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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They are now attacking our vets

Simple story here, the catholic school board in ottawa took a dive in respect when they disallowed our vets to make a presentation at a local school. Here is the stupidity of this issue, if it was not for our vets, these idiot over at the catholic school would not be able to express themselves the way they did....this is no longer left or right wing politics, this is stupid people with a low level intellect who try to impose their views on our kids.
Their excuse, no weapons allowed on school grounds, well idiots, they were "replicas" and if it was not for these weapons and the vets you disrespected,you could not be stupid, and you would either express yourself by yelling zeig heil of yes Conrade...Dumb shits.
I have had personal problems with catholic schools especially the one in perth and this parent hating vice principal diane strong, she is well known as been anti parent and extremely arrogant.
I don't know what is going on with schools but these dumb asses have now a tendency to impose their views on the rest of us, we have problem with our kids because, we as parents teach them one thing and the contrary is told to them in schools, causing riffs and arguments at home. Eventually we get "if you punish me your abusing me" from our own kids, that is the legacy of those we do not elect, the systematic destruction of our society.
Let us put reality in focus to these sub-intellectual lost little people, without an army and yes, weapons, we would not have freedom. Maybe someday we can forgo this thing we call war, but the way we are going now, it is not going to happen tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this on the news,Could not beleive it, my grandfather fought for these people to express themselves freely, and they do this?