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Sunday, November 6, 2011

War seen through the eyes of soldiers

A soldier exists the protect the people, his family and freedom, but when it comes to pass that the soldier realizes that he now fights for the state and not freedom, that he fights for corporation, businesses, and for those who profits from the pain they inflict, then this sysytem is on its last leg. History teaches us that when this happens, it can only result in the fall of this entity. Rome, since they seem to compare themselves to it, fell because their soldiers realized that they were only supporting the corruption of the state, and it was no longer for the good of Rome and its people. The comparison of the Goths and the guy with a walkie talkie, an ak, sitting on a camel, can be seen, empires have fallen to the less advance, the barbarian, because in the background, behind the curtains, the corrupt laughed and got rich.

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Anonymous said...

makes a lot of sense, it the misuse of our good soldiers when they fight not for freedom anymore but for imperial buiness ambition, they cetainly do not fight for people, but for the corporation.