false report of child abuse is authored by a shelter and welfare workers against a single parent, usually the father. The colluding workers then, utilize the methodology of psychopsema to profit from the crime.

2 - A malicious shelter and welfare worker colludes with their peers to fabricate evidence and to practice psychopsema.

3 - The system of psychopsema subjects a victim into the social service system without merit or justification.

4 - Psychopsema is mainly categorized as an orchestrated assault against a father, a child or a family by shelter and welfare workers, seeking to profit from a crime.

Actually, I took a description of psychpsema from this site, and instead of defining all of the social programs, concentrated on those above. This is what they did to me, which you can read in previous posts. Since I refused to sign to put my underage daughter on welfare, the shelter in Carleton place Ontario with the help of Lanark county Ontario works simply by-passed me by fabricating false accusations. My daughter losing her chance at college in the process.

Or these people are so stupid that they could not identify simple teenage hormones. If so then they should not be involved in any workings involving families.
But they knew what they were doing. They used teen rebellion as a source of further funding, at taxpayers and families expenses.

They did not expect me the fight back, even sending their backers from the local and o.p.p., with threats, *we have ways of getting even” and “you are warned”. Why did this not work against a parent? Simple.

Don’t FUCK with our families.

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Anonymous said...

this is exactly what they do. criminals in charge, thats scary.