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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To all our friends and foes alike

Wow, we are approaching the 10,000 mark in readers, never, a few months ago did we believe that our blog would take off so fast. We want to thank all our readers for the support, though it was never for criticizing the system but to promote native traditional life, we realized that the system was the problem for our people. The policies of assimilation did not stop with general custer, it continue to this day with the help of some of our own in the state funded social programs like shelters, welfare, housing, c.a.s., schools, who lure families off our territories or sell-outs inside the system who entice our children with welfare checks from their homes and parents.
For the good or our nations, and the good of all, since stealing children from good parents is not limited to one colour, but to all, red, white, yellow and black, we must stand together in order to fix what they have done to the family. Their way is going out the door, they have cause so much pain in the past few decades that there are now enough people out there who have realized the existence of an evil in our society which is destroying what our grandparents created for us.
There is no more right wing or left wing politics, only the restoration of what is supposed to exist, harmony and respect for the family. At all cost.

Again thank you and we encourage all comments.


Anonymous said...

I think your site is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Its a great pro family site and you explain things that way. U deserve the recognition. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

ur welcome.